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   Chapter 5 Isn't That A Shortcut

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When Tony saw his boss leave, he followed him out and asked, "Boss, there are still eight competitor left. Why do you leave?"

Enrique laughed and shook his head. "No. It's enough."

"What?" Tony was very confused after hearing what Enrique had said.

"If we just talk about design, she may not be the best. But she not only possesses the talent of design, but also possessed the talent of eloquence and innovation. Moreover, she also had excellent improvise. According to all these, I believe that no one in the room is better than her."

"Uh..." Tony stood there thinking for a long time before he realized that the so-call "her" in his boss's mouth should be Teresa.

Enrique had already been far away. Tony recovered himself and took a few more steps to catch up with him immediately.

"Boss, do you mean Miss Gu deserves the championship this time?"

"The champion?" Enrique smiled again and something meaningful flashed through his eyes.

He had a pair of eyes resembling peach blossom. But his eyes were covered by glasses for a long time, so that others would ignore his eyes.

"Do I look like someone who likes to give a shortcut to others? It is a bit much if she gets the champion. Give her a runner-up so she won't get too proud."

After hearing what he had said, Tony felt a little speechless.

'Give her a runner-up? Isn't it a shortcut for her to enter out company as well?

If you didn't know Miss Gu, would you be so interested in her works?'

Although Tony was complaining in his heart, he didn't dare to say it out loud.

"Hello, everyone. I am the special assistant of Mr. Shen. My name is Tony. Now, I am going to announce the ranking of this competition to you."

With a stiff face, Tony stood on the stage, holding a list in his hand. His voice was raised up so loud by the microphone that it was a bit distorted.

Teresa was so nervous that her palms were sweating.

She thought she wouldn't be nervous anymore since she had entered the top ten list, as she had finished the original goal she set before.

All the other ranks had been announced, but there was no her name.

Did she really get the top three?

The thought of it made Teresa excited and a little uneasy.

The competitors were all very powerful. She knew clearly that it would be very hard for her to get the top three. Did Enrique give her a shortcut to get the top three?

Teresa thought in her heart, 'What are you thinking about!'

She and Enrique just know each other. They were not acquaintance. Why would he give a shortcut to her to win the top three?

When Teresa had a bee in her head, Tony finally read out her name.

"The runner-up in this contest is Teresa Gu. Congratulations!"

All of a sudden, the guests applauded warmly.

Teresa was stunned for a few seconds and then came to herself. She went forwards to receive the trophy and certificate.

She really didn't expect to come second this time. Originally, she was only hoping to be in the top ten this time.

If she said she was not surprised, it must be a lie.

But now she was in a mess. There wasn't much going on in her head.

After the rankings were announced, Teresa was still in a state of disbelief. She strolled down the hall and was stopped by a voice from behind.

"Miss Gu, please wait!" Tony ran towards her as he called her name.

Teresa stopped, turned around and smiled politely to Tony, "Hi Tony, is there anything else?"

Tony also smiled politely. "Well, Miss. Gu, I think you must know that this jewelry competition is held by the TH Group. And the top three designers can be hired by TH Group directly."

After hearing this, Teresa thought to herself, 'That's what he wanted to tell me.'

Teresa gently declined, "I don't h

ave any plan to stay in China for the time being. I'm sorry, sir. Thank you for your appreciation, but I'm still a student. I'll leave in a few days."

"But as far as I know, Miss Gu you will graduate soon, right?"

"Yes, it is," Teresa frowned and added, "But I don't have any plan to work in China."

She then shook her head and pretended to be sorry, "It's a pity. You were originally the runner-up, and if you joined the company, you would get a bonus of 300, 000 yuan, but this bonus can only be given to those who are willing to join the company. As you know, after all, our company is engaged in business..."

'What? I will have 300, 000 yuan as bonus?'

Teresa was stunned by the news. She wondered why she had never heard of it before?

It was 300, 000 yuan. 300, 000 yuan might not be a big deal for her in the past, but now it was a huge sum of money for her!


Teresa suddenly thought of the figure that had stood in front of her five years ago, covered with bruises. The man's amber pupils were sad and helpless.

Eventually, she shook her head and said to Tony, "It's a pity. Your company can leave this bonus to the people who are really willing to work for TH Group. But this person is not me. It's late now. Goodbye, Tony."

After saying that, Teresa turned around and strode away.

She was afraid that if she walked a little slower, she would eventually be seduced by that bonus.

What Teresa did not know was that a tall and elegant man came out from behind the pillar in the dark after she left.

Lowering his head in frustration, Tony said, "Boss, I'm sorry. I failed."

Enrique narrowed his eyes which were behind the glasses and looked at the direction where Teresa disappeared. "A person with the most ordinary status and background, she is completely free from the lure of money. Either she is rich, or she has to stay abroad for some reason," Enrique said thoughtfully.

"Boss?" Tony turned to look at his boss in surprise.

Enrique withdrew his eyes and ignored Tony's question. And then he turned around and strode away in the opposite direction.

The competition was over. Teresa was about to pack up her belongings when she happened to read from the news that the wedding date of Lena Gu was approaching three days later.

She hadn't heard of Lena Gu's name for a long time.

Over the years, she had studied hard abroad. She had stumbling through daily communication in the beginning, but now she could speak fluent English. She had changed a lot in the past few years.

She had changed so much that she didn't know how they were now. Had they changed as much as she had?

Teresa could still remember the beautiful face of Lena Gu, her gentle voice and the slight warmth in her beautiful eyes.

Now, she had found her Mr. Right and was going to get married?

After hesitating for a while, Teresa decided to stay in J City for two more days. If she had the chance, she could take a look at Lena Gu's wedding from a distance.

After all, she was the elder sister in that family and treated her very well. Marriage was the event of a lifetime, and she knew that she really couldn't attend her wedding in a straight way. But to look at her happiness from a distance, it should be ok to do so.

The wedding ceremony of Lena Gu and the young master of Yan Family would be held in the J City Hotel three days later.

Teresa changed her make-up deliberately and came to the wedding with a cap and a mask.

She was lucky. There were many people on the wedding and the staff were too busy to pay special attention to her, so she came in successfully.

However, she was sensible enough not to rush forward. She just hid in the crowd behind and looked the coming wedding in the distance.

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