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   Chapter 7 Show You The Accommodation

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When Enrique heard Teresa say yes, he somehow breathed a sigh of relief.

He raised his smile again and said, "That's a deal. I'm looking forward to seeing you come to the company tomorrow morning."

Teresa suppressed her nervousness and forced a nervous smile. She said to Enrique, "Since I promised to work for you, you must give me some advantages, right?"

"What about that 300, 000 thousand bonus?"

"Mr. Shen, I really have nothing in this country. I don't even have a place to stay. I am still staying in the hotel. I don't think a company as big as TH Group would let its employees live on the street, would it?"

Since Teresa had decided to stay here, she began to talk about the treatment of TH Group with Enrique.

Of course, she knew the salary of TH Group was always good. But even if she was given 300, 000 of bonus, she still couldn't afford a house!

Enrique squinted at her and said on purpose, "There must be a place for you to live."

"It was arranged by the company? I don't need to pay for it, right?" She had no money now!

"Well, you don't have to pay," Enrique nodded.

"When can I move in? If possible, I hope it can be quick. After all, I'm poor and don't have the extra money to pay for the hotel."

Hearing Teresa's words, the smile on Enrique's face widened, "If you are in a hurry, I can take you to visit your accommodation now."

"Now? Can I?"

"Of course. The benefits and welfare of our employees have always been the top in the world."

After saying this, he bowed slightly and made a gesture of invitation to Teresa and then said, "Miss Gu, please get in the car. I'll take you to check the accommodation right now."

Half an hour later, they appeared in a high-end villa area.

Raising his eyebrows, Teresa pointed at the villa in front of them and asked, "Is this the place you arranged for me?"

Although it was said that the welfare which was gave by TH Group were always very good, it should not be to this extent.

She was just a new designer, and the boss gave her a villa directly?

If he really did so, it might because he was so rich that he had no place to spend his money!

Enrique puckered his lips and gave her a bewitching smile. "Would you like to go in and have a look?" he asked.

Teresa didn't understand what Enrique meant. Was he really going to give her the villa or was he going to do something else? But now that she had promised him, she had no reason to back down.

After she followed Enrique into the villa quickly and she found that the maids bowed slightly at the door in a line. "Welcome home, master!"

After seeing this, Teresa felt a little speechless. She said, "So this is your house?"

"Of course. From now on, you live here." Enrique looked as if he had taken things for granted.

Teresa frowned and said, "I only promised to work at TH Group. However, I did not promise to live in your house."

"Didn't you say that you couldn't afford a house?" Enrique blinked his eyes innocently. "I'm offering you a place for free. You should be happy about it."

'I was not happy at all!' Teresa thought.

"You and me?" Teresa asked. She pointed to Enrique and then to herself. "We are both unmarried. How can we live together? What's wrong with you? I don't agree. At the worst, I can rent a house and stay there for a while."

After hearing what Teresa had said, Enrique pushed his glasses frame and asked with an innocent and pitiful look, "Don't you believe me, Miss Gu? I'm doing this all for your own good."

Teresa's heart leaps at the sight of those eyes.

"But..." she still hesitated.

Enrique blinked. His deep eyes, like the night sky, unconsciously attracted people into.

He looked at Teresa earnestly and said in a gentle voice, "Miss Gu, you know how tense the real estate supply in J city is. As you know, not only is the house price too high, but it is also difficult to rent a house. However, If you live here, you can enjoy the good environment and use servants here. Most importantly, you don't need to pay for the rent. So, why not?"

'Well, it seemed to be true.


Teresa was still hesitated.

Enrique continued, "Don't you trust me, Miss Gu? I'm so sad. I thought we could be friends after knowing each other for so many days."

His voice was so innocent and aggrieved that Teresa could hardly stand it!

To be honest, Teresa knew it was a good idea. She had no money to use and no place to live now. It was almost impossible for others to live in such a luxurious villa without any money.

But she always felt that something was wrong in her heart.

However, she could not figure out what was wrong...

Teresa didn't dare look Enrique in the eye again. "I think let's let it go... Mr. Shen, thank you for your kindness. But that's still not good."

"Why not? This villa is large with so many rooms. I just spared a guest room for you, and I have a lot of places to live. I may not often come back here."

Hearing this, Teresa heart skipped a beat and she wanted to say yes at this moment.

Enrique said he didn't come back here very often. That was to say. If she moved in, she would be the only one here?

'Should I say yes to him?' Teresa thought.

Enrique observed carefully the expression of Teresa, and found that her resistance was not as strong as it had been at first. He gave her a sly smile and said, "Well, that's it."

After that, before Teresa had any response, Enrique turned to the butler and ordered, "Prepare a guest room for Miss Gu. Miss Gu lived in room 801 of XX hotel before. Please send someone to pick up her luggage."

'Hey, I haven't said yes!'

Teresa pursed her lips and looked at Enrique, who returned her a gentle and signature smile.

'Well, that would be it...'

Anyway, she was so poor that she couldn't afford a house. And she had nothing to be cheated of now as she was all alone. The gentle man like Enrique just invited her in out of kindness.

If she continued to refuse, it would be too hypocritical.

Enrique stood up elegantly and put on a smile as he said, "Have an early rest now. You need to go to work tomorrow morning."

"Okay," Teresa agreed, but she was still not fully aware of what exactly was going to happen.

Enrique didn't say anything more. After greeting her, he went upstairs and closed the door.

Teresa sat on the original place and was both excited and frightened about the future.

After a short while, the servant finished cleaning the room and at the same time Teresa's luggage was sent to the front of her.

Her luggage was very simple, only a few clothes for change and a laptop. There was not even anything else.

"Miss Gu, your room is ready. Would you like me to send your luggage to your room?" The housekeeper stood in front of her with a smile and asked politely and amiably.

Regaining her composure, Teresa stood up from the sofa and said, "No, thank you. I can do it myself."

'They've moved their luggage here so soon. It seems that I have to move in here, ' Teresa thought.

Fine, just let it be. Teresa believed that such a gentle man like Enrique would not hurt her.

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