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   Chapter 18 The Car Was Broken

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Perhaps she had not thought that money was important before, but now, after all these years of living, she was no longer the little girl she had been. "Yes, I'm very short of money right now," Teresa replied.

Enrique was surprised by her frankness, too. The ferries wheel rose slowly and gradually to the highest place, where the view could be seen from far away. His voice was casual. "If you're so short of money, how about you marry me?"

At the highest point of the ferries wheel, if they were a couple, Teresa would definitely feel incomparable happiness if Enrique and her were like this. But they were boss and subordinate, so this kind of words were not suitable for them at all, OK?

"Boss, do you think it's appropriate to crack a joke in such a place?" Teresa said to Enrique.

Enrique looked at her and said indifferently, "I think it is a good choice. Well, what about I propose you again seriously?"

Teresa waved her hand immediately. He was really open-minded. He could even make a joke out of a marriage proposal.

When she finally got off the ferries wheel, Enrique took her to play all the facilities in the amusement park before he stopped.

Teresa looked at Enrique sitting next to her and asked in doubt, "Aren't you tired?"

Enrique smiled at her and said, "No, I feel like a million bucks now."

Teresa thinks to herself, 'You are really something.'

However, her mood was much better after playing in the amusement park.

When they got back, Enrique was driving. So as not to cause any confusion, Teresa sat in the back of the car. Enrique knew why she was doing it but did not say anything about it. But when they came to the amusement park, she was so distracted that she took the passenger seat. Teresa was worried that she would not be seen. However, she was also in a bad situation at the company. The people in the company were clearly not friendly to her. In that case, she didn't have to think so much about it. Since Enrique didn't care, she didn't have to be too persistent.

The cool night air came in through the window, and it was very comfortable. Teresa leaned over the car window and put her head on her arm. It was very late and there were no cars on the road, so she could stick her arm out of the window without any danger.

After Teresa enjoy the wind for a moment, she stuck her arms out of the car window. Enrique wasn't driving very fast, so she could feel the wind slipping through her fingers. Everything seemed very comfortable.

Enrique looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Teresa's face was full of joy and she was enjoying the wind. There was a note of happy in a banter voice: "Bring it back. I don't want the designer I just hired to lose it her arm."

Teresa was just speechless. Why was he so good at making other feel uncomfortable? There wasn't any cars on the road. It was impossible that there would be so many cars so late.

However, when she just wanted to say something to him, a car suddenly passed by them. Fortunately, she pulled her arm in time, otherwise, she would really become a cripple as Enrique said.

"You are such a jinx!"

Teresa murmured.

Although Teresa said in a low voice, Enrique still heard her. He smiled and didn't get angry with her.

On their way, the car stopped all of a sudden. It happened that the street lamps on that road were broken, so they could only see the pale moonlight in the sky. "Why did it stop?" Teresa asked in confusion.

"Our car broke down."

Enrique said casually.

The car was broken?

Teresa could not believe that the car of the CEO of TH Group would suddenly break down. Wasn't his car great? Wasn't his car a brand she'd never been able to afford in her life? How could it be broken so easily?

Looking at the incredulous look on Teresa's face, Enrique could roughly guess what she was thinking about. He made a phone call and leaned against the head of the car, saying with a little banter, "No matter how good a car is, it also has bad days, just as a good person will have evil thoughts."

When he said this, half of his face was hidden in the shadow. For a moment, Teresa thought that Enrique, who usually seemed so easy to get along with, actually had a story in his heart.

Without waiting for Teresa to think about it carefully, Enrique walked towards Teresa and asked, "Don't you think it's a horrible place?"

He looked like a kid who was bluffing. He looked at her seriously, trying to frighten her.

Looking at the young man in front of him who was trying to scare her, Teresa thought in her heart, 'I just thought that he was a man with a story. It must have been an illusion.'

It was just a road where the lights were broken. Is there anything to be scared of? Besides, there would be cars passing by from time to time, so she would not feel so scared.

Enrique seemed to be immersed in the horror movies he had seen before. He couldn't stop talking and trying to scare her. Teresa thought that it's a real eye-opener to see how naive he was. The gloom that had been in her heart seemed to have vanished.

After a while, the people who came to pick them up arrived. Tony had sent someone to drag the car of Enrique to the garage, and he himself would drive them home.

Sitting in the back seat together with Enrique was a little uneasy. When she got to the gate of the villa, she was still wondering why Enrique didn't sit in the passenger seat, but in the back seat with her.

She sat as far away as she could with Enrique. When sent them to this place, even Tony could not help but sigh, "Boss, Miss Gu seems not to like sitting with you."

Enrique cast a glance at Tony and then at Teresa. "But I like to sit close with her," he said with a meaningful smile.

Hearing this, Teresa didn't know what to say.

Tony just shrugged his shoulders and didn't take it seriously. Seeing that the boss was in a good mood, he breathed a sigh of relief and left after saying goodbye to Teresa.

In the villa, most of the lights in the rooms were turned off, and only the lights in the hall were still on. That was the rule made by Enrique a long time ago.

As soon as Teresa was about to go back to her room, Enrique stopped her and asked, "Do you go to bed without eating?"

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