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   Chapter 24 Seeking Pleasure

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7194

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Suddenly, Teresa dared not to paint again, holding the pen in her hand. Looking at the half familiar figure, she was full of sadness.

Gu Family could no longer exist in her world from five years ago on.

Teresa tore the paper into pieces and threw it into the trash can.

If she threw away the memory of the first 18 years, then all she had left was the boring five years life of studying abroad.

Suddenly, Teresa felt very tired. She randomly browsed the book at hand, trying to get some inspiration. The drawing she had left behind in the book fluttered to the floor...

Suddenly, an idea came into her mind as she looked at the paper on the floor. She picked up the paper and began to draw.

However, she stopped in the middle of the drawing suddenly.

'What was I drawing?' Teresa thought in her heart. Her real purpose was to design a pendant! The proportion of the drawing she drew was totally different from that of a pendant!

The inspiration she just found disappeared in a flash. Teresa felt extremely depressed. Although it was perfectly normal for such things to happen in design, she couldn't say that to Yilia.

Besides, she wouldn't yield to Yilia!

She looked at her watch and found that it was time for lunch again. Well, the result of going to the restaurant must be the same as yesterday!

It seemed that she would be hungry again today.

Teresa sighed and was about to get some water for herself. To her surprise, she saw a strange girl standing at the door.

"Are you looking for me?"

Seeing the girl nod her head, Teresa was a little surprised. The whole company was trying to stay away from her. No one would come to see her except for Yilia.

"I saw you didn't come for lunch, so I brought food for you by the way. I've never used this lunch box. Please don't mind."

The girl in front of her was sincere and she didn't seem to approach her on purpose. But Teresa was still confused.

The girl did not explain anything as if she had seen through Teresa's suspicion. After stuffing the meal box into her hand, she looked relieved.

"Don't always be hungry. You can save some snacks in your office. By the way, I have seen your work secretly. It's really amazing. So I don't believe what they said. Teresa, I believe you can do it!"

Then she gave a warm smile to Teresa, waved her hand at her and left.

Looking at the lunch box in her hand, Teresa suddenly felt warm.

When everyone spited on her, there was such a person to give her warmth. This feeling was too warm and too good.

However! 'I forgot to ask the girl's name!' Teresa thought of it suddenly.

When she thought of it and chased out, the girl was nowhere to be found in the spacious corridor. However, she ran into Enrique, who had come downstairs to find her.

"I heard that you didn't have lunch today. Would you like to have lunch with me?"

Teresa raised the lunch box in her hand and said to him, "Isn't it all your fault that I didn't eat! Fortunately, a kind girl brought me some food. However, I forgot to ask her name just now."

As soon as Teresa finished her words, she walked towards her office, totally ignoring Enrique. In her opinion, the farther she stayed away from Enrique in the company, the better. She was already in a position where she could not argue, and if she was misunderstood again, she could not imagine that those people could make up what kind of story again.

But what she didn't expect was that Enrique had followed her into her office! Then he caught sight of the drawing which was put on the de

sk in a hurry by her!

Enrique was curious and picked up the cartoon portrait. He was surprised that Teresa drew this kind of drawing during work!

"Is that me?"

Enrique smiled and made the same gesture as in the drawing, nodding his head to himself and muttering, "That's kind of like me!"

Teresa tried to get it back, but there was a big difference in height between her and Enrique. He put the drawing so high that Teresa couldn't even reach it. Therefore, she simply ignored him and stopped fighting with him for the painting.

Enrique folded the drawing carefully and put it into his pocket in front of Teresa. Then he saw the half-finished drawing of her.

"What's this?"


Teresa tried awkwardly to cover up her panic on her heart by tidying up her desk. She was afraid that he would ask more. Teresa couldn't say to him that her inspiration was came from the thought of him, could she? When she calmed down and was about to drive Enrique away, she suddenly found that Enrique was curious about her waste drawing.

"Are you designing new products? As soon as you confirm your cooperation with your idol, you start working on it? You are so dedicated! It seems that I have to reward those who are working hard! So, Miss Gu, would you like to have lunch with me?"

Teresa rolled her eyes at him and dismissively told him the cause and effect of the drawing.

"Don't think too much, okay? This is the task assigned to me by your excellent subordinate director Yan. She ordered me to hand in the design before leaving work today. So, Mr. Shen, I'm sorry but I'm too busy to have lunch with you. Go out and turn right. It's the hall. You're welcome."

Then Teresa opened the lunch box sent by the girl. But the moment she opened it, Teresa's face froze.

It was true that the dishes were from the restaurant of their company, but Teresa was very picky about food, so these dishes were all what she didn't eat. 'Well, should I just eat rice?' Teresa thought in her heart.

At the sight of the face of Teresa, Enrique probably understood what happened.

"In that case, I'd better eat by myself. It's said that there is a new western restaurant downstairs our company. Tony have recommended it to me several times. I wanted to go there with you. Miss Gu, are you sure you don't want to go? "

How Teresa wished she could strangle Enrique right in front of him, but she had to suppress her emotion for the sake of her face. 'He was such a scheming CEO! I am pretty sure that he said it on purpose!' But she was not stupid. She wouldn't let him fool her!

"Since Mr. Shen has made such a sincere invitation, I can't be so cruel as to let you have lunch alone. What do you mean by that? Yes, it's hard to say no to your great kindness!"

Teresa nodded solemnly. But she still could tell from the smile on Enrique's face that he was successful at making fun of her. Teresa was so angry that she ignored him and stepped on her high heels, walking outwards the office...

Actually, it was a little far away from the western restaurant which was located downstairs. Enrique didn't forget to make fun of her all the way long.

The newly opened western restaurant was called Waltz, which was well decorated. Although it was over lunch time, there were still few vacant seats. They managed to get a window seat. Enrique was about to ask Teresa about her design, but found Teresa looking out the window all the time.

Following her gaze, Enrique saw the familiar figure sitting in the opposite cafe. His smiling face turned cold in an instant.

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