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   Chapter 435 Intervene Personally

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Bobby turned around, stood up, and reached out to hold Nadia's hand. "Nadia, I'm sorry. I was wrong just now. Regardless of the reason, I shouldn't have said that. I promise to never say anything like that ever again. Can you forgive me?"

Nadia smiled with her big pearly eyes. "Okay."

Charles smiled with satisfaction.

Nancy had already placed the dishes on the table. She turned and saw Bobby apologizing to Nadia.

Well, it seemed like Charles was making progress in educating the children.

However, Charles was still unwilling to go back to the group. And Nancy didn't know what Frederic would do.

Maybe Frederic would deal with it personally.

On the second day, Nancy was worried about the patient with high-arched feet. So she drove to the hospital early.

And the unemployed, Mr. Fu, was responsible for dropping the children to kindergarten.

In the morning, Charles saw the children enter kindergarten. However, when he went to pick them up in the afternoon, they were nowhere to be found!

After a lot of asking around, Charles finally discovered that after he dropped them, they sneakily ran away from the kindergarten. It was a rush hour, so the teacher didn't notice Nadia and Bobby running out.

Charles didn't expect that the kids would leave the kindergarten without permission. They got lost once before and nearly got scammed. They should have been more self-aware after that. So why would they make such a mistake?

Before they sneaked out of the kindergarten, they made sure that Charles had left in the car. So yeah. Self-awareness for the win!

After that, they hailed a taxi in a hurry and made sure that they wouldn't get lost.

Seeing it was two kids and not an adult, the taxi driver asked with concern, "Kids, where are you going? Where are your parents?"

Nadia bit her lips and didn't say anything. She looked just like a child who had done something wrong.

At this time, eager to show his big brother side, Bobby took command of the conversation.

finish her words, Frederic interrupted her with pursed lips, "Do you want me to die faster?"

"Father, you can't say that. If Hardy heard it, he would kill me!" Angelina said with trepidation.

As soon as she finished her words, Hardy came in from outside.

Seeing that Frederic wasn't looking good, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Father just won't eat. He said he was pissed off. I don't know what happened, and I dared not ask too much." After that, Angelina stood aside.

Hardy came over and asked, "Dad, who are you angry with?"

"I'm angry with you, angry with Charles, angry with..." Frederic sat up and rubbed his chest. "You tell me, Hardy. How could Charles leave the TS Group... just like that? I am not worried. I am just..."

The more Frederic said, the more anxious he became. Soon he broke in a fit of violent coughs.

"Did you see the stock market?" Although Hardy wasn't big on doing business, he still kept an eye on the TS Group's stock trend.

Today's financial news was like a bomb in the business world. It was reported that Charles had left the TS Group, and the group was now facing an uncertain future. This made a lot of people sell their shares.

Wasn't Charles's phone bombarded with calls from the shareholders?

Let alone Charles, even Hardy's phone, was bombarded by the anxious shareholders.

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