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   Chapter 615 Insomnia

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Chang Du Characters: 6696

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Nancy was so angry that she didn't call Charles, turned off her phone and fell asleep.

But to her surprise, not long after she lay down, she heard a gentle knock on the door.

Who else could it be except Charles?

Couldn't he give her a call? Why did he knock at the door at this time?

Where was the doorbell?

Oh, by the way, the doorbell of the apartment was broken.

Then she didn't care about Charles anymore. She covered her head with a quilt and let the knock on the door ring.

Charles also wanted to call Nancy, but unfortunately, he forgot to bring his cell phone. He had thought that since he was here, Nancy would definitely open the door for him. But he did not expect that he had knocked for many times, but there was no response from Nancy.

Fell asleep? So fast?

"Sir, it's already half past eleven. Could you please stop knocking at the door?" Nancy's apartment was a unit building. There was an old lady living opposite the door. The old lady had been suffering from insomnia. Now hearing the knock on the door of Charles, she couldn't fall asleep any more, as if her heart was beating fast.

So she couldn't bear it anymore, opened the door and looked at Charles fiercely.

She looked as if Charles was her enemy.

Charles shrugged and said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I won't knock again."

Hearing that, the old lady closed the door.

Charles had no choice but to sit at the door.

Or what?

The taxi driver had left. It might not be easy for him to take a taxi at this time.

Another possibility was that if he left, what if Nancy opened the door for him?

Leaning against the door, Charles squinted and fell asleep.

Nancy thought that Charles had left.

He just left like this?

He left without getting any news about the kids?

Although it was Nancy didn't open the door in time, she was still complaining that Charles had left.

Nancy tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep. She got up and ran to the window, but didn't see the car

esn't hear his phone ring, or maybe he's out and isn't in the room. Nadia, there are many reasons why Daddy doesn't answer your phone. But your Daddy is not a child anymore. He won't disappear for no reason. Don't think too much, Okay? Now get dressed, wash yourself and have breakfast. " As Nancy spoke, she raised her hand and rubbed Nadia's messy hair.

Nadia looked at Nancy, blinking her big eyes.

Then Nadia said slowly, "But Mommy is not a child. You were also taken away by bad guys, weren't you?"

Nancy was a little stunned. What Nadia said did make sense.

Nancy was a little speechless.

But how could a powerful man like Charles be taken away by the bad guys?

Moreover, in this city, no one dared to take Charles away?

Thinking of this, Nancy felt relieved. "Nadia, Mommy is a woman, and Daddy is a man. I mean, Daddy is more powerful than me. Bad guys don't dare to take Daddy away, understand?"

"Daddy is so powerful. Why doesn't Mommy want Daddy?" Nadia asked with grievance.

"No, no, no. Mommy didn't abandon Daddy. There's something wrong with Mommy and Daddy's relationship. There's a problem, and we need to solve it. But Mommy and Daddy haven't come up with a solution yet, so we need some time to think of a way to solve it. That's all. Nadia, do you understand?" Nancy explained patiently.

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