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   Chapter 6 Identity Exposure

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The newly wed affectionately exchanged rings and kissed each other.

It was obvious that Lena was very happy. The happiness from the bottom of her heart was hard to disguise.

Teresa was relieved to see that Lena was so happy.

After watching the wedding silently, Teresa left from the back door in a low profile. Unexpectedly, as soon as she went out of the door, she ran into someone.

It was no others but Enrique.

He even came to this wedding.

Recalling that she refused to join TH Group the other day, she still felt a little guilty about it. Moreover, she was leaving China soon and didn't want to make trouble out of nothing. Teresa thought that she had been disguised herself already and Enrique would not recognize her. She deliberately did not say hello to him, passed by his tall figure, and just wanted to leave directly.

But she was stopped by the elegant voice of Enrique. "Miss Gu, what a coincidence!"

Then Teresa turned around with great embarrassment and asked, "Mr. Shen, how did you recognize me?"

Teresa thought, 'I've changed my appearance!'

After hearing Teresa's words, Enrique looked at her with a smirk in his eyes and asked, "Those stars also wear hats, sunglasses and masks when they go out, but have you ever seen a reporter who doesn't recognize them?"

Well... That was true!

It was useless to disguise in front of people who knew or was familiar with you. How could she be so silly!

After hearing Enrique's words, Teresa took off her mask and asked, "Mr. Shen You stopped me on purpose. What's the matter?"

Enrique crossed his arms over his chest, looking dangerously charming and lazy.

Teresa looked at his good looks for a moment and froze for a while.

The man in front of her did be the beloved of god!

He had thick eyebrows on his forehead and he had a tall nose. At the same time he had lips that were not very thin, but were as beautifully shaped as petals. Although his skin was not very white, it was smooth and exquisite. His features were outstanding with his tall and strong figure. Every move of his was full of masculine charm.

In conclusion, he was so handsome!

"Today is the wedding of the miss of Gu Family. I am invited to attend. But I'm curious why Miss Gu is here? Are you a relative of the Gu Family?"

Hearing Enrique's lazy voice, Teresa's heart skipped a beat and she felt a little nervous.

Her face froze for a second, but then she smiled and said, "How could it be possible? Although I am not in China, I know that there are only one son and one daughter in the Gu Family. There are so many people with the surname Gu in the world. It is impossible that everyone who possesses the surname Gu has relatives with the Gu Family, right?

I seldom go back to China, so I want to seize the chance to walk around. Because I didn't know the terrain and route well here. Therefore, I went in a wrong direction and came here accidentally."

She racked her brains to find an excuse for herself. "But if the master of Gu Family recognize me as a relative, I will definitely not refuse. Why don't you introduce me to him, Mr. Shen?"

Enrique slightly raised his lips and smiled at her with a mild and innocent smile, "I just asked casually. You don't need to be so nervous."

Teresa also giggled and did not say anything.

'Wow, that's so dangerous!' Teresa thought in her heart.

'I nearly revealed my true identity. If I knew that before, I would not stay in China for so long.'

"By the way," Enrique paused and asked, "I heard you rejected the invitation of TH Group? How can you give up your 300, 000 worth of bonus?"

Hearing that, Teresa became serious. She had expected that Enrique would ask her about that.

In fact, if there were not so many things happened to her five years ago, she wou

ld be extremely happy to receive an invitation from TH Group.

As far as she knew, TH Group was only engaged in luxury jewels, a well-known international company. The British queen was full of praise for the D.K. brand under TH Group. It was the dream of many people to work for TH Group.

Furthermore, the bonus of 300, 000 was really a big sum of money for poor Teresa right now.


Teresa shook her head and said, "I'm sorry. I just want to develop my career abroad. After all, I grew up and studied there, and I'm more adapted to the foreign environment."

Enrique stretched out his long and powerful finger and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Miss Gu, do you remember the promise you made when we first met?"

Teresa nodded with a stunned look. She did not understand why Enrique would mention such a thing. "Yes, I do," she answered.

"Okay, now I know what I want you to do." Enrique approached her and whispered in her ear.

"Come to work in TH Group."

With her eyes wide open, Teresa said, "But..."

"Didn't you say you could promise me anything that didn't violate your moral code? Or do Miss Gu you want to break your promise?"

Although Enrique said in a calm voice, Teresa still felt a great pressure from his tone and words.

She took a step back subconsciously and wanted to explain, "No, I am not going to break my promise... How about you give me another choice..."

"Your design is excellent. I hope you can work for TH Group. That's it. I won't change it. Of course, if you want to break your promise, I can't do anything to you. But you have to know that TH Group is a famous jewelry company all over the world. If you still want to work in this field, it is not a wise choice to offend TH Group."

He said lightly. But his eyes under the glasses flashed a sly light and this light were blocked by the reflection of the spectacle lens.

Somehow, for a moment Teresa felt her heart almost stop beating and the air around was about to freeze.

But it was only for a moment, and it was so fast that she thought it was an illusion.

Enrique was still looking at her and waiting for her reply.

Teresa did not want to promise him and stay in China. But the words of Enrique made her hesitate.

She knew well how powerful and capable TH Group was. No one would have the guts to employ her if she annoyed Enrique.

But did she have to stay in China?

Teresa was reminded of that blood-red sunset five years ago.

That was the most cruel and painful scene she had ever experienced in her life. In order to get rid of this, that man had paid such a big price for her.

Once she came back, her identity would be exposed one day, and the man's effort would be wasted.

'What should I do? What the hell should I do?'

Teresa lowered her head helplessly and ambivalent, but she did not find that her struggle was completely caught in the eyes of Enrique.

Even if Teresa didn't answer him at once, Enrique still didn't ask again. He just looked at her quietly.

Time flowed silently.

After a while, Teresa raised her head again and nodded slightly. "Okay, I promise you."

It's been five years. Those people should have forgotten about her long ago.

So she didn't have to frighten herself. The most important thing for her was to catch the sight at the moment.

Five years ago, when she left, the man gave her a card of his own money.

But they were young and had no means of support of their own. So that was not a lot of money in that card.

She used that money to go abroad and pay for her tuition fees, as well as the living expenses during this five years. And all these expenses add up to a lot of money.

Now she was almost running out of money. If she couldn't find a job, she would starve to death.

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