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   Chapter 29 A Strange Atmosphere

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6928

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Teresa still had to get up early on the rare weekend, but the rare good weather no longer belongs to her. After all, the M City was not favored by the sun, and the sun would only come to the city once in a while.

The moment she got up to pull open the curtain, Teresa felt herself in an extremely good condition, although most of her time was spent on the plane.

Enrique and Tony took her, Claire and others to the airport as scheduled. To her surprise, they ran into Jerome at the airport.

"Hello, Mr. Gu! Long time no see!" Enrique took the initiative to say hello to Jerome, while keeping an eye on Teresa.

"Long time no see. Mr. Shen, are you going on a business trip?"

Jerome didn't give Teresa a look. He just looked at Enrique politely.

"Oh no. let me introduce for you first. This is Claire, the famous designer. This is my employee Teresa Gu. This is the general manager of the Gu Group, Jerome Gu."

Claire smiled and shook hands with Jerome. But when he got to Teresa, it was a little weird between them.

After hesitating for quite a while, Teresa finally reached out his hand and shook hands with his.

In fact, her mind had already been in a mess. Why did she run into Jerome? Obviously, she was leaving. And obviously they two also should not have intersection again!

Why did she run into him? Why did they shake hands?

"Where are you going, Mr. Gu?"

"Oh, my sister and her husband are going on their honeymoon. I just saw them off. Now I'm ready to go back."

"Okay, then I won't keep you. I'll take them to the security checkpoint now. I'll take a rain check with you, Mr. Gu."

Enrique smiled as Jerome left, a look in his eyes that made Teresa wonder. But she did not think much of it, pushing the suitcase and walking alone in front.

On the other hand, Teresa was in no mood to guess what Enrique was thinking.!

Enrique saw Teresa's reaction, and his mind started to speculate. After sending them away, Enrique gave Tony an order immediately.

"I don't care what you do. You have to figure out the relationship between Teresa and Jerome for me tomorrow! There must be something between them."

Hearing this, Tony was worried. It was hard enough to get him to investigate Teresa last time, but this time Enrique add a Jerome...

"Boss, I'm afraid one day is not enough for this kind of difficult information!"

Enrique cast a glance at Tony and took out his phone. He dialed a number.

"Ezra, I am Enrique. I need your help."

Hearing what Enrique had said, Tony felt more elieved in his heart.

With Ezra's help, Tony believed that he would get the information this afternoon. In that case, he would only need to go to Ezra's home to get the information. Ezra might even send an email to Enrique. Therefore, he might need to do nothing during this.

When Tony was thinking about this, Enrique suddenly patted him on the shoulder and said, "Tony, if such things happen again, let's meet in Windy Pond."

The word Windy Pond gave Tony a shudder. It was a horrible place. He would rather die than go there!

The word Windy Pond sounded elegant, but it was actually a stronghold of the city's leading gangster. It was only because the mafia leader had a good relationship with Enrique that Enrique was allowed to go to the Windy Pond at will.

The person Enrique mentioned on the phone was a member of the Windy Pond. The Wind Hall of Windy Pond led by Ezra was comparable to the int

elligence bureau.

So Enrique wasn't surprised to get a phone call from Ezra at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

"I've sent you the detailed information to you. When will you treat me to dinner?"


Enrique pushed his glasses up his nose and opened the document sent by Ezra.

With the click of the mouse, he discovered a big secret.

He was right. Teresa was indeed the daughter of the Gu Family! It was just out of his expectation that Teresa was adopted. No wonder she pulled with Jerome last time. No wonder she was still hesitant when shaking hands with him at the airport.

But, why did they take each other as a passer-by now?

Enrique immediately read the full text of the dozens of pages.

After reading it, Enrique only thought it would be more interesting if it were true.

Enrique evoked a wicked smile. In any case, he would not relent in the punishment Gu Family deserved!

Since God favored him so much and sent Teresa here by his side, then don't blame him for taking advantage of her.

It seemed that he had to make a good plan.

Enrique stared at the screen for a long time, lost in thought, while a computer program to shred documents was in progress. But when he walked out of the office, he was still that suave guy.

"Tony, send the schedules of these ten days to my office."

On the other side, Teresa, who had just arrived at the M City, was arranged into a hotel. Although she had lived abroad for five years, it was the first time that she had come to the M City where people tended to be gentle.

From the airport to the hotel, she was sure that she had fallen in love with the M City.

The hotel was adjacent to the Thames. Anyone who pushed the window open would see the famous bridge of M City. Boats were coming and going on the river. The unhurriedly rhythm brought a sense of peace to Teresa.

If only Enrique were here.

Teresa was shocked by the idea that she would think of him subconsciously. It was so surprising!

In order to quickly get herself rid of the messy thought, Teresa was going to pack up her things first and then went to bed to sleep and adjust her jet lag.

But she didn't expect Claire to come to her out of the blue.

Claire was nice to Teresa, and he gradually took her as a friend.

"I have got a lot of inspiration in China recently, so I want to take it down as soon as possible. So I'm sorry. Tomorrow my assistant will show you around our work place. If you need anything, just call me, okay?"

Claire's soft voice comforted Teresa and she nodded immediately. She wanted to get into work mode quickly anyway.

So the first day Teresa went to Claire's studio, she was attracted by the jewelry.

With the help of Claire, Teresa soon got familiar with the office and then they started to work on the cooperation project.

However, to her surprise, Teresa was stunned when she opened the door of the hotel on the fifth day when she arrived at the M City!

"Did I see it wrong? Why are you here?"

Teresa was both surprised and pleased because the man in front of her was exactly Enrique.

He had told her that she was the only one coming to the M City. Did he come here just to surprise her?

Enrique suddenly walked up to her and hugged her. Although it was only a few seconds, she was in a trance.

"I came because you were not at home and I felt something was missing! How are you doing recently? Have you been bullied by anyone?"

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