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   Chapter 611 A Faithful Man

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What Clark had said was a great news for Nancy. As a matter of fact, she felt happy and excited but she didn’t show it.

While Nancy's eyes were sparkling in joy, Charles and the two women's eyes were filled with confusion.

"Yes, it's burned. If you still don't believe me, go to the kitchen and check the stove. There must be some ashes left on it that I haven't cleaned," said Clark.

"Really? Dad, how could you do such a stupid thing?" To check if Clark was telling the truth, Fannie rushed out of the room angrily. On her way to the kitchen, she was cursing her own father for ruining their chance to get ten million dollars.

"Clark, Clark..." There were no words to describe how angry Jill was. She kept grinding her teeth, as if she wanted to break Clark’s name.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes. I burned it! You don't need to think about Charles' ten million dollars anymore." A smile of satisfaction appeared on Clark’s face.

"Am I that kind of woman? Why do you keep talking about ten million dollars? I'm just thinking about Nancy’s wellbeing. What a loving and righteous man Charles is! If not him, then who else does she want to marry? In this city, there is no man better than Charles. He is rich, decent and good-looking. Alas, Clark, I really don't know what you are thinking. Nancy is your biological daughter. Why does it seem like you don’t worry about her at all? She’s already the mother of Charles’ two children. Does she want to find a better man than Charles? This is unrealistic, very unrealistic. You will definitely regret what you have done today!" The way Jill said these words sounded so sincere, and she was also great at faking her facial expression.

Fortunately, Nancy was smart enough to know that she was not telling the truth.

"My marriage is up to me. You don't have to worry about it. Dad, have a good rest. I still have an operation today. I'll come to see you later when I have time." As a doctor, Nancy was worried about her patients all the time. It was a good thing that Clark was fine, so Nancy could go back to the hospital at ease.

With a smile on his face, Clark nodded at her and lay down on his bed. "You can go now."

There was no doubt that he was very satisfied with the current situation. He didn’t regret burning the hou

ten minutes for the Uber to arrive.

As soon as it stopped in front of her, she got in and went straight to the hospital.

Out of anger, Charles drove alone and left Nancy behind.

But after driving for a short distance, he began to worry about Nancy's safety. He feared that she would be taken away again by some bad person. Therefore, he turned the car around and drove back.

Without any intention of taking her into his car, Charles stopped not so far away. Then he lit a cigarette and smoked while looking at her.

It was obvious on Nancy’s face that she was beginning to feel impatient while waiting for a car.

Hearing Nancy cursed made Charles smile.

When the Uber arrived and Nancy got in, Charles threw his cigarette away and started the car.

Then he followed the car and made sure Nancy entered the hospital first before he left. A real man indeed never stopped caring about his woman no matter how angry he was.

After checking Finn’s recovery, Nancy went straight to Nana's room.

"Nana, how are you feeling?" asked Nancy with concern.

If everything went well, Nana's condition should be better than yesterday, because Rick had said that the effect of the medicine would be obvious at the beginning. Then it would slow down as her condition got better.

"Who are you? I didn't do anything. Don't hit me... Don't hit me!" However, as soon as Nana saw her, she held herself in horror. She was trembling as she lowered her head, afraid that the person in front of her would hurt her.

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