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   Chapter 21 More And More Charming

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6921

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So when Teresa heard the familiar alarm sound, she was a little bit nervous.

She had just fallen asleep. How could the day break so soon! The thought of having to deal with the director Yan at work made her even more irritable.

But what could she do? There was a punishment for being absent from work!

When she finished cleaning, she came downstairs and found Enrique sitting at the dining table having breakfast elegantly.

"Why are you still reading newspaper? Isn't there more news online?" Teresa murmured in a low voice.

"There is so much news online that I haven't seen you watch it. Didn't you sleep well last night? Your dark circles are a bit serious?" Enrique asked seriously.

At the thought of her thoughts last night, Teresa could not help blushing and pretended to be calm to say that she was fine. Then she sneaked a glance at him while he was lowering his head and eating.

She used to think he was handsome, but now she found him becoming more and more charming?

"Aren't you going to eat something?"

Teresa shuddered at Enrique's sudden remark. She accidentally knocked over the soybean milk on the table and spilled it all over her.

"What can I say to you?"

Seeing this, Enrique sighed deeply and they both remembered the glass of juice on the plane.

After taking a glare at him, Teresa hastened back to her room to change her clothes. Then she saw the clothes on the floor and could not help but sigh. It was just one hour later that he had to change the clothes again.

She didn't think as generous as Enrique would throw it away in an instant.

On the way to work, it was still Enrique who drove her to the company. But this time, on the copilot seat, Teresa had been peeping at Enrique.

It was said that when a man was working, he was the most handsome. Although she didn't know if he was driving carefully, from her point of view, he was a man full of charm.

How much god loved him that it had given him such a fine face! She was kind of jealous.

The man whom she had peered at felt a little ridiculous. She was just peeping at him, but she pretended to look at the scenery when he turned his head. At the very least, Enrique pretended not to know what she was looking at. But he wouldn't be Enrique if he didn't play a trick on Teresa.

So, when they were waiting for the red light, Enrique suddenly pinned her against the chair.

"What... What are you doing?" He suddenly pinned her on the chair and scared the guilty Teresa into silence.

"You can see me better this way."

"Are you kidding me! I didn't peer you!"

"If you want to see it, do it fair and square. Anyway, there are only two of us here. Don't be shy."

Looking at the blush on Teresa's face, Enrique sat down with a smile. The green light was on, which calmed Teresa down.

This time, Enrique drove directly to the company again and opened the door for her. He did not listen to Teresa's repeated requests at all. And he had done made Teresa embarrassed again in front of her colleagues.

But what made Teresa even more embarrassed was that Enrique sent her to her office all the way today! The beautiful and enchanting director Yan was waiting for her at the door of her office!

But when Yilia realized that Enrique came here with Teresa, she immediately changed her plan and spoke to Enrique directly.

"Hello, Mr. Shen. Have you seen that report? If there is anything wrong, I

will correct it now."

"I trust your ability to work, director Yan. I'll ask Tony to give you a call about the financial statements." After saying this, Enrique bid farewell to Teresa and left soon.

But when Teresa saw director Yan's face, she knew that she was going to have a hard time again.

Sure enough, director Yan came to squat so early in the morning, so it must be something bad.

"Miss Gu, you are really highly valued. It is the first time for Mr. Shen to send an employee to her office in person." The way Yilia smile annoyed Teresa. Teresa thought that she had offended her already. It didn't matter that she offended her once again now.

"You are right. TH Group has always attached great importance to talents. Now that I have won his trust, he will certainly take good care of me. It's better than being looked down upon by the people who gauge the heart of a gentleman with one's own mean measure? Director Yan, do you think I'm right?"

"Miss Gu, I didn't expect you to be so eloquent. I am just kindly reminding you of your task. It's really not good for you to shut others up if you can't make achievement."

Then director Yan walked out of Teresa's office with disdain on her face. Seeing her walking in this way, Teresa clenched her teeth angrily.

'Do she really think I am a push over? I'm going to show you gossips what I can do!'

Teresa thought in her heart with confidence, she picked up the brush and leaned on the table.

Inspiration isn't something that it would come when you wanted!

On the other side, in the CEO Office, Tony was standing aside and waiting for his reports to Enrique.

"It's time to start. Start with the big one."

Enrique took off his suit jacket and threw it on the sofa casually. When he picked up the coffee cup habitually, he found that it was empty. Seeing his frown, Tony's heart missed a beat.

He got up late this morning, and went to the company, but he forgot to make coffee for Enrique!

"Boss, I just got a call that those designers will be in the company in an hour. What should we do?" Tony answered awkwardly and took the empty glass from Enrique.

"Just follow the plan. Also, why do I think I need to hire a new assistant these days?" Enrique didn't raise his head, and read the file carefully.

"No, I am so sorry. Everyone would make mistake. Please give me one more chance! I promise I won't do it again!"

"Then why don't you go on with your own business? Do you want to wait here for the coffee to come by boat itself?"

Hearing what Enrique said, Tony was relieved. At least, he knew that Enrique did not blame him. However, comparing with yesterday, it was really amazing that Enrique was in a completely different state today!

Although Tony was full of doubts, he did not dare to ask Enrique directly.

After all, Tony had participated in a lot of things these two days. What's worse, there were a lot of troubles waiting for him. He had no time to curious about Enrique's business.

What's more, today was a big day for TH Group to negotiate cooperation with Claire. If any mistake happened to him today, even if he had eight lives, Enrique would have taken seven and a half from him.

Claire, the talented designer of the next generation after Alina, she was very young and was acknowledged as the world-famous and even the No. 1 jewelry designer now.

The jewelry designed by her was luxurious, noble and unique.

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