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   Chapter 13 Being Teased By A Fox

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7113

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Tony was very efficient and soon Enrique had all the surveillance footage.

He made a cup of coffee and sat alone in the study, looking at the footage carefully.

The surveillance video was exactly as what Yilia said that Teresa was the only one who went in the exhibition room.

But Enrique knew clearly in his heart that Teresa would never steal. Moreover, there were so many top-quality jewels in the exhibition hall that if she really wanted to steal, she could not have stolen just this one. She didn't even run away after stealing, waiting to be caught. All of these didn't make sense.

It must have been someone else who had entered the exhibition hall. However, the camera didn't record them at all...

Enrique closely replayed the surveillance video again. All of a sudden, he spotted a shadow on the floor moving slowly.

Enrique quickly replayed the scene, zoomed in, and finally confirmed that it was someone's shadow.

With the light design of the gate of the exhibition hall, it was easy to tell that the master of the shadow had entered the exhibition hall. However, he could only see its shadow from the video since there was a blind corner!

Enrique lifted his lips and sneered.

It was true that someone was trying to frame Teresa!

He captured the video and saved it. Then he went back to his room to take a rest.

The next morning, Teresa woke up from a nightmare.

She dreamed that she was taken to the police station, and TH Group sued her on suspicion of theft. She wanted to defend herself, saying that she was not a thief, but she could not make a sound.

The court pronounced her crimes. When she stood in the dock, she saw a few familiar faces. They looked at her with anger and ridicule.

Dad, mom, and brother...

Then Teresa woke up abruptly. The feeling of fear and helplessness still lingered in her heart, which made her very uncomfortable.

After a long while, she came to her senses from the bad dream. It was bright outside.

After rushing to the bathroom and washing her face, Teresa rushed out of the villa as fast as she could.

Enrique held Teresa back and asked with a frown, "Where do you go in the early morning?"

"I want to go to the company and find out the truth," Teresa answered quickly.

That was a horrible dream. If she did go to court. She had no idea what the characters of those she had known would look like and how they would look at her.

Regret or disdain?

Or they didn't care at all?

She dared not to think about it, and once she thought of it a place in her heart would feel a sharp pain.

Enrique sighed, "You don't have to do it. I have found it out."

"What? You have found it out?" Teresa looked at Enrique in surprise.

Enrique dragged her to sit at the table and said, "Let's eat breakfast first."

Teresa blinked as if she hadn't heard him clearly. "Mr. Shen, you mean... Did you find the thief? Did someone frame me up?"

Enrique picked up the chopsticks and knocked on the table heavily. "I don't like to talk about business at dinner," he said seriously.

Teresa was stunned. She shut her mouth at the severity of Enrique's countenance. But something still puzzled her in her heart.

This matter, which was supposed to be a disaster to her, was found so easily?

Teresa wanted to ask something more, but she did not dare to ask Enrique because of his serious face. So she could do nothing but only bear it.

After they finished the meal, Teresa made a cup of coffee for Enrique obsequiousl

y and asked, "Mr. Shen, you have finished the meal. Could you tell me now?"

Enrique took the coffee and asked, "You want to know about this?"

"Yes, yes!" Teresa kept nodding her head.

Enrique gave a cunning smile and said, "If you want to know, please come to me and beg. I will tell you if you beg me."

After hearing this, Teresa could do nothing but stand still.

What's wrong with Enrique today? Did he take the wrong script today?

"Mr. Shen, please don't make fun of me." Teresa said seriously, "I am also the victim of this incident, and I have the right to know the truth."

"Well, I won't make fun of you anymore. I just want to make you happy because you seem to have something on your mind." Enrique leaned over and pointed a finger at his cheek. "But if you want to kiss me, I won't refuse," he said.

Hearing that, Teresa could not breathe and froze for a while. Her face flushed from ear to neck.

'Is he flirting with me?

Or was Enrique making fool of me?'

Teresa pouted angrily and took the coffee back from Enrique. "If you don't want to tell me, forget it!"

Then she poured the untasted coffee straight into the sink.

Well, she'll never make him coffee again!

It was not until Teresa arrived at the company that she got to know the truth. It turned out that that person found the dead corner of the surveillance, that person thought it could avoid the shooting, but it did not expect that its shadow was caught.

It was said that this invisible shadow was found by Enrique.

A faint feeling of strangeness surged up in Teresa's heart when she heard the news.

Surveillance video was meant to monitor the whole picture, and as long as it captured the general picture and general situation, it had done its job. Because of this, it required compressed memory, so the resolution was generally low.

He could find a shadow in such a poor picture quality that was not easy to notice.

This was proof enough that Enrique must have looked closely at the surveillance footage many times to see such a small difference.

Teresa thought that although Enrique was a little scheming at times, he was generally a good person.

However, she poured away his coffee because of anger this morning...

Would he be angry?

After that, Teresa had finally proved her innocence. Because of the fact that Yilia didn't come to trouble her, Teresa finally had a good day.

On the afternoon of that day, Teresa received the news that Miss Candy was found and it was secretly put back to its original position.

Hearing this news, she was relieved, but at the same time, she felt that the future would be even more difficult.

The thief stole Miss Candy and brought it back. It was obvious that the thief did not want to steal things, but to frame her!

Seeing that the plan had not succeeded, and they were not daring to steal such valuable jewels, so they just returned it quickly without being noticed by anyone.

However, the monitoring could only show a little shadows if the thief, so it was impossible to find the thief in a short time.

She didn't know who wanted to frame her.

Hearing that, Teresa sighed silently. The stone hanging in her heart did not fall, but rose higher and higher.

She drew on the paper again and again with a pencil. When she came to her senses, she found that what she had painted was a cartoon portrait.

The figures on the paper had neat hair. He looked very elegant in black glasses and a suit.

It was no others but Enrique!

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