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   Chapter 17 Roller Coaster

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All kinds of amusement facilities in the amusement park were started. The lights in the park were lit up. The place where they stood at the gate lit up a lot in an instant.

It was a large amusement park with all kinds of amusement facilities. As far as Teresa could remember, she had come here when she was a little girl, and then for many reasons she had never come again.

However, she was no longer stubborn about it. After all, she's grown up.

Enrique was thrilled and stood motionless before the merry go round, which gave off colorful lights and spun slowly. "Go and play," he said to Teresa.

Teresa looked at him, speechless. They were both adults. How could he play such a childish thing? She waved her hand and said, "You can go by yourself. I'll just wait here."

It seemed that she didn't like to play such rotating things since she was a child. In her memory, she seemed to have fallen from it, and since then, she began to stay away from these spinning things.

Enrique looked at her in confusion. "Don't girls all like to play with such childish things? Don't you like it?"

In his opinion, girls tended to be naive. And the merry go round was probably the most childish game in this amusement park. It was beautiful and dreamy here. Didn't she like it?

Not all the girls liked this, and according to her experience, few of them really liked to play this kind of game.

"I'm sorry, boss. I happen to be the girl who dislikes those childish things."

Hearing her words, Enrique seemed to be thoughtful. He thought about it and decided to play something thrilling here since he didn't like such childish stuff.

Enrique pulled her to the bottom of the roller coaster. After the amusement park reopened, there were people waiting in front of all the rides that needed to be operated by people. When they arrived, the man respectfully asked, "Mr. Shen, would you want to play the roller coaster?"

Enrique nodded.

Teresa's face turned pale out of fear. Before she could say anything, she was caught by Enrique. He tied up the safety belt for her and put away all the stuff she might throw away. Then the man in charge of the roller coaster started the engine.

Teresa looked at Enrique who was smiling and sitting next to her. She almost wanted to cry. It seemed that it was too late to go down now. The roller coaster they were sitting slowly moved forward, and at night, both sides of the lane lit up with soft yellow light. Teresa closed her eyes immediately.

Seeing what Teresa was doing, Enrique immediately reached out his hand and patted hers. "What are you doing? Open your eyes! It will be more exciting to open your eyes."

'Only a lunatic would open his eyes and feel excited!'

Teresa though in her heart, but she could not help opening her eyes after hearing what Enrique said.

Gradually the roller coaster began to pick up speed, and as it turned the corner, it was so fast that it seemed to throw them out. Enrique gripped her hand tightly. The wind blew hard on the ro

ller coaster. Teresa sweated in her hand. In the midst of all this noise, Teresa heard the voice of Enrique, "Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. I'm with you even in death. Just have fun today."

Somehow, Teresa's fear actually decreased. She opened her eyes and looked at the roller coaster that was going on.

The roller coaster was moving through the soft yellow light, as if it had traveled through space and time, so fast that it left her no time to feel sad.

After they got out of the roller coaster, Teresa was not that gloomy any more. She even pointed at the hammer not far from the roller coaster and said, "Let's play that."

Enrique did not go against Teresa as he saw that she became better. "Okay," he replied smilingly.

Like kids, they almost played all the amusement facilities in the amusement park.

When passing by the ferries wheel, Teresa didn't want to go up. There were too many legends about it, and most of them were about love. But she didn't want to get involved in love with Enrique. There was nothing between them, and she was already so ostracized in the company. If there was something between her and him, what should she do?

Enrique seemed to know what she was thinking about. He grasped Teresa's arm and said, "I really want to play this. Although it's off hours, I am your boss and you are my employee. You know that if your boss is not happy, the bonus will be...."

Teresa did not wait for Enrique to finish his sentence before she changed her mind and said, "Please don't say anything more. I will go and play with you."

The bonus of TH Group must be huge. No one here knew what exactly they had done in the amusement park, so she was worrying about nothing. She was not going to pay the price yet, the price that she might lost her bonus.

With that in mind, Teresa had even gotten to one of the ferries wheels faster than Enrique had.

Enrique raised his eyebrows and sat down in front of her.

ferries wheel was actually a very boring game, raising slowly and dropping down, if it was a couple sitting here, it would have a little bit of Russell, but for Teresa, sitting in this kind of thing was simply too boring.

Bored, she looked down, thinking that why the ferries wheel rose so slowly, and it had been so long before it left the ground a little.

Sitting in front of her and seeing the expression on her face, Enrique suddenly said: "How short of money are you?"

"What?" Teresa asked in confusion.

Just now, she behaved as if she would die for it. But when she heard that the bonus was going to be gone, she came up without hesitation. How short of money was she?

"Are you short of money?"

Enrique asked another question.

That was just nonsense. If it wasn't for the lack of money, how could she move to his house and live with him as his roommate? If she hadn't been short of money, she was not going to stay for the 300, 000 of bonus.

Although she had agreed to stay because she had promised him, she knew clearly why she had to stay.

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