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   Chapter 569 How Do You Feel

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Covered with gauze all over her body, Nana looked pale and pitiful.

It was not difficult to guess what Nana had experienced in the hands of those ruthless people.

"Nana..." Seeing her like this was so heartbreaking that Nancy's voice trembled when she spoke.

When Nana didn't respond, Nancy took a step closer to her bed.

"I'm Nancy. How do you feel?" As much as possible, Nancy didn't want to be too loud, for fear that it would remind Nana about the torture she had been through.

Upon recognizing her voice, Nana tried to lift her arm.

But because she was still too weak, it trembled and fell on her side again.

Her attempt to reach Nancy broke Nancy's heart even more. "Who did this to you? Tell me, tell me!"

As soon as Nancy finished speaking, she burst into tears.

Nana's mouth moved, and a low sneer came from the depths of her throat.

"Nana, take good care of yourself. I will avenge you. I will find the person who hurt you. I will make those people pay with blood!" Even when Nana couldn't say anything, Nancy had sworn to get back to the people who made her suffer.

After a while, Nancy stood up and walked out of her room.

Today was a very busy day for Nancy. She checked every patient in the hospital and did surgery for several patients.

When it was already time to get off work, Nancy remembered those annoying bodyguards waiting for her outside. So, she decided to sneak out from the back door of the hospital.

Her initial plan was to take a taxi home secretly, but when she came out from the back door of the hospital, she heard a cold voice saying, "Mrs. Fu, as Mr. Fu expected, you like to go here."

Charles! Charles again!

Although Nancy was full of anger, she knew it wouldn't work even if she lost her temper in front of the bodyguards who were only following Charles' orders.

Therefore, she tried to hold back her anger and smiled sweetly. "Yes, you are here. I want to pick up the children in the kindergarten now. Will you drive me there?"

"Mrs. Fu, please don't worry about Bobby and Nadia. Mr. Fu will personally pick them up,"

e always felt that that he was not as important as the children to Nancy.

In fact, she hadn't been intimate with him since she came back.

It was said that absence made the heart grow fonder, so he thought that they would have wonderful nights. How could Nancy not be moved at all?

Didn't she miss him at all?

Or was it because Edward was with her that Nancy had never thought of him these days?

After all, Charles was still jealous of Edward!

As a man with a strong sense of possessiveness, Charles couldn't accept any negligence from Nancy.

Charles finally understood why Jay was jealous of Felix.

It turned out that being jealous for too long would make him angry!

The anger he felt made him want to be tough to her this time.

It was easy to say that Nancy only cared about the patients and the children now. But it was not like she didn't miss Charles at all; she was distracted by so many things. After all, she just came back and had too many things to deal with!

Therefore, Nancy decided to put aside her love life for the time being!

As fearless as she had always been, Nancy fought back. "What do you mean?"

"Nancy, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do to satisfy you?" At last, Charles softened his tone. His tough attitude towards Nancy seemed to never be able to resist Nancy's teary eyes.

Nancy just stared at him without blinking.

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