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   Chapter 27 Impeccable

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Teresa replied, no longer perturbed.

"If you still have work on hand, I will ask director Yan to reschedule, because you will have to attend the meeting with Claire later."

Enrique asked Tony to give Teresa a copy of his work schedule. Teresa quickly walked out of the office with the work schedule in hurry.

Right after she walked out of the office, she bumped into Yilia, who had come to report for duty. It was easy to meet enemies or people who didn't want to see each other, and she met Yilia again.

The less you wanted to meet someone, the easier it was.

But Teresa thought again. She proved herself yesterday. Why should she be afraid? So she also firmly looked at the expression of disdain on Yilia's face.

"Oh, by the way, Miss Gu, given your excellent performance yesterday, I give you another task. Come to the office for it later. Remember, my office."

"I'm sorry, director Yan. Just now Mr. Shen asked me to tell you to rearrange the task you have given me. You can ask him if you don't believe me. Director Yan, your time is valuable. Please go."

Teresa smiled, leaving Yilia unable to pick out any mistakes. As soon as she turned around, the smile on her face immediately turned cold. She hated Yilia, and she hated herself because she had two faces like this.

In this realistic society, if she did not force herself to do so, she would suffer.

After returning to her office, Teresa finally felt relieved. It was written on the schedule that she would go to M City with the group of Claire tomorrow. She would also do some deep research and communication with them.

She didn't have to work in this center of opinion. This was exactly what Teresa wanted! If she had known it earlier, she would not have refused!

But when Teresa thought about the scene in the office just now, a new flush appeared on her face! When did it get to this point between her and Enrique?

They had just known each other for a short time, but such a development was completely beyond their expectation! But it made sense. Who let Enrique be in her life every day?

They were working together, getting off work together, going home together!

He was the last person she saw before she fell asleep. When she woke up, the first person she saw was him too!

After all, she's just an ordinary girl...

Teresa patted her face to force herself to forget those messy thoughts. But in spite of her words of forgetfulness, her pen betrayed her heart.

In her doodle book, she sketched out a man drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. Wasn't that what she saw every morning when she came downstairs?

Forget it, she wouldn't admit it! Now she was not a rich girl anymore. How could she deserve the bossy CEO like Enrique?

Teresa had packed up her office. She didn't need it for a while. However, as she was packing up, the sudden vibration of the phone sent it straight from the desk to the floor.

Bang! The shrill voice terrified Teresa. Luckily, the screen wasn't broken. Otherwise, she would argue with the caller.

She didn't have to guess who it was, after all, she didn't know many people when she got back home this time.

"Are you done? We'll have lunch with Claire and the rest of them, and then we'll talk things over."

Teresa thought it was not a question at all, but an order! Because Enriq

ue hung up the phone right after finishing what he wanted to tell her.

What surprised her even more was that Enrique came to her office ten minutes later! Her unhurried nature was shocked when she saw Enrique.

However, she was not friendly to him.

"Mr. Shen is really a considerate boss. You always go to the grassroots office. Is this your secret to running a company?"

"Yeah. What? Is there any dissatisfaction from the masses?"

"How dare I! I just hope Mr. Shen doesn't come to my remote office all the time. After all, there are a lot of people out there waiting for the CEO."

Ruthlessly ignoring the smile on his face, Teresa grabbed her things and opens the door to Enrique.

"Sir, thank you very much. This way please."

Although Teresa was not nervous at all in front of Enrique, at the thought of seeing her idol, there was no doubt that she was nervous and excited, but she also pretended to be calm. Seeing this, Enrique smile somewhat helplessly.

"Fortunately, she is a female. Otherwise, I would worry about you." Enrique shook his head helplessly.

"I'm going alone? And what about you? Didn't you say that you would always be here for me?"

"I mean, I'll follow up on this project, but who is responsible for the design is of course still you! Or do you want me to go with you? "

The serious look in Enrique's eyes made Teresa dodge. To be honest, Teresa did think that Enrique would accompany her in this project the whole time. So with him, Teresa really didn't mind and scare anything.

But given the present situation, it was impossible for Teresa to ask Enrique to give up all the work and come with her to the M City.

The only good thing, however, was that she had lived abroad for so many years that she was accustomed to the loneliness and she did not much care.

Therefore, Teresa followed Enrique silently. Even when she saw Claire, Teresa was not as excited as before.

Claire was really beautiful and elegant! Teresa couldn't help but look at her twice, and her status as an icon was much stronger.

Enrique talked to Claire and the group. Teresa occasionally answered Claire's questions, and Claire seemed to be happy with her.

Enrique praised Teresa on the way home. However, as for what he said, Teresa didn't remember anything. All she remembered was that when they parted, Claire said, "I think highly of you. That's what I mean."

How exciting it was to be recognized by her idol! She was in no mood to hear what on earth Enrique was talking about! Even the tree outside the car window looked very much more beautiful today.

But she really wanted to share the news with Jerome...

She had memorized the eleven numbers in her heart. However, she wondered whether he had already changed his number over the past five years. She had never typed this number in the past five years, no matter how sad or desperate she had been.

Did she contact him just to share this joy? Or was it that she just wanted to give herself an excuse to connect with Jerome?

After thinking for a long time, Teresa put away her cell phone.

She became greedy after coming back! She wished she could come back when she was abroad. When she returned home, she thought it would be nice to be able to look at them in silence. But by now she was trying to contact him.

Desire was indeed terrible.

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