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   Chapter 616 Ignore Each Other

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Nadia shook her head seriously, "I don't understand."

Nancy gave a negative breath, "Well, Nadia, I don't understand. You're still young, and you don't know much about love. When you grow up and become a beautiful woman, you'll understand what Mommy and Daddy are facing today."

"Mommy, I don't want to grow up so soon. I just want Daddy to be with Mommy now." Nadia continued.

Nadia's question made Nancy's head ached. She said helplessly, "Nadia, wake up Bobby now, have breakfast, and then... I'll drive you to the kindergarten."

"Mommy, you haven't told me what love is? I just want to know what's wrong with your relationship with Daddy. Is it just like Bobby and Ruby? They two ignored each other and looked very angry. But I saw Ruby crying secretly yesterday. " Nadia asked sadly.

Huh? What did Nadia mean?

What happened to Bobby and Ruby?

Did the two kids have a fight?

"Nadia, tell me more. What happened between Bobby and Ruby?" Nancy squatted down and looked at Nadia.

Nadia said, "Yesterday, Bobby gave a candy to another girl, but he didn't give it to Ruby. That upset Ruby. Ruby played with other boys, but she didn't play with Bobby. It seemed that Bobby was angry too. He deliberately played with other girls, not playing with Ruby, so the two of them ignored each other Mommy, are you and Daddy the same? "

Nancy smiled, "Of course not. Daddy and Mommy are both adults. How could we do such a childish thing? Don't worry. You and Bobby have to take care of each other in the kindergarten. As for Ruby, just ignore Bobby. After a while, the two will make up. "

"What about Daddy and Mommy? Will you make up soon?"

Nadia was waiting for her here.

But she and Charles... Nancy didn't know which direction they would go in the future.

The first thing she needed to do now was to cure Nana's disease as soon as possible, and then cooperate with the police to find out the inside st

Nadia didn't want to give in, so she had another bowl of porridge.

She was already full now.

However, Bobby didn't give up. He pushed his breakfast in front of Nadia and said, "Nadia, eat this too. Otherwise, you will be a puppy dog."

"I..." Nadia couldn't eat any more, but she was very hungry just now and thought she would eat a lot. It turned out that she couldn't eat much.

Why did she talk to Bobby just now?

Why did she offend this ruthless little demon?

Nadia looked at Bobby pitifully.

The look in her eyes was nothing more than saying, "Bobby, I'm full. Please don't let me continue eating, Okay?"

Bobby ignored Nadia's pleading eyes and said angrily, "Nadia, if you don't eat my breakfast this morning, you will be a puppy dog. You have to bark like a puppy."

After saying that, Bobby rested his hands on his hips and looked at Nadia aggressively.

Nadia was frightened by his imposing manner, but she couldn't eat any more.

If she continued to eat, she would throw up.

"If you don't eat, you have to learn to bark like a puppy. Oh, by the way, you have to learn to run like a puppy." Bobby laughed complacently.

Of course, Nadia didn't want to bark like a puppy, nor did she want to run like a puppy.

So she tried her best to eat.

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