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   Chapter 436 In A Mess

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Hardy had no idea how to comfort the shareholders, so he went to ask Frederic for advice immediately.

But when Hardy saw how anxious Frederic was as well, he guessed that Frederic must have known by then that the stockholders were selling their shares in droves.

Frederic's daily routine included reading the morning newspaper. With nothing else to do now that he was confined in the hospital, the first thing he did upon waking up was to read the news on his mobile phone.

Over the years, the TS Group had almost dominated the front page of the financial newspaper as a top company. But this morning's news was a huge contrast and really shocked Frederic to the core.

The stock price of the TS Group had abruptly plummeted last night. Because of Charles' departure from the company, the majority of the stockholders were selling their shares in droves.

Frederic was so enraged by what he read that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He tried to call Charles up in a hurry, but to no avail. He noticed that his phone number had been blacklisted.

Frederic was deeply distraught, so he complained with a whine to Angelina.

Angelina had no other choice but to endure it in silence.

Fortunately, Hardy arrived and was here now. Angelina wanted to leave and let Hardy be the substitute in taking care of Frederic.

"Do I need to check the status of the stock market? The conflict in the TS Group is all over the news this morning. Hardy, Charles is really your good son. How could he let the media know that he has left the company? It is even on the headline! Humph, I think he must have done it on purpose. Does he really want to piss me off that badly?" Frederic shrieked hysterically without restraint, completely losing his usual calm and sharp demeanor.

Hardy had never seen Frederic behaving so impetuously before. What could it mean? The TS Group could really be at stake now and must be in real trouble.

While they were talking, they were interrupted by the ringing of Hardy's phone again. It was another call from one of the shareholders.

By then, Hardy had lost his patience and refused to pick up the call. However, the phone rang non-stop, again and again.

"Are you not done yet? That's enough! I don't want to hear it anymore!" Hardy couldn't bear the persistent ringing anymore and answered the phone indignantly.

"Oh, I don't want to bother you so early, either. But the stock of the TS Group has abruptly fallen overnight and this is a serious matter. If it continues to go on like this, it will close to the limit down." The shareholders were all anxious, but the Fu family h

n hearing Charles' reply and coughed loudly.

Of course, he did it on purpose to let Charles hear that he was not feeling well.

"Oh! Your grandfather just coughed badly. Come on, Charles. Don't be stubborn and stop being angry with him at this time," coaxed Angelina.

Being on stalemate was not a good solution for their relationship because it could only get worse. Everything would be resolved only after they personally talked it over in person.

"Okay, I'll go there now," Charles said reluctantly, but they didn't know there was a hidden smile in his cunning eyes.

He hung up the phone and immediately drove straight to the hospital.

"Uncle, hurry up and follow Daddy. Don't lose him," Nadia said in a restless manner.

"Okay, got it." The driver didn't want to lose track of Charles, so he stepped hard on the gas and closely followed his car meticulously.

Charles didn't notice that the two kids were following him by taxi. He was too preoccupied and wondered whether he should compromise or continue to put pressure on Frederic when he saw his grandfather later.

To achieve the results he wanted, he must control the balance well. He couldn't intensify the conflict, nor could he easily give in.

In Frederic's eyes, giving in now would be tantamount to admitting a guilty conscience after having done something wrong.

Soon enough, Charles arrived at the hospital. After parking the car, he got off and went upstairs.

"Your Daddy has gone to the hospital. Shall we follow him inside?" the driver asked worriedly.

"We should follow him, of course," Bobby stated plainly in a serious tone.

"But, but... What if the security guards don't allow a taxi to come in?" the driver again inquired apprehensively.

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