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   Chapter 15 Old Story

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When Tony came back to his office, he didn't dare to say anything, as he had followed Enrique for so many years. He knew him well. Although in his eyes, his boss usually looked gentle and graceful, it could be proved that he was really angry when he frowned and wore a serious expression.

It was a sunny day today, but there was only gloomy on the face of Enrique. His hand was unconsciously placed on the drawer of the office, but he did not open it.

He had put the tableware in order and the desks were neat and tidy. He looked a little more serious with no humanity. Usually ones will put a picture of their family on their working desk. But nothing of this kind ever appeared on his desk.

Enrique's eyes were blurred, and he seemed to see a time more distant than now beyond the window, beyond the sunshine. A few years ago, he was young. His mother was framed by others and forever left him.

He would never forget what his mother said to him before she died, "My child, never look into my death. Do you remember?"

Although his mother tightly held his hand and wanted him to promise her, in the end, he still did not nod stubbornly. His mother was murdered by someone, and he would never forget or pretend not to know. Enrique clenched his fist and thought of the past. Because of his mother's death, how much his life had changed and how many changes had occurred in his family? All of these were like the film over and over again in his mind.

Enrique kept his hands clasped and his head resting on them all afternoon. His face was solemn, and his eyes were sharp as swords. He's like a different person.

Yilia walked to the door of his office, trying to go in and report the report for this quarter, but was stopped by Tony. He said, "Boss is busy now. You'd better not bother him."

"Tony, this is a normal reporting job. Please get out of my way."

How could she give up when she finally found good excuse of reporting to Enrique?

Tony shrugged and said, "In fact, boss is in a bad mood right now. Are you sure you want to get in?"

"What's wrong with Mr. Shen?"

Yilia asked in a caring tone, but there was a hint of joy in her expression. She had worked here for a long time, and she had never seen Enrique in a bad mood. If she went in now and comforted him gently, would he look at her more, or even pay more attention to her?

Therefore, Yilia was more eager to enter the office.

With a shrug, Tony unfolded isr hands and said, "Well, you can knock on the door yourself."

He didn't want to be the cannon fodder, so he stepped aside automatically.

After hearing what Tony had said, Yilia knocked on the door and asked, "Boss, it's me, the statement of this quarter has come out."

Hearing Yilia's words, Enrique came back to his senses. The cruelty on his face disappeared. As usual, he said to her through the door, "Just leave it to Tony."

When Yilia heard Enrique say that, she was not satisfied. At last she had a chance to show him her tender consolation. Before she could begin to comfort him, she was rebuffed. But she did not dare force her way into the office. After all, Mr. Shen was her boss. Th

e boss said so, and she had to do what he said.

Even though Yilia didn't want to give up, she could do nothing but hand the documents in her hands to Tony, and said casually, "This is the statement of this quarter. Don't mess it up."

Hearing this, Tony just raised his eyebrows but said nothing.

In fact, he could understand what was going on in Yilia's mind right now, but he didn't want to talk to her anymore. After she was out of the room, Tony decided not to give the report to Enrique right away. Because he had rich experience about getting along with him and he didn't want to displease his boss right now.

It was not until dusk that there was a slight sound in the office of Enrique. Knowing that he could come in now, Tony knocked on the door and walked in after receiving the approval.

He put the report on the desk of Enrique and said with a smile, "Boss, it's not easy for director Yan to get close to you. Why did you do that?"

Enrique even did not raise his head but just said with her eyebrows raised slightly: "Really? Recently, I also think that the black friend of our company is very friendly to you. Would you consider it?"

Tony shut his mouth and waved his hand in an instant. Although he did not discriminate against races, he could not help trembling at the thought that the black friend his boss talked about was an African friend in the company who was responsible for the security work.

However, the way his boss talked to him showed that he had calmed down now and he could be relaxed.

He had always admired his boss. After all, not everyone could easily change from a modest gentleman to a cunning fox. Moreover, his boss had another totally different face today.

It's almost time to get off work. People in the company began to pack up and get ready to go home. Teresa showed no sign of wanting to get ready to go home. The encounter with Jerome at noon was still on her mind. Although it had been so long a time, her nightmares were like a shadow, especially after she set her foot on this land again. She could not believe that her brother did not remember her so easily, but why did he not want to recognize her at noon?

Teresa's mind was on her own. She hadn't finished the work at all. Her computer screen was the same as before. The rest of the stuff in the office had left one after another. No one wanted to remind her of her intention to leave work, and no one came to talk to her. So Teresa did not notice that it was time to leave.

Time seemed to fly by. The sun soon sank below the horizon, and even the last halo of light left on the upper floor gradually disappeared. Outside the building, the lights were already shining, but Teresa still showed no sign of leaving.

On the other side of the office, Enrique sorted out the follow-up of the work that needed to be done today and said to Tony faintly, "You can leave now."

Tony heaved a sigh of relief and left.

Enrique sorted out the last document, stretched, and left the office. When passing by Teresa's office, he saw the light was still on inside. From the window, he could see that Teresa was sitting there alone, dejected.

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