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   Chapter 20 Intimate Contact

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7147

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Teresa was about to say something when she looked up and met the deep eyes of Enrique.

Teresa froze for a while because of the gentle look in her eyes. She seemed to be back to the time when she was loved by her family five years ago.

The atmosphere was so ambiguous between them that Teresa's face turned red.

"Hey, little fool, do you know how difficult for me to control myself if you keep looking at me like this?"

Enrique tapped her on the head. At his words, Teresa rolled her eyes.

"It's so rare for me to have such an intimate contact with the ground. I'm really sad that my boss will take away such an opportunity."

Teresa cracked a joke and wanted to break the embarrassment situation. After all, the position they were in now was so ambiguous!

But the next moment, Enrique didn't smile and let go of her as usual. Instead, he turned over and trapped her between him and the ground.

"Does Miss Gu like such kind of intimate contact with the ground?"

After hearing this. Teresa's face turned red immediately. Enrique, he was really good at flirting with girls.

When Enrique saw the red mark on her face, he was in a good mood and lay beside her with a smile. He supported half of his body with one of his arms and said in a condescending manner, "Sure enough, having close contact with the ground is comfortable, but at this time, is the crystal lamp a bit too dazzling?"

But Teresa who was beside him quickly got up and hurried back to the room upstairs. She did not notice that Enrique's eyes had been locking on her.

Closing the door, Teresa slid down the floor along the door. Her arms wrapped around her knees and curled up. She seemed to be lost in thought.

The room was so quiet that she could hear her rhythmic heartbeat.

However, the speed of her heart beat was a little fast.

It was the first time for Teresa to feel both shy and panicked, which confused her a little.

Just as she wondered, the pain at her ankle successfully attracted her attention. It turned out that her instep had just been accidentally scratched, and the bloodshot wound was already swollen.

She secretly sighed and called herself a fool. As soon as she stood up and opened the door of her room, she met Enrique, who wanted to knock. Seeing Enrique stood there, she lowered her head again, and did not dare to look directly at him.

"I just came to see if the little fool who had just fallen down to the ground had injured her feet. And right now it seems that my trip is necessary."

"My wound was not so serious..."

Teresa, who just wanted to refute, was getting quieter and quieter under Enrique's gaze, and finally shut up. It was better to remain silent than to say something wrong.

Enrique looked at her. She was like a child who had made a mistake and stood in front of him quietly with her head lowing. He actually thought she was particularly cute now. He smiled and shook his head. Then he opened the medicine box in his hand and found an ointment for her.

"Don't touch your wound with water these days. If you insist on applying this ointment, there will be no scars on your foot. Of course, if Miss Gu needs it, I am more than happy to apply the medicine for you."

"Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Shen. I'll take the ointment. Good night!"

Then Teresa stepped back and closed the door. She didn't expect that Enrique would be such a meticulous person!

The feeling of being taken care of carefully was both strange and familiar. The appearance of Enrique would always remind Teres

a of the happy memory of her past. However, the past was gone. She had no attachment to the past. She could only live in the present and enjoy current life.

So what kind of emotion did she have for Enrique?

Teresa looked at the ointment in her hand, and she felt extremely confused. She couldn't think of the problem, so she simply gave up. She threw the ointment onto the bed and took a bath towel to go to the bath.

Anyway, there were specific methods for specific situations in the future. She had grown up and been mature now. She didn't have to bother with a temporarily unsolvable problem.

Enrique went to the kitchen to clean the table. Thinking of Teresa who was in a daze just now, he flashed a smile. But when thinking of what she had done with Jerome in front of the company, Enrique's face turned solemn.

If she was the person he found...

Thinking of this, Enrique's eyes became a bit sharp, and his pretty eyes narrowed. Then he picked up his phone and dialed a familiar number.

"No matter what, you must find out who she is."

No matter how painful the price was, he had to punish those who had made mistakes.

However, at a time when this situation was still unclear, he did not need to trouble her too much.

Therefore, Enrique went upstairs with a glass of warm milk and knocked at her door. Teresa looked like she had just taken a shower and was ready to fall asleep. She looked at him with puzzled eyes.

"You must be tired today. Drink some milk. It's good for sleep."

Looking at the gentle man standing in front of her, Teresa felt strangely relieved. They just knew each other for a few days, but he seemed to care about her very much. And she seemed to enjoy his care at ease.

"Then I'll drink it later." Teresa reached out for the cup.

"Drink it now. When you finish, I'll take it away." His tone was so firm that there was no room for negotiation. Teresa could only protest against his hegemony in her heart, but drank the milk obediently in front of him.

"Are you satisfied now?"

After drinking the milk, she stuffed the glass back into the hands of Enrique. In response, she rolled her eyes at him. Enrique suddenly raised his hand, which scared Teresa so much that she thought he would slap her.

But Enrique just raised his hand to wipe the corner of Teresa's mouth.

"You little fool!"

Then Enrique shook his head and went downstairs. Looking at his receding figure, Teresa felt both annoyed and regretful. She couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. It was too abnormal.

Was it because Jerome said he didn't know her, which led to her abnormal behavior? However, she was not so sad after work!

With so many questions in her mind, Teresa just tossed and turned on the bed and couldn't fall asleep. Things had been out of her expectation since she came back. Especially it was an accident to know Enrique.

What made her feel incredible was that she now began to draw the cartoon image of Enrique unconsciously. Could it be said that in her mind, Enrique had equal status with the members of the Gu Family?

That was to say, she liked him?

Teresa was taken aback by her thoughts, but remembering how she got along with him these days, it seemed like she really liked him.

"How is that possible! He is just the boss!"

Teresa knocked her head to deny her idea and forced herself not to think too much.

However, she was not sleepy at all when she tossed and turned. It wasn't until the sky grew bright that Teresa fell asleep in a strange posture.

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