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   Chapter 26 Too Humiliated

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7283

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After work, Teresa stopped at the gate of the company building.

Enrique had just told her he had to finish what he was doing before going to dinner. He won't call her until later. So, what should she do now? She couldn't walk back to her office in dejection? That would be so disgraceful!

Looking at the sunset in the middle of the mountain, Teresa made a bold decision. She wanted to go to the SH Park, because it was the place where Jerome and her visited in the past frequently, where the secret that only belonged to her and him was hidden.

Now she could only see what he left and missed him. She couldn't do anything else. To her embarrassment, though, Teresa had just gotten into a taxi and hadn't even passed a traffic light. Enrique called her.

She hated Enrique so much! Enrique? Why did he always appear in her world in such an embarrassing way!

"I will give you a chance to apologize to me! You can't say anything else until you've apologized!"

Confused by Teresa's words, Enrique was confused and had no idea what he did wrong. However, he could tell that Teresa was trying to hold back her feelings right now from her tone.

"Where are you? I'm coming to see you." Enrique changed the subject. They exchanged a few more words, and Enrique was at last aware of what had just happened. He uttered the words with a low laugh.

Teresa was standing by the street wrongly when he picked her up by his car.

Seeing him coming, she rolled her eyes at once. Enrique immediately deflected her resentment by saying he would go home tonight to cook dinner for her. That was when Teresa got on the car.

The car drove through the city, and the lights on the bustling streets added another charm to this city. The memories between them, after all, was to be forgotten. No matter what good times they had. Teresa leaned against the car window in a trance.

Was today's mistake suggesting her not to touch any memory related to the Gu Family? Did it mean that she could only keep all the stories in her heart and permanently sealed them?

But it was too cruel for her.

When they arrived home, Teresa was not in a good appetite, so even though the dinner was cooked by Enrique, she only took a few bites and then went back to her room. Maybe she would not be so sad if she had a good rest?

Although Enrique was a little confused about her depression, he said nothing about this. The next day, no matter how Teresa protested, Enrique sent her to the door of the design department.

Today, since entering the company, she felt as if more people were judging her.

It turned out that she was right.

When Teresa entered the tea room, she saw no one there. It so happened that there were a few gossips coming in.

"Have you heard it? The design department has been in an uproar about that big project!"

"I know! I heard it was a little girl who defeated director Yan! I wonder who she is."

The two were talking recklessly next to Teresa. She glanced at them and walked out of the tea room with her own cup.

It seemed that not only the design department, but the whole company already knew that she was the designer of the cooperation with Claire!

Teresa felt a little panicked at this moment. It was all about her. They were all talking about her. She clearly proved herself to Yilia, but why is she still questioned?

It was ok if she got talked about in the design department. However, how did she cope with the whole company talking about her? She had just come to the company for three days. It was definitely not a good thing to be pushed the headline of the news.

After pondering for a while, Teresa finally took the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

"Enrique! I still hope you can take back the order that I have designed on behalf of the company." It was the first time that Enrique had seen Teresa so serious standing in front of his table.

"Why not?"

Enrique found Teresa so amusing. He couldn't help but wonder what she would do next. 'She said yesterday that she was capacity and talented, and today she is losing faith in herself.'

"I am a person who joined TH Group three days in total. However, Yilia has been in the company so long. In any way, she is more suitable for this task than me. But that doesn't mean I don't hate her anymore."

Teresa expressed her opinion to Enrique with a straight face, but she also hid another concern.

She was afraid that the secret between her and the Gu Family would be discovered if she stayed in the spotlight for a long time.

It was against her will to stay in China to develop. If anything happened, she would live with guilt for the rest of her life and could not forgive herself.

Hence, she should solve the problem from the root cause as soon as possible.

"Teresa, I tell you earnestly that you have the capacity to do this. Yilia is more senior than you, but she is not as creative as you."

The serious appearance of Enrique slightly shook Teresa's mind. But when she thought of the Gu Family, she knew that she couldn't give in.

"Have you thought about my situation in the company? Now, no matter where I am, I can hear people say that I get the chance to work in the TH Group through some inner relations! So where is my effort? They couldn't see it! What's the point of my proof yesterday?"

Teresa was annoyed, but Enrique didn't seem to mind her anger and still showed her his charming harmless smile. It made her feel as if she had hit the soft cotton with a heavy blow, leaving her no room for anger.

Watching Teresa sulk, Enrique walked to her side with the corners of his mouth down, placated her and pressed her into a chair. He whispered in her ear, "I'm with you. What are you afraid of?"

Enrique's sexy deep voice made Teresa blush.

Such an ambiguous action made her a little shy. Teresa tried to break free from his shackles, but the struggle was so great that his lips brushed against her earlobe as if they were electrocuted. She felt that the hair all over her body was standing at the moment.

This palpitation went straight to the bottom of her heart. She was somewhat at a loss, and she froze in her chair.

Enrique, presumably not expecting an unexpected kiss, coughed a little awkwardly, then turned to get Teresa a glass of water.

Then they both fell into silence again...

When Tony came in, he saw the awkward scene. Teresa sat awkwardly at her desk with her water cup. Enrique held his coffee cup across from her by the desk, equally silent.

"Well, would you like me to come back later, boss?"

There was something wrong with the room. Tony regretted coming in without knocking.

"Oh, no, thanks. I have work to do. I'll go back first."

Teresa answered immediately and left the room.

"Teresa!" Enrique suddenly called her name, and she broke down with her back to him. Seeing the expression on Teresa's face, Tony was even more confused.

"Don't think too much. I will always be there for the cooperation. The reason why I chose you was not only my decision, but also Claire's. So, you just have to be yourself."

Enrique's words were like a shot in the arm, which made Teresa feel secure which she had never felt before.

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