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   Chapter 10 Are You Satisfied With This Now

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7021

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After Yilia left, Enrique looked at Teresa with a creepy smile and said, "Are you satisfied with this now?"

Still angry, Teresa snorted, "That should have been the case."

Enrique smiled faintly. He was not angry, nor did he show any irritation at being challenged to his authority.

His calm and easygoing attitude made Teresa a little bit embarrassed. She greeted them in a low voice and then left his office.

Enrique looked at her back and smiled. "She has a bad temper."

Tony said casually, curling his lip, "I'm afraid that her happy days are at an end. Everyone in the company knows that director Yan is the most strict and unsympathetic people in the company."

"Isn't that better? I'll see. How long she could last!" Something sharp flashed through his eyes under the glasses.

Tony looked at Enrique and asked in surprise, "Mr. Shen, do you still doubt her identity?"

"Shush!" Enrique put a finger on his lips and made a gesture to keep quiet, "You can go about your own business. Keep an eye on Teresa Gu and create some small trouble for her when necessary, but remember that don't make the thing too big to deal with."

After hearing his words, Tony scratched the back of his head, turned around and got out of the office. Honestly speaking, he was not sure about what Enrique actually meant.

When Teresa returned to the design department again, she found that the whole design department looked at her in a bad way.

Yilia was standing in front of her with a very proud face. "Miss Gu, this is your office. This way please."

Teresa sneered in her heart and looked at Yilia coldly, "Thank you so much, director Yan."

TH Group was always generous to outstanding talents. Although the space of the designer's office was not very large, it was small and all-round like a sparrow.

She pushed the door and saw a large desk in the middle. On the desk, there was a computer, a few shelves and two small plants.

To the left of the room was a cabinet divided into two compartments. The upper compartment was a bookcase and the lower compartment was a large cabinet. Next to this cabinet was a water fountain.

To the right of the room, there was a cutter for all kinds of jewelry.

There was not much in the office, but it contained all the necessities of work and life.

Teresa went to the office chair and sat down. The office looked simple, but when she sat down, she felt different.

All the furnishings, measurements, including the height and distance between the desk and chair, were fully ergonomic, so that even if you sat down for a whole day, your back would never pain.

"Since Miss Gu your design is so good that even impress Mr. Shen. Can you hand in a design in a week? As a second place in the design competition, I think it won't be difficult for you, right?" Sitting gracefully by the desk of Teresa, Yilia was giving a vicious look.

Teresa frowned, "A design in a week? Isn't that a little rushed?"

A person who wanted to design a good work mainly depended on inspiration. When the inspiration came, it was ok to do one design in a week.

But inspiration wasn't always there.

Basically, those internationally renowned designers need a year to a year and a half to design. Every one of their designs is masterpiece.

As a humble designer, though she was not so famous, it was exploitative to let her finish a design in a week!

Yilia smiled coldly, "Miss Gu, can't you do that? Don't be modest, Miss Gu. As a second place of t

his jewelry competition, I think you will make it. Well, it's a deal."

She did not give Teresa a chance to refuse at all.

Teresa thought angrily, 'Modesty? What did she talk about?'

After achieved her goal, Yilia didn't stay in Teresa's office for long but turned around and left.

Thinking about what they had just communicated, Teresa was astonished and sat still.

On her first day on the job, she got in trouble with the director of her department. She didn't know how to get on with the rest of day.


She was extremely regretful!

Thinking that she had to finish a design within a week, Teresa immediately opened the computer and took out a pen and a piece of paper, but she couldn't think of anything!

She stared at the pen and paper until her lunch break. Her stomach was growling with hunger. Teresa stood up and stretched, and when she walked out of the office, she found that the others had already left. The office had already been empty.

She was so hungry, but she didn't know which floor the staff canteen was on and she couldn't ask anyone about it as everyone had already left.

Covering her stomach with a hand, Teresa walked out of the design department. It was so quiet outside that she could not see anyone.

She was not a fool. She knew that she was isolated by the group. It was her first day to work in the company, but no one called her for a meal. She couldn't even find a place to eat.

When she finally saw a figure, Teresa ran over to that figure and asked, "Excuse me, which floor is the staff canteen?"

That figure answered casually, "18th floor."

"Oh, thank you!" Teresa did not think too much. She just wanted to find the stuff canteen to fill her stomach as soon as possible. So she entered the elevator and pressed the 18th floor.

When Teresa came to the 18th floor, she walked out of the elevator and found a big door in front of her. She guessed it must be the gate of the dining hall. She pushed the door excitedly, but the next second she was completely shocked.

It was not the canteen at all. It was a jewelry exhibition room. The ornaments there were all kinds of jewelry designed by TH Group.

In this exhibition room, there were even several out-of-print pieces by the late genius Alina!

Attracted by the shining jewelry, Teresa realized that she was fooled again.

After shooting an envious glance at the jewelries, she quickly stepped back and closed the door.

Even though she didn't know much about the internal management of TH Group, she had some common sense.

This was a place not for ordinary people. If she was seen here, it was hard for her to explain!

Teresa couldn't find the floor of the canteen, but this time she wouldn't ask anyone. She just looked for it by taking the elevator floor by floor. Finally she found the canteen. The canteen was on the fourth floor!

Because the number four was unlucky for businessmen, the fourth floor was not used as an office, but as a canteen. A lot of companies build the canteen like that. Why didn't she think of that?

Although Teresa found the canteen, by the time she found it, the other employees had already finished their lunch.

There was still some vegetable soup and scraps on the plate, and the rice was also turned into a mess, not to mention fruits. There was no fruit left. Several pieces of fruit skins were thrown on the plate.

Taking a deep breath, Teresa thought in her heart, 'Ok, we will see! I'll take it this time.'

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