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   Chapter 30 Sightseeing Tour Of M City

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6381

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"Don't change the topic! I'm asking you why you are here! And you are even in my room!"

Teresa knew he's changing the subject so she wouldn't follow his lead! According to many experiences, if Teresa followed the lead of Enrique, she would be put in a passive state!

"I just want to give you a surprise! Are you unwilling to see me?"

Enrique had worked overtime to make time for her and came to M City, but she didn't happy for it?

"No surprise. It works as well as frightening."

The next second, Teresa ignored Enrique and threw herself on the bed.

She was exhausted!

"Little cutie, are you seducing me? A man and a woman alone in a room and you are sending yourself to bed?"

Enrique, for a moment, felt a little ridiculous. Was his sense of existence so low?

Or did Teresa really have no qualms about him? He was a normal and handsome man! What should Teresa do if his hormones were raging?

"First of all, your suitcase is not in my room, so I guess that you have already booked a room. Second, I'm really too tired to take you to your room. Do you get what I mean? Bye!"

Teresa just lay on the bed and said in an extremely tired tone. It was the first time that she had felt something more exhausting than physical work. Now she was exhausted physically and mentally.

"Did they exploiting you?"

Enrique simply lay down beside Teresa and looked at her on his side.

"I'm not the kind of worker who's willing to be squeezed by a capitalist, and Claire's not the evil capitalist you are."

"We haven't seen each other for only a few days, but you've already been on her side! You are the designer of TH Group!"

"I'm tired because I am the designer of TH Group! Leave now. I want to sleep!"

Teresa struggled to sit up and looked at Enrique who did not leave with resignation.

"Tomorrow is weekend. Do you want to go out with me?"

"Let's talk about it tomorrow? Boss, don't you need to get used to the time difference?"

When Teresa finally got rid of Enrique, she was not sleepy at all. In fact, she was not that tired, but she didn't know how to face him.

Enrique could hug her without scruple, but she couldn't. There were so many inequities in the world. To put it bluntly, women were at a disadvantage in the society.

Anyway, Teresa thought that it's better for her to stay away from Enrique. But he always seemed to make her heart beat faster.

Was it destined love or the dubious relationship? Teresa didn't know and didn't want to know either. She had no energy to think about such a boring question.

The night in the M City was a little different from that in China. It's quieter than the night in China. Enrique stood in front of the window and looked at the Thames sadly.

If it were not for Gu Family, he would not be alone.

Every time he thought of what happened a few years ago, his heart was filled with hatred for Gu Family. Now he was not that naive teenage any more. He would get even with the Gu Family!

Regardless of whether Teresa was adopted or not, Gu Family had been loving her for 18 years. He doesn't believe Gu Family had no feelings for Teresa!

Next morning, Enrique knocked at the doo

r of Teresa's room.

Teresa, still half asleep, had to get up and open the door for him. Didn't Enrique care about others' feeling?!

"You have a lot of things to do today. Wash yourself, okay? I have ordered the breakfast and it will be delivered to your room in ten minutes. See you in ten minutes!"

With these words, Enrique finally found that Teresa seemed not to listen to a word. She was still at a loss.

"Teresa, did you hear me?"

Enrique gently pinched Teresa's cheek with both hands, and then her head turned with his hands from side to side. She looked so cute.

"Well, I see! You are so annoying! If you squeeze my face any more, it'll get bigger and bigger!"

Bang! The door was slammed shut by Teresa. The evil capitalist is indeed the lover of surplus value! He even took up such a wonderful weekend!

But what good could it do? After all, Teresa just dared to think about it in her heart but dared not to speak out the truth. Besides, she really hasn't been around much since she came to the M City!

Then, after washing up, Teresa finished her breakfast in no hurry under the gaze of Enrique. She walked slowly in the front like a lady.

"Dear Miss Gu, if we keep moving at your speed, we may need to cancel an activity at night. Maybe we can't go to the M City Eye!"

Enrique saw that she was deliberately dawdling. He had to use his ace in the hole. She would definitely like to go to a romantic place like the M City Eye.

"Then what are you waiting for! Hurry up!"

After hearing what Enrique said, Teresa rolled her eyes at him again. Teresa really did not understand why Enrique could see through all her mind. Why could she never play a trick on him once!

The first stop on their tour of the M City was a boat tour of the Thames. The breeze touched her face, and this comfortable feeling made Teresa open her arms and want to feel the moist ocean wind more carefully.

"Do you think this is the Titanic? Do you think you can be Rose by standing in the bow with your arms outstretched?"

Enrique looked at Teresa and smiled. Then he walked behind her and gently wrapped his arm around her waist.

"If you want to play the Titanic, you can't play without Jack."

His voice was low and sexy, and Teresa could hardly stand him talking to her like this. Just as she wanted to resist by defending herself, what happened last time in the office came to her mind.

Teresa stood still and didn't know what to do next.

"Don't think too much. Just relax and feel the breeze. Besides, no one in M City knows us."

Teresa felt relaxed after hearing Enrique's seductive voice.

'Indeed, I am only one seventh of a billion in a big world. Why I tied myself so tightly?

Love is just a matter between two people. It is unnecessary for me to think so much? I'd rather live in the moment and enjoy the moment of joy in front of me.'

Hearing the sound of the running water, Teresa finally relaxed herself and leaned back against the strong and broad chest of Enrique.

Feeling Teresa had relaxed in his arms, Enrique felt relaxed as well.

From this point of view, today's sightseeing tour of the M City must be an easy trip.

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