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   Chapter 3 Will He Kick Me Out

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6862

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Enrique's lips twitched up into a gentle smile.

"You don't have to compensate me." He shrugged. "But if you really want it, there is something you can do for me."

"Well, what is it?" Teresa urged, furrowing her eyebrows.

She didn't get him. She'd just offered to pay for his extremely expensive shirt, and he just outright refused her.

Was money really nothing for him?

Enrique tilted his head and thought for a moment. After a few seconds, he finally responded, "How about this? You can promise me one thing. As long as you fulfill it, you won't have to pay for the shirt. How about that?"

Although he looked extremely harmless, she still needed to be alert.

Her eyes narrowed. "Promise you what?"

Enrique only smiled. "I haven't thought about it yet. I'll tell you when I got it, all right?"


"Miss Gu, you shouldn't worry about it. It's only just to put your mind at ease."

He waved his hand dismissively. Teresa blinked, trying to see the expression on his face. Seeing as he meant nothing about it, she nodded. "It's a deal then."

The car finally arrived at the hotel Teresa booked.

After saying her farewell to Enrique, Teresa went upstairs with the room card she'd gotten from the front desk.

As she entered the elevator, a thought suddenly occurred to her. She returned to her hometown for the jewelry design competition and she'd leave a few days later. Maybe they'd never have the chance to meet again, seeing as they didn't have each other's number.

As for the deal...

Teresa shrugged it off. It was not as if he'd travel across the world to find her.

It seemed she was smart enough to agree with him on that at least.

She snorted.

Once she arrived in her room, she took a shower and lay on her bed.

She didn't sleep well that night. Fortunately, she was still young, not really feeling the effects of jet lag as it must've for older aged people.

Once she was finished with her breakfast, one of the assistants took her into another private hall for the competition.

This design competition had attracted many brilliant minds all around the world. Even though it was still early, the hall was already packed.

With such a big event come with hundreds of media coverage, she could see the press crowding over the place as they were being held down by the security personnel.

Following the assistant, they entered a more exclusive passage. Her heart was already beating quickly at the thought of the huge crowds surrounding them.

They finally reached the backstage.

The assistant immediately went to work, helping her set up her PowerPoint and the jewelry samples for the organizers. The presenters first began their opening remarks. With that, a chill went down her spine. The competition was about to begin.

There were loads of people in the lounge, all of them looking as nervous as she was.

Teresa scanned the vicinity only to see that there weren't many local competitors. Instead, many people from the West were here to participate.

From the looks of it, everyone was putting their best foot forward.

Teresa was sixteenth in line, which was good. It was not the first, and not the last – a good number.

If she showed up too early, judges wouldn't remember her. If she was too far back, they'd be too tired to even notice her.

As she waited nervously in line, time was as quick as the waterfall.

Before she knew

it, the announcer was already calling out her name.

Teresa took a deep breath and walked out from the backstage. The staff hurriedly set out the jewelry samples she had designed to make sure that they were being emphasized in the big screen.

She stood on stage and turned on her PPT. Without another word, she began her presentation as smoothly as possible.

The hall was dimly lit, so everyone's eyes were directed on her.

At first, she had been nervous to step on stage, but after a few seconds of staring at the people, she found herself immersed at the design and introduction of her product.

Her design was actually quite simple, with no great skills tied to it. She only used hearts to twin around each other in an intricate and elegant way.

She added a special material in her jewels. They could change into the color and shape to match the wearer's heartbeat, body temperature, and more.

It was a bold move for someone who was just starting out.

However, she had definitely impressed the judges.

As her presentation was coming to an end, she took another round of glances at the crowd only to spot a familiar face.

It was Enrique!

She gasped.

'Why is he here?

Is he...

Is he an investor?'

It felt as if her whole world had stopped right then and there. She suddenly found it difficult to breath as her heart raced to what seemed like another marathon of nervousness.

In fact, she was so stressed that she didn't even bother to listen to what the judges had to say.

It was not until when she returned to the backstage had she realized what transpired.

She had already prepared compliments for the judges in advance. But, now it was too late to speak them out!

'Will I be eliminated because of this?' She trembled at the thought.

Teresa didn't even bother to listen to the events that had transpired after her.

Today was just a show, and the results wouldn't be announced anyway.

She had no intention of watching anymore. All she wanted was to get back to the hotel and take a warm bath.

Besides, she'd done everything she could do.

As to the result, she might as well accept what she deserved.

After returning to the hotel, Teresa found herself back on her bed. When she opened her eyes, darkness had finally rose and the lamps along the roads were blazing out.

She had slept till night! Teresa scowled, feeling her stomach grumble at the lack of food. She stumbled out of her hotel room and grabbed her coat, walking outside.

The warmth that wrapped around her during daylight was gone. Instead, the harsh winds of the dark waved over at her.

Teresa slowly walked, enjoying the views beyond her.

She didn't walk too far to see a stall right ahead. She walked over and asked for two orders before eating them there.

Teresa had never really tried any street food before, due to her family's protection. All the dishes and clothes she had were from the absolute best, so she'd never taken things like these from the streets before.

However, that was the past.

She used to be a princess back then, absolutely loved by everyone.

"Tony, stop the car!" Enrique straightened his back, peering into the window.

Tony suddenly pulled up. "Boss, what's wrong?"

Looking through the car window, a meaningful light flickered through Enrique's eyes when he saw Teresa who was eating foods at the roadside stand not far away from them.

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