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   Chapter 16 An Award For Hard-working Employee

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Enrique pushed the door open and sat at her desk naturally. "You've only been in the company one day and you're working so hard," he joked.

Teresa had been thinking about what happened at noon, so she didn't want to talk to him. Being uninterested, she asked, "Boss, what can I do for you?"

Enrique glanced at her listless expression and reached straight for her arm. He said suddenly, "Come with me."

"Where are we going?"

Teresa felt very confused. She still had a lot of work to do and hadn't sorted out her desk. More importantly, how could he grab her arm? Although she had been living alone in the United States since five years ago, she had been carrying Chinese traditions in her heart and soul. Such a sudden touch made her feel at a loss what to do.

"I don't want to make people think that TH Group will force its employees to work overtime because of you."

Enrique said as he took her outside.

"How could it be?" Teresa asked in confusion.

After hearing Teresa's words, Enrique stopped. He took the phone out of his pocket and pointed at her reflection on the screen. He said, looking at her seriously, "Look at this. You look so unwilling to work overtime."

His phone screen was so big that her whole face could be seen in it. Her facial features were frowned together and they clearly showed that she was in a bad mood. When she saw herself on the screen, Teresa sighed. After so long a time, she still couldn't get over the pain in her heart. As long as she touched people and things related, she could not let it go.

When she was distracted, Enrique had already taken her to his car. It was late, and they had nothing to do but go home. They were roommates, and since they lived in the same house, Teresa didn't say anything again. Her eyes peered out of the window.

As the window was rolled down, the wind blew into the window with a wisp of cool air as Enrique drove the car very fast. Teresa let her hair behind her ears, but her mind was still lingering on the thing happened at noon.

It was not until the car stopped that Teresa realized that the destination of Enrique was not the luxury villa they lived. By the light of the headlights of the car that had not been extinguished, she found out that it was an amusement park. The gate had been closed because it was too late, and only a few guards hadn't left yet.

"What are you doing here?" Teresa looked at Enrique and asked, puzzled.

Enrique spread his hands and said, "You worked overtime. Since you work so hard, it's natural to be a boss to reward his employees for their hard work."

He stressed the word "work hard" deliberately, as if reminding her to be serious about work and not to be careless. Teresa knew she was at fault this time, so she didn't say anything more.

He wanted to grab her hand and walked forward, but Teresa dodged his hand subconsciously and said with embarrassment, "I can walk myself."

Enrique no longer insisted and went straight ahead.

The security guard stopped him. "I'm sorry, sir. The amusement park is closed. You can come here tomorrow if you want to play."

Enrique didn't take his words seriously. "Do you have your manager's number?" he asked.

The security guard looked at him doubtfully. This man was tall and handsome, and gave people a

very professional feeling from any angle. Such a man was more than a security guard like him could handle. He had worked here as a security guard for a long time, so he knew how to read people's minds. He nodded to him respectfully. "Yes, sir, please wait for a moment."

The security guard found the phone number of the manager from his mobile phone, and then he pointed at the phone on the screen and said, "This is the phone number of our manager."

Enrique nodded and took out his phone. He dialed a number, but to Tony instead of the manager.

Enrique hang up after a few words.

Tony, who was already asleep, called the manager of the amusement park. The phone was connected soon. After the manager understood what Tony wanted to do, he politely said, "Well, sir. The amusement park is closed now. If you want to play in there, you can come back tomorrow."

"But my boss wants to play today."

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. Maybe the manager was also thinking about how to deal with such a unreasonable person.

"May I make an appointment for you tomorrow, Sir?"

"I think I have made it clear to you. My boss wants to play today."

"Sir, may I know the surname of your boss?"

the manager said, who seemed to detect something unusual.


Tony said the surname of Enrique. In J City, this last name was not common. Moreover, there could be no one but that person who could speak like this. The manager asked speculatively, "Excuse me, does your boss name Enrique Shen?"

Tony replied in a soft voice, "Yes."

The TH Group was a famous company in J City and most of industries in J City were closely related to TH Group. As the manager of the amusement park, of course he had heard about it. When he was sure that it was Enrique Shen, the manager said hastily, "Sir, please wait a minute. I'm on my way."


After replying the manager, he hung up the phone. He let his boss know before he went back to sleep. He had no choice but to be on call as an assistant of the Enrique, as he had been accustomed to it.

After a while, the manager finally arrived. When he saw Enrique, he held out his hand and said with a smile, "Sorry, I didn't expect you to be here. I'll open the door for you right now."

Everyone who was in the business circle knew that the TH Group was very important in the whole business circle. Although the amusement park belonged to the edge industry, it didn't dare to neglect the most powerful group in the business circle, the TH Group.

"Thank you, manager."

Though Enrique uttered such polite words, there was not a trace of it on his face.

The manager hurried over and opened the door of the amusement park before coming to Enrique. "Please have fun, Mr. Shen."

Enrique nodded.

After the manager had said a few other things to him, he noticed that Enrique's face was getting a little impatient. After that he said no more, but invited them in.

Enrique said nothing else. He went right into the park with Teresa. Seeing this, Teresa said scornfully to him, "You are not a kid anymore. Do you still like playing in an amusement park?"

Moreover, he even asked someone to come and open the door for him when the amusement park was closed. Teresa signed, "You are such a strange man."

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