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   Chapter 439 The Descendant Of The Fu Family

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"They still need to go to the kindergarten," Hardy said, sounding so helpless like he was backed in a corner.

However, the patriarch of the Fu family was still as hard-headed as ever. "But perhaps today can be an exemption. When Derrick wakes up, I will let the children go to the kindergarten," Frederic answered directly.

"What? Are you taking the kids as hostages?" Angelina blurted out in disbelief as if she had just heard something inhumane.

"Nonsense! They are my great-grandchildren! How can I and make them hostages? Damn! Women's mouths are really too vicious, huh!" the old man scolded angrily, waving his hand in the air like he was shooing some form of bad energy.

After thinking for a while, Bobby managed to answer, "It's okay. We can stay here. Great-grandpa, don't worry."

"Bobby is so considerate. Nadia, be a good girl and stay with me." Frederic, who would typically be cold and strict when talking to adults, seemed to have a soft spot for his great-grandchildren.

His voice ran smoothly like a flowing river, and his tone was so gentle and bright. This treatment was evidently a far cry from how he would normally act around grown-ups.

"Great-grandpa, you can ask us to stay, but you have to promise us one thing: when Uncle Derrick wakes up, you will let daddy and mommy get married, okay?" Much like a lawyer making his case in a courthouse, Bobby argued his condition, raising his little head slightly to show the old man that he was in no way intimidated.

To his surprise, the latter flashed him a cheeky smile and answered, "Bobby, you already know how to negotiate with great-grandpa at such a young age. Well, you really resemble me, and that's what great-grandpa likes."

"You see, Nadia is also a descendant of the Fu family. Dad, if you give the TS Group to Charles, it will also eventually belong to the kids. Right?" Angelina uttered, hoping that she could persuade her father. In fact, she was anxious to let Charles go back to work immediately. If Derrick really woke up, there was no assurance he would keep things the way they were. If he had schemed once, there was no guarantee he would not plot against her son again.

"Nadia, come here and kiss me." Ignoring Angelina's remark, Frederic turned at the little girl and pointed at his face.

She walked over obediently and planted a kiss on the old man's face.

Now grinning from ear to ear in sheer satisfaction, Frederic stated sincerely, "Nadia, I have already known that you are a descendant of the Fu family. Look at your eyes! They look very similar to your great-grandmother's! But it's your mommy who made great-grandfather sad. Why does she have a concerning relationship with Edward? Great-grandpa dislikes this, and if this affair can't be straightened out, it will bring shame to our

rrick had already planned it, so he asked the driver to closely tail Hiram's car. What's more, he knew that there would be a car accident, but he didn't let the driver slow down!" Jay explained non-stop from the other line.

His tone was full of shock just as he was dropping the bombshell of an update.

No one would have thought that Derrick, who cherished his life, would risk it just to get the TS Group.

It was unbelievable!

"Did you find out who damaged Hiram's car?" Charles knew that the key to ultimately solving this case––and hence the company's problem––was to track the person responsible for damaging his bodyguard's car.

"Yes, I've found him. The person's called Bob, but he mysteriously disappeared after committing the crime. My men couldn't trace any clue at all!" Jay was dumbstruck as he reported the findings. Apparently, the case seemed even more complicated than it appeared.

As the stress riled up in his head, Charles turned to smoking to somehow soothe his throbbing temple. Slowly, he lit a cigarette while thinking of how cruel Derrick was.

He probably killed and dispatched Bob after the latter had done his dirty job for him.

Judging from what he had committed so far, it was likely that Derrick could stomach killing someone.

But where would he burry the corpse?

Hearing no response from Charles after a while, Jay put two and two together and deduced the matter at hand. "Charles, Derrick killed Bob, right?" he asked in a cautious tone.

"Yeah. He most likely did." Charles took a deep drag on his cigarette and puffed the smoke out.

"Damn it! I didn't know your uncle is so heartless. He's like a demon in disguise! How could he be so inhumane?" At this point, Jay was even more dumbfounded. He might be born slightly dissolute and indulgent, but he could never commit murder or arson like a barbaric person.

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