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   Chapter 612 Panic Stricken

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"What’s wrong? I’m Nancy. Don’t you remember?" At this moment, Nancy already had a hunch that there was something wrong with Nana. She thought she was having a relapse. After all, it would take some time for her to fully recover.

When Nancy tried to hold her hand, Nana pulled it away in fear. "I don't know you. Please, let me go. Let me go!"

"You don't know me? I’m Nancy." Nancy tried to make her remember, but Nana begged,

"I don't know anyone now. Please, get out, get out..." Out of fear, Nana burst into tears. "Help, bad guys are coming. She wants to kill me. I'm so scared!"

A nurse rushed in as soon as she heard Nana’s screams.

"Oh, Nana. She is a pediatrician of our hospital. Look, she is Nancy, your friend. How can she be a bad person?" the nurse explained patiently.

However, it was not enough to make Nana feel better. She shook her head frequently. "I don't know Nancy. I never had a friend, and I don't need one. Please take her away. The farther, the better!"

All of a sudden, Nana grabbed her own hair and screamed.

Pain was evident in her voice that the people who heard it trembled in fear.

Seeing her panicked made Nancy's heart ache. "Well, Nana, I'm leaving now. Don't be afraid."

Since Nana was irritated by her presence, Nancy chose to leave her alone for now.

As soon as she walked out of the room with the nurse, she asked, "When did Nana become like this?"

"Last night, she was a little strange, which confused us. We thought she might get better slowly, but this morning, her condition got even worse." The nurse couldn’t help but feel helpless. After all, they were really expecting for a progress in Nana’s condition.

"Did you give her medicine on time?"

This was what Nancy worried the most. Because if Nana didn't take the medicine on time and Nana's condition would repeat, it would affect her recovery.

"We have given her medicine on time. Look, the medicine is here. She takes two pills every day. To avoid making a mistake, we have counted the pills. We know how many days this bottle of medicine would last, so how can we make a mistake?" The nurse took out Nana's bottle of medicine and poured out the pills to count them. "We are right, Dir

dy will be very sad if he hears you. In his opinion, if the two of us leave secretly, it will be a betrayal for him. Do you understand?" As he whispered in her ears, Bobby kept glancing at the kitchen to see if their father was coming out.

Like an obedient kid, Nadia nodded her head repeatedly.

At last, she asked with concern, "What if Daddy knows?"

"Then he can find a way to bring Mommy back." A sly smile appeared on Bobby’s face.

"Okay." As long as their parents would get back together, Nadia would agree to Bobby’s plans.

The most depressed one was, of course, Charles. Nancy didn't agree to get married with him, and now, she didn't even come home.

It was okay if she didn't care about him anymore. But it seemed like she didn't care about the children too.

Nancy was abandoning her husband and kids.

For Nana?

Or to take revenge on Fu family?

How much did she hate Fu family and him?

What did his love for her become in the end? It turned out to be a weapon for her to use against him.

The more Charles thought about it, the angrier he became. He was obviously not in the mood, so he simply cooked rice and two dishes. When he was done, he placed it on the table and sat in front of the dining table with the children.

The kids looked at the vegetables on the table, but neither of them ate it.

"What's wrong? Aren't you hungry?" Charles asked impatiently.

In a hurry, Nadia picked up the chopsticks. "I'm hungry. I'm hungry."

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