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   Chapter 11 The Missing Of Miss Candy

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7188

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"Hey, isn't this Miss Gu, the new designer of our company?"

"Why do you have lunch so late? Ah! They didn't leave any food for you. How can you eat the leftovers?"

"Who says these dishes are inedible? Pigs eat all this, and they grow fat too!"

Glaring at the several seductively dressed women in front of her, Teresa was furious.

How dare they compare her to a pig!

"Teresa, Don't think you're a big shot just because you've got a bit of a relationship with Mr. Shen. Let me tell you, if you offended director Yan, you won't be able to stay in this company any longer!"

"You are right. Everyone knows that Mr. Shen paid a lot of money to recruit director Yan from abroad. Our whole company pays great attention to her talent. Even the president's wife thinks that she is the reincarnation of Alina. How can you compete with her?"

"Do you think you have the right to complacent just because you came second in a design competition?"

Several gorgeously dressed women taunted Teresa and left quickly.

Standing in the same place, in front of her was the cold leftovers that could not be eaten, and she unconsciously clenched her fists.

For the previous eighteen years, there had been no hardships in her life. She had been loved dearly.

In the last five years, though, she had a hard time in her studies, and her financial situation was not as good as before, she was still respected. She had never been so furious before.

She wanted to blow up and wanted to sew up the mouths of those women.

But the reality didn't allow her to be impulsive.

After taking a deep breath, Teresa didn't look at the leftovers in front of her, turned around and left the canteen with big steps.

I'll have my dinner when I get home. I don't mind starving myself!

She's not really going to be the pig the women were talking about, eating the leftovers.

When she went back to her office, she heard that her stomach was growling.

She was so hungry...

She had only eaten two pieces of bread as breakfast, as she was in a hurry to come to the company. The bread was totally digested by her right now.

She went to the coffee machine again to make another cup of coffee and drank it up, hoping that a cup of coffee could slightly counteract the hunger in her stomach.

But even so, she was still very hungry.

She was holding the pencil in her hand. She was so hungry that she couldn't concentrate at all. She hadn't been able to draw any lines for a long time.

It was not until three o 'clock in the afternoon that she finally became too hungry to bear it.

Teresa was so hungry that she wanted to sneak downstairs and find a store to buy two pieces of bread. As soon as she stood up, the door of her office was opened violently.

Yilia stood outside the door with several people. She stretched out her well maintained finger and pointed it at Teresa. "Go and search!" she yelled sharply.

"What do you mean, director Yan?" Teresa asked, frowning at Yilia.

Yilia smiled coldly, "What do I mean? Teresa Gu, did you go to the exhibition in the 18th floor at noon?"

Teresa froze for a while. How did Yilia know about this?

She had been to the exhibition on the 18th floor and knew that it was not suitable for her to go in. However, she was tricked to go there and she left without staying long. Are Yilia trying to threaten her because of such a small thing?

Seeing that Teresa didn't try to say anything, Yilia said coldly, "Teresa, do you know that the highest work of Alina - Miss Candy - was stolen! I've seen the s

urveillance video. You went in alone today. Don't tell me you know nothing!"


Teresa's face became serious. Miss Candy was stolen?

Anyone in the fashion world knew this work - Miss Candy.

It was the wedding gift that Alina, a talented jeweler, designed for herself when she got married at the age of thirty. There was only one set in the world. Later on, though she had released the Miss Candy series, they were not the original version. It was an improved version of Alina, which was quite different from the one she wore during her marriage.

Later, Alina became seriously ill and her will decreed that the set of Miss Candy she wore when she got married would be auctioned off. All the money sold went to charity.

It is said that that set of Miss Candy were sold at an extremely huge price by a mysterious man. What she didn't think of was that it was collected in TH Group!

Yilia took a group of people to Teresa's office. Of course, they could find nothing.

But this movement of her had alarmed many people, and even Enrique was very surprised when he received the news.

The whole design department gave rise to much discussion.

When Enrique heard the news and came over, he saw Teresa standing stubbornly in the crowd with her chin held up in an uncompromising manner.

Yilia couldn't find anything, so she just stared at Teresa coldly and said, "Miss Gu, this set of Miss Candy is very precious and the most precious treasure from TH Group. If you take it, please hand it over to me obediently."

Teresa also stared at her coldly. "Since director Yan didn't find out anything, how could you accuse me of stealing the jewelry?"

"The camera shows that you have entered the display hall alone. Shouldn't I suspect you?"

Before Yilia finished her words, the sound of steps came through the door. When she heard the sound of footsteps and saw Enrique coming, she pretended to look very sad and said, "Mr. Shen, it's my fault. I failed to manage the staff below well, which led to the theft of Miss Candy."

"I'm afraid that some people are using this as a pretext. They'd love to kick me out of TH Group," Teresa said sharply with a cold snort.

Upon hearing Teresa's words, Yilia's face turned deathly pale. She yelled angrily, "Teresa Gu, at this point, you still do not want to admit it?"

"I didn't take the jewelry. You're clearly trying to plant me!" Teresa raised her head arrogantly and refused to yield.

When Enrique saw the two women quarrel with each other, something sharp flashed through his eyes covered by glasses.

He wondered how Teresa would solve this problem.

Of course he knew that the jewelry wasn't stolen by Teresa, but he didn't plan to put in a good word for her.

After all, he wondered whether Teresa was the person he thought of.

Yilia sneered coldly again and again standing in front of Teresa. She turned around and said to Enrique seriously, "Mr. Shen, please understand me. I don't mean to do anything against the new comers. It's true that only Teresa had come to the 18th floor and she didn't have any evidence to prove her innocence. You also know that Miss Candy is very precious. If it is really stolen by someone, it would be a great loss for the company!"

Enrique nodded and said, "You're right. Miss Candy is indeed important. I can't afford to lose it. But after all, Miss Gu was a girl. If the thing was not stolen by her, it would damage her reputation. How about this? Give her some time, and if she can prove that she didn't steal anything, then we'll let it go."

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