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   Chapter 4 Doubt The Real Identity Of Her

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7298

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"Boss?" Tony asked in confusion.

Then, he looked at the place where Enrique was looking at and opened his mouth wide in surprise. "Isn't this a competitor who just took part in that jewelry competition? Her name is... It's Gu... Teresa Gu, right? Her design is quite interesting. I remember her."

Enrique nodded in silence and looked away half a minute later.

"Tony, please help me to search for all the information about Teresa Gu as soon as possible." Even when Enrique was giving orders, his voice and action were extremely elegant.

Tony said in a puzzled tone, "Boss, she is just an ordinary girl. Although her design is novel, it is not practical and it is also not the best. Are you going to ask her to work in our company?"

Enrique shook his head and didn't answer Tony's question.

He needed to confirm her information before he could make a decision.

But now, he didn't want to act rashly and alert the enemy before it was certain.

"Well, start the car." Enrique ordered the car to leave before it had been parked for long.

It was not proper for Tony to ask more questions. He had to pull up the brake and step on the accelerator. The car was like an arrow off the string and soon disappeared from the place, without being noticed by anyone.

The time soon came to the next day.

Teresa got up early in the morning.

Today was the day of the final competition.

The so-called final competition was just a ranking of their designs.

After the competition yesterday, the judges would choose ten of the best design, and then the competitors would further explain the design principle and products in detail. At last the judges would arrange the ranking based on their performance.

The top three could directly skip the interview and enter the TH Group to be a designer of D.K. a leading jewelry brand in the world.

Of course, the other competitors who got other ranking would also be awarded the certificate which showed they were outstanding and recommendation letter.

That was to say, as long as one entered the top ten, he would get a lot of benefits.

Teresa had no ambition to win the top three in the competition when she came back to her hometown. She just wanted to be in the top ten, getting a certificate and a recommendation. So she could go back to school and graduate and then start looking for a good job.

The organizers said yesterday that the top ten finalists would receive a call by noon today.

Therefore, Teresa was not as nervous as she was yesterday in the competition.

Finally, at nearly ten o'clock, Teresa received a call from the organizers.

"Miss Gu, your design has reached the top ten. Please prepare the materials and take part in the final at half past two this afternoon to the address below..."

Teresa's suspense and worry was finally over. She put the phone down. However, what she didn't expect was that the final competition was to be held at TH Group.

Looking at the word TH, that luxurious office building suddenly appeared in Teresa's mind. It was every young man's dream to have a job there.

At this moment, Enrique was sitting in one of the largest offices, reading the documents on the table.

All of a sudden, someone knocked at the door.

Enrique raised his head from a pile of documents and said casually, "Come in."

With a document in his hand, Tony walked up to him and bowed respectfully. "Boss, this is the information you asked me to investigate about Miss Gu."

Enrique put aside his work and took over the file from Tony.

As Enrique was looking at the file, Tony, who was aside, told Enr

ique the key information he just picked, "After investigation, Miss Gu is a Chinese descendant of American, growing up abroad. She is an orphan, and she majors in jewelry design. Her personal information is quite common and nothing special."

Enrique answered nothing but say, "Ok." while he was reading the document lazily.

After a few seconds, Tony continued, "Boss, if you really like the talent of Miss Gu, you could give the letter of engagement directly to her. As the well-known jewelry company in the world, I am sure that she will accept it."

"Tony, you are getting more and more talkative lately." Enrique looked up and said casually.

After hearing this, Tony drew back his neck instantly and couldn't say a word.

Enrique cast a warning glance at Tony and put aside the file. "Is there any news in the Gu Family?" he asked.

After a pause, Tony cleared his throat and replied, "Nothing special. But the eldest daughter of the Gu Family has recently released the news that she will hold her wedding next month. It can be said to be the newest news of Gu Family."

"Well," Enrique answered casually as if he was not interested in it at all.

"Boss, the eldest daughter of the Gu Family is going to marry to the young master of the Yan Family. Is there really no problem?"

"I can't stop the inevitable; Lena Gu is going to get married! Can't you stop her?"

Enrique shrugged and said casually, "If you break others marriage, you will be punished."

Tony looked at his boss speechlessly and thought, 'It's easy for you to say now. But you will be anxious if something happens!

The economy of the Yan Family is not to be underestimated. Although they keep a low profile and don't show off, they are definitely like a tiger in the jungle.'

"Well, go about your business. You can leave now," Enrique asked Tony to leave after he got what he wanted to know.

Then, Tony bowed out of the office.

The boss's mindset could sometimes be surprising, so he'd better not poke his nose into his boss's business.

In a blink of an eye, it was afternoon, and the final was coming.

Teresa arrived at the final place on time according to the address provided by the competition organizers.

Instead of being a dedicated stage for the competition as it was yesterday, the environment here today looked more like a conference room.

Ten designers were sitting in a row, and the beautiful secretaries were serving them with good tea.

Teresa had a bit of bad luck this time. After drawing lots, she was told that she was the second to present the speech!

She stood nervously next to the projector and began to explain the design concept that she had been reciting for a long time.

At the beginning, she got a little nervous and stuttered. However, she had a good adaptability. She was only nervous for less than one minute, then she gradually devoted herself into it. The more she said, the more excited and energetic she was.

Her eyes were sparkling as if twinkling stars were thrown into the night sky. One couldn't help but be attracted by her look.

After the presentation, thunderous applause broke out among the guests.

When Teresa finished her speech, walking off the stage, and the next person was ready to speak, Enrique stood up and walked out of the room directly.

Teresa saw that Enrique who had just been sitting still now suddenly chose to leave. She was a little puzzled.

Could it be that her speech was so bad that Enrique couldn't listen to it anymore?

No, it was impossible. She had confidence in herself and she believe that she did well this time.

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