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   Chapter 1 Lead A Trouble On The Plane

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6982

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"Good morning, passengers. Welcome to the flight. The plane is taking off. Please fasten your seat belt. Don't wander around in the cabin..."

As the pilot droned on about the normal etiquette of being on the air, the plane lifted farther and farther from the ground.

Teresa Gu frowned as she felt the uneasiness drifting over to her. She clutched her stomach, feeling a sense of weightlessness as the plane finally took off.

She was hungry when she was waiting for the plane, so she had to grab something to eat at the airport. Yet, she didn't expect that the food would be so unsanitary. As soon as she stepped into the plane, her stomach started to ache as beads of sweat trailed down her forehead.

After two minutes of the plane taking off, Teresa Gu just couldn't hold it in any longer. She unfastened her seat belt and got up.

Just before she could get out, a stewardess stopped her. "Excuse me, ma'am. The plane has just taken off, and we have not reached the stratosphere yet. Please go back to your seat."

With one hand gripping her stomach, Teresa Gu said hoarsely, "I have a stomach ache. Please, I need to go to the toilet."

As the stewardess looked her up and down, she couldn't help but admit to herself that the woman really wasn't in any good shape at all.

Teresa Gu wore a v-shaped vest with holes in her jeans. Her hair was as disheveled as ever and her face was pale and sweaty from the stomach ache. She looked like a witch ready to take a kid for her next meal.

The stewardess wrinkled her nose, which went unnoticed by Teresa Gu.

"Please be careful then. If you get hurt, Miss, the airline would not be responsible for such damages,"

she snapped, turning away.

Teresa Gu had absolutely no time to make amends with the stewardess as she rushed into the toilet to solve her aching stomach. After a few minutes of groaning, it felt as if she had come back to life again.

As she stood in front of the mirror and adjusted her clothes, Teresa Gu stepped out of the toilet comfortably. However, as she was about to take a few steps, the plane jolted to the side. By instinct, she stumbled over and grabbed the person nearby.

"Ah!" someone yelled.

Once she fixed her footing, she turned sideways to see that an airline stewardess had been caught by her.

However, when her eyes trailed at the glass held in the stewardess's hand, Teresa froze. The glass was empty now, leading a trace of bright yellow at the bottom. That would mean...

As she followed the stewardess's gaze, she found something even more terrible.

There was a man standing next to the stewardess.

He was really tall, about six feet. He had a suit on, and his angular face was out in display. He looked as if he'd just popped out from a painting, like a model ready to strut the runway.

However, right now, the prince she thought he was, was covered in bright yellow from head to toe.

The stewardess quickly came to her senses, bowing her head. "Sir, I completely apologize. She bumped into me, so I lost my balance and I..."

She threw an accusatory glance at Teresa.

Realizing that it was her fault here, Teresa quickly apologized, "Sir, I'm so sorry. The plane just jolted and I lost balance. How about I wipe it for you?"

The man raised an eyebrow, no expression tainting his face. He was like a statue, the ones that you would pay to garner an action from them.

The man didn't lose his temper or anything, but that just made Teresa al

l the more nervous of what was to come.

"I really am sorry,"

Teresa apologized again, taking a pack of tissues from her pocket and wiping the mango juice from the man's clothes.

Unfortunately, it seemed to have only made the situation worse. The tissues only seemed to have stained the fabric even more just as she was wiping it.

As she did this, Teresa found herself even more loss for words.

She could tell that the man's mood was growing sourer by the minute.

Besides, no matter how good-tempered he was, he wouldn't be in a good mood after being caught up in a situation like this!

And to make matters worse, her stomach, which had just calmed down, started to act up once more.

She went bright red, as her hands gripped on the fabric of her shirt.

Teresa held her breath, a sinking feeling going down her abdomen. The longer she tried to hold it in, the more uncomfortable it was starting to get.

"I really am sorry, but I have to go to the toilet," she uttered out before racing back into the bathroom.

Teresa dealt with her problem once again.

As she walked out the toilet once again, her body froze when she found out who was waiting for her.

It was the man!

Teresa held her breath, keeping her legs from shaking incessantly.

"Hi..." she stuttered out. "Listen, I didn't mean to..." She was already on the verge of crying as her voice shook. "I'll–I'll buy you a new shirt. Please don't follow me."

His eyes underneath the wide rimmed glasses flickered as a gentle smile threaded across his lips.

"I wasn't going to hold you accountable, you know." There was a certain gentleness in his voice.

"I just need to use the toilet."


So does that mean I'm free to go?'

Her shoulders sagged in relief as she hurriedly stepped aside for him to go in. "If that's the case, please enjoy," she said. "Use it anyway you like."

As long as they were on good terms, he could snort cocaine in the cabin, and she couldn't care less.

The man glanced at her. There was an unreadable emotion that passed in his gaze, but she couldn't really tell what it was.

Unable to tell, Teresa decided to return to her seat.

More than twenty minutes later, her stomach started to act up again. Teresa found that she had no choice but to return to the toilet.

As she was taking care of herself, she found herself glancing at the garbage can beside her. There she spotted a long sleeved shirt in the trash can. It was coated in mango juice, so she was certain it was from the man who she spilled on.

Her eyes narrowed, getting a good look on the brand.

It was Armani! A part of their limited edition!

Teresa's jaw dropped. It must've been so expensive. How could someone throw it away like that?

Thinking back to the way the man acted, it was obvious that he might have come from a very rich background. It'd be reasonable for him to throw away this shirt so easily.

Apart from the looks of it, money didn't seem hard to come by for him.

Teresa looked away. 'It's not right to dwell on this anyway.' She got out of the toilet and sat back on her seat.

A few minutes had passed, and a stewardess came over with a glass of warm water and a pill in her hand.

"Miss, this is the medicine for diarrhea. A gentleman in the first class asked me to bring it here."


A gentleman in the first class?'

She furrowed her eyebrows. She didn't know anyone in the plane, except...

'Is he the man I just met?'

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