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   Chapter 25 What's The Relationship

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"What are you looking at?"

Enrique's sudden question interrupted Teresa's thoughts, she realized that she had lost her composure and she was behaving inappropriately. Being a little nervous, she coughed and kept thinking about what to say.

"Can't I peep at the couple sitting opposite to me drinking coffee? Look, the man has good temperament and the woman has good shape. Don't you think they are a perfect match?" Teresa took a sip of water and bowed her head, fearing that Enrique would see through her disguise.

"How do you know they are a couple?"

"Or what else? Brother and sister? Sale and customer? Or do you think they are boss and employee like you and me?" Teresa Retorted.

Of course she knew they were not a couple. Because they were Jerome and Lena! But what else could she say? Every word she said was like a knife cutting her heart.

Would her heart, which had been hard to heal, be scarred again?

"You are right. They are brother and sister from the Gu Family. And we know each other. Do you want to say hello to them?" Enrique squinted his eyes to observe Teresa reaction.

"I'm not you. I don't know them. Go by yourself if you want to say hello to them."

The food they had just ordered had been delivered at this time. Seeing that Enrique focused on the food, Teresa was relieved. It was all right if they didn't meet. But if she met them, she always wanted to see them. Teresa took advantage of Enrique's lack of attention to steal another glance at those two again.

Was this about the longest distance in the world? They were just in front of her, but she could not talk to them and tell them that she missed them so much. They used to be so close to each other, but now they just saw each other as strangers. They were so close to her but at the same time so far away.

She would probably have nothing to do with them in her whole life.

The steak looked so good that Teresa decided to swallow it with everything she had seen today. She didn't want anyone to know the relationship between her and the Gu Family. No one would know the secret, including Enrique in front of her.

That was because she couldn't afford the consequence.

"You haven't told me about what happen to your design yet," Enrique asked a sudden question as he was cutting the steak.

Not getting an answer for a long time, Enrique raised his head and looked at the cunning look in Teresa's eyes. At this moment, he felt like he had done something wrong.

"Ahem, do not speak at the feeding or sleeping time. Who said that before?"

"Really? It seems that Miss Gu has agreed to have a cup of coffee with me later."

Teresa thought she would be succeeded in making fun of Enrique, but what she could not expect was that Enrique fight her back so easily. The worst thing was that she had fallen into his trap again.

At this moment, she really felt that it was better for her to keep distance from him!

They bickered with each other over lunch. Before they knew it, Jerome and Lena, who were drinking coffee outside the window, had left. Enrique took Teresa into the seat of Jerome and Lena, as if he did it on purpose.

Then Enrique solemnly produced the two design drafts he had just stashed away. He pushed the unfinished design draft in front of Teresa and waited for her explanation leisurely.

"My inspiration came from the amusement park we went yesterday. I wanted to design a pendant, but the scale was out of control. Thus it is a waste draft. What's worse, I don't have any inspiration now."

Teresa explained this in a breezy way, but her mind was not on the draft at all. Let alone asking her to design, Teresa couldn't even explain the design principl

es clearly.

"I think you can blaze another trail. The premise is that you finish the semi-finished draft. You don't have to design a pendant. You have many other options."

"But even if I finish this draft, the proportion of the work is probably very abstract. And then according to the design, whatever jewelry is going to be weird."

"That's not true." Enrique shook his head and gave her a reassuring smile. Then he pointed to the crowd on the road.

"No matter who you are, if you choose the right clothes, you will look good."

The suggestion given by Enrique made Teresa sink into deep thoughts. And she would bite her fingers when she was thinking seriously. As Enrique watched her bite her fingers like a child, he sneaked out his phone and took a picture.

When he was looking at the masterpiece he just created, Teresa suddenly slammed her hand down at the table and grabbed his hand shouting.

"I know what to do! Thank you very much for your coffee! I finally got the inspiration and I need to go back first!"

Teresa was so happy that she picked up the semi-finished draft and rushed to the company, regardless of her image. Enrique watched her leave with satisfaction.

Sure enough, Teresa was a talented person who could understand without his saying more. But he really admired that Teresa could change her mood so naturally.

'Could she be so easily happy if she really had been through all those dark and insidious things? Or did she hide her darkness too deeply for me to see?'

Enrique slightly pushed his glasses and took a sip of coffee. He then continued to enjoy his rare leisure time.

On the other side, Teresa rushed back to the company to start drawing, paying no attention to the people with confusion around.

She drew one piece of paper, two pieces of paper...

After a while, she found one that pleased and satisfied her most. Looking at the finished draft, Teresa finally showed a smile.

Then she made a point of taking a picture and sending it to Enrique.

"Thank you for your advice. The design has been finished!"

To her surprise, Enrique was quick to reply her message, "If you want to show your thanks to me, you can treat me to dinner tonight."

Teresa smiled. Just as she was about to reply Enrique's message, the door of the office was pushed open. The one who opened her office's door loudly was Yilia, who would feel miserable if she not to bother Teresa.

"Sure enough, director Yan's hand can only design. I really didn't expect that your hand can't even knock on the door."

Teresa put down the phone and looked at her without showing weakness. Anyway, whenever Yilia came to her office, nothing good would happen.

"That's better than someone with legs that only go to the CEO's office, but no other office? You even need me to rush you to hand me the working task."

Yilia was not a person who would be easy to be bullied. She didn't care about and look down upon a green hand in the workplace like Teresa.

Hearing that, Teresa did not know how to refute her at once. After all, she was really in the wrong on this matter.

"Miss Gu, is the design finished?"

Passing her the draft, Teresa took a look at her cellphone and smiled at Yilia.

"It is just in time for the end of the day. So, director Yan, can I get off work now?"

Yilia glared at her angrily and left with the paper in her hand. Nevertheless, she was still surprised at the potential of Teresa. She was able to finish such an excellent draft in such a short time. This proved that she did have some capacity.

But what good would it do? She wouldn't let Teresa go so easily.

"Teresa, I really underestimated you. Let's wait and see!"

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