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   Chapter 19 Make A Meal

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Teresa turned her head in surprise and wondered, 'It's so late. Do we still need to eat?' The servants seemed to have gone to bed?

"Can't you cook?"

Enrique crossed his arms and put them on his chest. As a girl, she didn't know how to cook?

Looking at the banter in his eyes, Teresa was not convinced, but she really couldn't cook. In the past, when she lived in the Gu Family, she always lived a life of ease and comfort, even if she wanted to learn to cook, she was not allowed by others, and she never got the chance. Later when she went out by herself, she had to complete her study, so she had no time to learn it.

"Who says a girl must be able to cook?"

Teresa looked at him and said.

Enrique shrugged and threw up his hands, "Well, since you can't cook, I'm going to make some. Would you like some?"

"You can cook?"

Teresa's eyes widened.

Enrique looked at her and put on a smile. "Just wait in the dining room. It won't take long."

Then he went to the kitchen. Teresa stood at the stairs and planned to go upstairs to sleep, but the moment she was going upstairs, her stomach started to growl. Anyway, Teresa was hungry as well. So she went straight to the restaurant.

Soon a whiff of aroma wafted from the kitchen. Teresa stood up and went to the door of the kitchen. When she arrived there, she saw Enrique wearing an apron, who was busy cooking with his back to her. It was hard for Teresa to imagine the scene that the cook here was the same person as the CEO of TH Group.

As if having felt her gaze, Enrique turned around and said to her, "The dinner is not ready yet. Just wait in the dining room."

But Teresa shook her head, "Since it's for the two of us, of course I should help."

Hearing what she said, Enrique nodded, "Okay. You can go and wash the food materials."

He directly put all the food materials which he was going to wash in front of her without hesitation.

Teresa naturally took the basket over and put it under the tap. "It was hard to imagine that such a wealthy man like you had to cook by himself at such a late time," Teresa said casually as she washed the food materials.

Enrique didn't stop what he was doing. When he heard Teresa's words, he replied, "No matter how high you stand, when you get home, you will still be an ordinary person. It is natural that the servants had been off duty now as time is so late now. They have the right to sleep. No one can deny them the right to sleep, can they?'

At Enrique's' words, Teresa felt a strange sensation. She had to say that his words made her start to look at him in a new light. In her understanding, the children who grew up in such a family should have their food and clothes ready to eat, which was a normal existence in their consciousness, and no one cared about servants at all. Because, for a long time, that's what she was.

Teresa washed all the food materials and handed them to him, "Here you are."

Enrique put aside the seasoning he just made and shook the food materials in front of her. "You don't know how to cook. However, I think you should know how to chop the materials right?"

He said in an affirmative tone.

Teresa felt a little angry. Of course she knew how to cut vege

tables. She didn't know how to cook, but she knew how easy it was to cut food materials, even if she had never done it before.

"Of course I can! I'll chop all these for you."

She grabbed the food materials from his hand and directly put it on the chopping board. She began to chop it carelessly with the kitchen knife. When she saw the food materials which became horrible in an instant under her knife, Enrique immediately took the kitchen knife from her hand and said: "All right! That's enough! Let them go!"

When Enrique saw the materials on the chopping board, he gave out a deep sign. Hearing this, Teresa was feeling a little bit angry. 'Why did he sigh? Wasn't I not just chopping things up? Well, I would like to see how he would cut them.'

Enrique looked at her unconvinced appearance, the corner of his mouth turned up a curve. He first put all the food materials in order, and then started to chop them slowly. One could see he was really good at chopping. Teresa watched as he cut the food material neatly. She felt a little embarrassed. He did seem to be better than she was.

Teresa coughed and then decided to wait at the dining room. It seemed that it was an unnecessary move for her to come to the kitchen. She only needed to listen to enraged Enrique but not to sit at the kitchen.

After a while, Enrique called out to her when they were in the kitchen. "Come and help here."


Then Teresa stood up and went to the kitchen.

There were several dishes on the table of the kitchen, which were simple but very delicate. Seeing these dishes placed on the table, Teresa said nothing but took them directly to the dining room.

During the dinner, Teresa had been silently bowing her head to eat. What she didn't expect was that Enrique was so good at cooking. It was just a simple dish, which could actually become delicious in his hand. She stole a glance at him, only to find that he was eating the meals cooked by himself in a leisure manner, with a relaxed expression on his face. She could not find any other expression from his face.

She saw the way he ate, graceful and slow. It seemed that he had already been simply used to eating like this. It was clear that he had been brought up in a good family, like himself. But why was he so good at cooking?

Teresa was so confused that she didn't notice herself that she was staring at Enrique for a long time.

Detecting that Teresa was looking at him, Enrique still didn't move a bit. He just said in a low voice, "When eating, you need to pay your attention to your meal. Besides, don't you think it's impolite to stare at other people when they are eating?"

Teresa coughed a little awkwardly, then withdrew her gaze. "I'm just, I'm just thinking about something. I'm not staring at you."

Enrique put down his chopsticks and cast a thoughtful glance at her. Teresa's face turned red. She put down the chopsticks and said, "I'm full. Enjoy yourself here. I'm going to bed."

As soon as Teresa finished her words, she stood up and left in a hurry. All of a sudden, her feet tripped over the leg of the table and she fell down out of instinct. She was about to have a close contact with the floor but she fell into a soft embrace.

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