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   Chapter 570 Very Tired

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Just like that, Nancy easily made Charles fall into her hands!

"Fire them. I really don't need them!" said Nancy softly.

With a sigh, Charles replied, "Nancy, I'm doing this for your own good. We have two children and we may have more children after we get married. If no one helps you, you will be very tired!"

"Yes, Mommy. I think what Dad said is right. If these servants were here, I and Bobby could play with them. How happy it is! Why doesn't Mommy agree?" Confusion was written all over Nadia's little face.

"Mommy, I agree with Daddy. We really need to keep a few servants in our family. And after you marry Daddy, you will have a lot of little monkeys. Wow! One, two, three..." Then Bobby raised his hand to count his fingers.

Bobby was just trying to help Nadia, because they both wanted their parents to get married as soon as possible!

"Bobby, there will be so many babies. Besides, I have never thought of marrying your father anytime soon! Mommy just came back, so I still have too many things to deal with. I hope you can understand." As she thought of Nana's badly mutilated face, Nancy's heart tightened like a string!

"Mommy, why are you always so busy?" The confusion on Nadia's face was instantly replaced by grievance.

"Because Mommy is a doctor! Besides us, Mommy has her own patients!" Nancy was stunned to hear Bobby's reply.

What he said was right. She was a doctor who had to take care of her patients along with her family.

Therefore, she couldn't be too emotional for a long time.

"Bobby is right. Mommy is a doctor. I can't leave the patients alone, right? This is my career and also my responsibility. I hope you can understand me." Her voice was gentler now. She bent down and touched Bobby's little head. "Bobby, you are too smart, and you are very kind. Mommy wants to thank you!"

Being praised by Nancy made Bobby smile proudly. "You're welcome, Mommy. You are a good Mommy to us, so Nadia and I are ver

t was good to just arrest the people in the club and let the innocent people out. The people needed to be sentenced as they deserved.

Hearing his words made Nancy stop what she was doing.

Then she turned around to face Charles without blinking.

In an instant, Charles became scared of the way she looked at him. He smiled awkwardly. "Nancy, why are you looking at me like this?"

"You're a smart man. You should know that it's not just David and this matter is not that simple. Even if the man is Frederic's personal servant, he can't do whatever he wants in the club. I think Derrick has something to do with it!"

"Derrick did many evil things, but Nancy, you should know that no matter how bad he is, he is still Grandpa's son and my father's brother. Do we really need to..."

"Whoever makes something wrong has to pay the price. I saw Nana today, and she looked miserable! She is badly injured and in great pain. Charles, how cruel a man is to do such a vicious thing! Even if you don't care, I will find out the truth!" Suddenly, Nana's bruised and bloody figure flashed in her mind. Nancy had personally experienced that kind of pain and despair.

How could a woman become a man's plaything?

No, Nancy didn't want to let it go so easily. She had to figure out who was behind the club.

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