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   Chapter 8 She's So Innocent

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The guest room was very big, and it was very clean and tidy. All living items were all available.

With a light blue quilt on it, Teresa could smell the warm, pleasant smell from a distance.

The Butler slightly crouched down and stood beside Teresa. "Miss Gu, this is your room. If you need anything, please come to me."

Teresa nodded. After the Butler left, she collapsed weakly on the soft bed as if all her strength had been sucked out.

When she planned to go back to take part in the competition, she had never thought that the result would be like this.

She wouldn't have come back if she had known it earlier.

But she also knew that since things had happened like this, it was useless to complain or refuse.

She had to think about her future life.

With the quilt in her arms, Teresa started to think about all kinds of things and fell asleep gradually.

In her dream, she dreamt again of the afternoon when the dying sun turned the sky red. She was kneeling at the gate of a grand manor, trembling and weak as if she were about to fall.

And the people she thought would always love her and spoil her, at that time they looked so loathsome.

Everyone had changed. Everything had changed.

But that man, standing in front of her, knelt down with her on the steps...

"Jerome..." In her dream, she called out that name unconsciously.

When she opened her eyes again, it was already in the morning.

Teresa took a look at her watch and found it was getting late. So she quickly washed herself and went downstairs after changing her clothes.

Downstairs, Enrique had sat on the table, with a cup of mellow coffee in one hand and a newspaper in his others, reading news on the table carelessly.

"Good morning." he raised his head faintly when he heard Teresa coming downstairs.

It seemed that they had lived together for a long time, so long that it was natural and tacit.

But in fact, she had just moved in for one day!

Ignoring the intimacy and calmness in his tone, Teresa smiled awkwardly, "Good morning..."

The servant just served the breakfast and Teresa quickly put all her attention on the food and did not dare to look at Enrique any more.

After the breakfast in a hurry, Enrique drove the car out. "Get in the car," he said to Teresa.

Teresa reflexively refused, "No, thank you. I take the same car with the boss on my first day at work. They might think we are special for each other."

"There is no bus here, and there won't be any taxi in this period of time. Get on the car. Don't be so polite to me." Enrique threw her a glance, opened the car door and made a gesture of invitation.

Teresa did not know what to say for a moment.

Enrique paused and continued, "Just get on the car! It's your first day to work, and you have to leave a good impression on your colleagues. It won't be good if you are late."

"Okay..." Although Teresa was not willing to sit in the car, what Enrique said made sense. So she had to follow Enrique's gesture and sit in the back seat.

Anyway, she didn't want to go against the money.

For the sake of 300, 000 worth of bonus, Teresa thought she had to show some respect to her new boss!

The only thing Teresa wanted to do was to keep a low profile so that no one would notice, but it was clear that Enrique was working against her.

Not only did he refuse her offer to get out of the car early at the intersection ahead of him, but he drove right up to the company gate in a high profile. He opened the door for her and helped her get off the car, making her look like a star who was ready to walk on the red carpet.

Teresa was so uncomfortable that she couldn't help complaining Enrique in her heart.

'What was he doing?

She is just a new designer coming to work today, why does he make such a high profile like the leader come down to inspect!

She doesn't want to do this. She doesn't want to attract others' attention, and she doesn't want her identity to be seen by people she knew before.

But Enrique didn't listen to her at all!

"Hey, who is this woman? Why did she come here with Mr. Shen?"

"I heard she's the new designer coming in today. Her name is... Gu... I don't remember very clearly."

"She's a new designer? Mr. Shen not only drove her to the company, but also helped her pull the car door. W

ho would believe that?"

"She certainly wasn't hired on merit."

Along the way, she could hear the whispers of her colleagues. At this time, Teresa was even angrier with Enrique. He was to blame for all these misleading actions.

She used to think he was gentle, caring and cultured, but now she realized that she was fooled by him!

Teresa buried her head like an ostrich all the way. She felt very embarrassed. However, Enrique was more relaxed than she was. Without changing his expression, Enrique led her upstairs to the design department directly.

"Mr. Shen, what brings you here?" When the design director, Yilia Yan, saw the Enrique showing up at the door of the office, she smiled happily.

Enrique pointed to Teresa and said casually, "She is the new designer. I'll leave her to you. You arrange for her."

Yilia Yan took a look at Teresa and frowned. She changed her expression slightly.


What kind of designer could have this honor to let Mr. Shen send her here and arrange her position?

What's the relationship between Mr. Shen and this Teresa?'

Even though she couldn't figure it out, Yilia Yan was perfectly calm. She remained outwardly friendly. She just smiled at Teresa and reached out her hand. "Hello, nice to meet you. Welcome to join TH Group. I'm the director of the design department, and my name is Yilia Yan."

"Hello, director Yan. I'm Teresa Gu," Teresa said with a smile.

The two women's clean and tender hands were clasped together, and Yilia Yan suddenly increased the strength.

The expression on Teresa's face didn't change at all, as if she didn't feel the force of Yilia Yan at all. After taking a look at Teresa, Yilia Yan released her hand.

No one had noticed that the two women had competed with each other secretly just now.

Enrique led Teresa to her office and was ready to leave. "Please take care of Miss Gu, director Yan," he said to Yilia Yan.

"Okay, I will." Yilia Yan was smiling in a perfect manner.

When the figure of Enrique completely disappeared from her sight, Yilia Yan turned her head back and asked seriously, "Your name is Teresa, right? What achievement did you make before? As a director, I have to know your abilities first."

Yilia Yan said in a bad tone, and Teresa frowns slight. "I am... I am just a student and just graduated from my college."

"You've just graduated from college. How can you get your job? Do you know how high the requirements of TH Group on designers are? Can you be competent?"

Although Teresa did not take the initiative to cause trouble, she was not a person who could be easily provoked. She also had her pride.

She smiled slightly and said slowly, "I'm afraid that this is not your business, director Yan? Do you doubt Mr. Shen's judgment?"

After being choked for a few seconds, Yilia Yan said meaningfully, "Mr. Shen was always busy, so he cannot do everything himself. Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be people who are up to no good. As a subordinate of Mr. Shen, I have the obligation to help him screen talents."

"What do you think, director Yan?" Teresa stared at Yilia Yan in silence.

Yilia Yan snorted and laughed scornfully. "You'll start with a design assistant. You can promote you to a real designer when I get to know your ability."


How could she start from a design assistant?

She was the one who stood out from hundreds of excellent designers and won the second place in the competition. Can she only be a design assistant?

It was obvious that the woman in front of her did not like her and deliberately suppressed her.

Heaving a sigh helplessly, Teresa was clear about the reason why Yilia Yan bullied her.

It was easy to detect Yilia Yan's affection in the adoring way she looked at Enrique.

But, what does it have to do with her?

She was innocent!

Overwhelmed by the news, Teresa frowned and kept silent.

Before she could make any response, Yilia Yan threw a defiant smile at her and asked, "What? Are you not convinced?"

"Mr. Shen should have told you just now that I am a new designer, not a new design assistant."

"So what?" Blowing at her nails, Yilia Yan said, "Since Mr. Shen gave you to me, it means that you are my subordinate and obeying orders is the most basic work ethic for a subordinate. Understand?"

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