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   Chapter 23 Breaking The Promise

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He knew it was over of him when Tony couldn't stop director Yan from entering the CEO office. Enrique would be angry with that. Looking at the dead silence in the office, he hurried in, trying to break the ice.

"Boss, well..."

As soon as Tony said this, Enrique stopped him by his harsh eyes. Enrique then leaned back in his chair, motioning for Yilia to continue.

"Mr. Shen, I think this cooperation is very important, and we should consider the candidate carefully. Regardless of seniority or capability, there are many people better than Miss Gu. So I think..."

"According to your words, the only people who are qualified and capable could only be you, director Yan!"

Enrique said to her. However, it seemed that Yilia didn't perceive anything strange in Enrique's voice. She expected that Enrique was changing his mind. When she was about to go on speaking, she saw Enrique's sharp eyes.

"Director Yan, now that you have such an idea, it seems that you are not satisfied with the position of director. What do you think of the CEO office?"

"I think you misunderstood, Mr. Shen. I say it for the good of the company."

When she saw the determination in Enrique's eyes, Yilia changed her attitude right away. She made an excuse and left Enrique's office. In her opinion, it was also true in the business world that great men's favours were uncertain. She clearly knew that what she said would only bring herself more troubles. She was not the one to take risks when she knew the danger.

Teresa watched as Yilia walked out of the office, and she plunges into a seat opposite Enrique. She looked very listless and depressed.

"As you can see, I have rejected director Yan. If you still don't accept it, our company's business will be ruined,"

Enrique said and looked at the demoralized Teresa. He thought she was funny right now.

Though one cannot be conceited, one should not think too little of oneself as she did.

"Thank you for your kindness! I'm going back to work!" Teresa said angrily.

Just now, Enrique had said something to Yilia, and from then on Teresa and Yilia would never make up. Then that was to say, she would have a harder time in TH Group.

She was so regretful that for a moment she agreed to Enrique's request! She had only been in China for a few days, but the life she had experienced these day was as "wonderful" as that abroad of a year!

However, she was so happy to work with her idol Claire!

Putting aside her worries, Teresa was in a good mood at the moment, but the smile at the corners of his mouth froze at the door of the design department.

The frosted glass could block the circumstance inside the office, but it couldn't stop the sound. Besides, there was her name in these voices.

"Hey, hey, come here! If this was in the past, every time the company had such a big project, it was assigned to director Yan. She's just a new designer who's just come to work. What can she do as a new designer who just started work?"

"I agree with you. I think even her second place in that contest probably came from sleeping with our Mr. Shen!"

"Our CEO is also confused. He is so obsessed with that little coquette!"

Teresa's' fist clenched silently to express her anger. But what good would that do?

She had long ago ceased to be that impetuous little girl. No one was willing to clean up her mess for her anymore.

Therefore, she opened the door of the design department with a bang. She made no rebuttals, nor did she want to argue with them. Without a glance, she went straight back to her own office.

They simply did not recognize her capability, and why should she take the

gossip to heart. It's easier to prove yourself than to waste words with them.

Therefore, Teresa sat down and prepared to design. After all, if she really couldn't come up with a good design, the whole TH Group would lose face because of her. Enrique had so much faith in her as a budding designer. She couldn't let him down.

However, outside the office, the noise could still penetrate into her ears word for word.

Perhaps because she didn't argue with them, or because they thought she was easy to bully, their abuse outside never stopped. Each of them spoke more vigorously than the other. Teresa didn't understand how a person who had only been with the company for two days could be isolated like this. Many people might have never seen her before. There was no hatred between her and them! To her surprise, everyone in the design department struck such a chord in talking about her winning the project.

What was worse, some of them even mentioned her taboo!

"A bitch like her is usually descended from her family! Who knows what her parents are like!"

"Of course, a mouse's son can make holes. Maybe she doesn't even know who her father is...."

Hearing that, Teresa could no longer hold back her anger. She would never allow anyone to speak ill of her family! That family which treated her like treasure was her confident and even her bottom-line. When she was about to rush out and argue with them, she heard that annoying voice again.

"Enough! She have the protection of Mr. Shen. Be careful, if Mr. Shen asks her about this, we'll all lose our job!"

The voice was from Yilia.

Teresa felt, at last, the coldness of the people and the world. The world was kind to the powerful one and was cruel to those who lose power.

All of a sudden, Teresa calmed down. They would not mind whatever she explained. The more she cared about it, the more lively they were talking.

Why, then, should she argue and defend as they wished?

Five years ago, she could bear the pain of separation. Now how could it hurt her when these words didn't mean anything?

She would not attack unless she was attacked. What's more, she had been toughened up and was not that spoiled little girl anymore.

But Teresa forgot that people were always greedy and unsatisfied.

For example, Yilia.

"Since you were suddenly assigned a task, I hope you can give me the design draft before you leave work today for the task I assigned to you the other day. Otherwise, I would be in a dilemma to explain to Mr. Shen."

"Before off duty today? !"

Teresa's eyes popped in disbelief. Was Yilia trying to make things much more difficult for her on purpose?

"I'm sure Mr. Shen is a good judge of people. So come on, Miss Gu."

Then she went out and closed the door of the office of Teresa heavily.

To be exact, she was slamming the door.

'That was all enough!

If I don't show you guys something, you don't know you should take another look on me. Yilia is going to be disappointed. I am the kind of person who never gives up!'

Sitting on the chair, Teresa closed her eyes and took a deep breath, recalling all the past of her, trying to find inspiration from these experiences.

However, the picture in her mind was still frozen in that blood-like dusk five years ago. She could still remember the badly injured look when he asked her to leave.

Teresa was suddenly sad. She felt she had let him down. He protected her so much and risked his life to send her away. She had promised him not to come back...

So, could she also understand it this way? Was Jerome's indifference yesterday due to her breaking the promise between them?

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