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   Chapter 617 A Long Face

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Bobby didn't expect that Nadia could really eat it. Seeing that Nadia was about to finish his breakfast, his face darkened.

When Nancy came over after freshening up, she found that there was something wrong with the two children.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Mommy, it's just my breakfast. Nadia almost ate it up." Bobby said with a long face.

Nadia didn't dare to speak now, fearing that the food in her mouth would fall out.

Nadia could only chew hard, but she was really full, so her eyes were filled with tears that were about to fall.

"Well, Nadia, stop eating." Nancy pulled the plate in front of Nadia away and said, "You've already eaten so much. Don't eat any more."

The Nadia felt relieved. She swallowed the last mouthful and kept rubbing her belly.

Nancy believed that Bobby must have made a bet with Nadia, or Nadia wouldn't have eaten so much.

It never occurred to her that Nadia was threatened by Bobby.

Looking at the breakfast Nadia was about to finish, Bobby found that there were only a few eggs, bread, minced pork and...

He was very hungry, but obviously, he couldn't eat the leftovers of Nadia.

"Bobby, here you are. Eat mine. We have no time to waste." When Nancy was in college, she often didn't have breakfast. But now she had a lot of work to do, so breakfast was very important to her.

"Mommy, what if I eat your breakfast and you are hungry?" Bobby asked.

"Mommy had finished my meal in the kitchen just now. Hurry up. I'll send you to the kindergarten after changing my clothes." After saying that, Nancy rushed into the bedroom and changed her clothes.

Then she took the children's clothes to the washing room and washed them after work in the afternoon.

She was extremely busy with the kids here.

After Nancy cleaned up everything, Bobby was full.

"Let's go, kids." Then Nancy opened the d

e patient. Nana is in a very unstable state, and we can't find the reason. Just now, the director said that we should send her to a psychiatric hospital, their treatment facilities are more advanced than ours." The nurse whispered.

"I have thought about it too. But Nana has a special identity now. We can send her to the psychiatric hospital, but we can't guarantee her personal safety. If something bad happen to her... We will be sorry for her." Nancy refused.

"Yes, but Nana is really in a bad condition!" The nurse said helplessly.

"Well, I see. I will solve this matter as soon as possible. You tell your director and let him rest assured."

"Okay, Director Nancy. I will tell him."

After saying that, the nurse went out. Then, Nancy took out her phone and called Rick.

Rick was shocked when he heard what Nancy said, because Nana's condition was not very serious. Normally, after taking the medicine, Nana should be better and gradually recover, but now it was not better, but even worse.

It was unbelievable.

After a moment's silence, Rick said, "Don't worry, Nancy. I'll be right back. It's too strange."

After expressing her thanks, Nancy hung up and sat down in front of Nana bed, waiting for Rick quietly.

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