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   Chapter 614 Eat Up

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Changdu Characters: 6354

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"When I was very young, there were many women who liked Daddy, but I liked Mommy. Later, Daddy also liked Mommy, but Mommy always doesn't like Daddy... Alas! " Bobby sighed.

"I think Mommy likes Daddy. Otherwise, how could Mommy give birth to children for Daddy? You and me..." Nadia said with a smile.

Bobby also laughed.

The two innocent kids sneaked out of the yard while talking.

By this time, Charles had already woken up.

He rubbed his eyes, stood up and shouted at the door of the bathroom, "Nadia, have you taken a shower?"

He didn't hear any response from Nadia.

Charles knocked on the bathroom door and said, "Nadia... Are you inside? "

Nadia still didn't answer.

In a hurry, Charles pushed the bathroom door open and found that Nadia had already gone.

"Nadia..." Charles hurried to Nadia's bedroom, but there was no one in it.

He ran to Bobby's bedroom again, but it was the same. Not only was Nadia not in Bobby's bedroom, but also Bobby was not there.

Where were the two babies?

Charles ran downstairs. The door of the villa was open. Apparently, someone had just gone out.

As soon as Charles ran out, he saw Bobby and Nadia get in a taxi.

It was too late. The two kids were really bold.

Charles wanted to stop them, but on second thought, he decided to stop a taxi and follow them.

In this way, Nadia and Bobby took a taxi in the front, and Charles took a taxi in the back.

The three of them arrived at the apartment building of the hospital where Nancy was.

Charles watched the two kids get out of the car, pay the money and go to the apartment building.

But he, sitting in the taxi, didn't move.

"Sir, your destination is here. Don't you get off the car?" The driver couldn't help asking.

"Not yet. Please stop here for a while. I will pay you the corresponding fare." Charles said weakly.

Charles knew that the two child

y, "Mommy, we are full. Are you going home with us now?"

"I... No, no, this is Mommy's home. Mommy won't go anywhere. " Said Nancy with a smile.

"What about Daddy?" Nadia asked hesitantly.

"Your daddy is not a kid anymore. If you are worried about him, you can go back to find him. I won't stop you." Said Nancy with a smile.

"No, we have to follow Mommy." After saying that, Nadia ran to Nancy and said, "Mommy, I don't want to leave. I want to stay with Mommy."

"Yes, Mommy. We don't need to look for Daddy anymore. We have to stay with mommy." Said Bobby.

Nancy looked at her watch. It was very late. Obviously, it was not appropriate for her to let the children leave at this time.

What made her depressed was that Charles didn't notice that the two kids had left home.

"Okay. You take a shower and have a good sleep. Mommy will drive you to the kindergarten tomorrow."

"Okay." The two kids clapped their hands triumphantly and went to take a shower with satisfaction.

Nancy kept looking at her phone, wondering if she should call Charles or not.

No, it should be Charles who called her. However, Nancy waited for a long time, but Charles didn't call her.

Until the kids fell asleep, there was still no phone call from Charles.

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