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   Chapter 434 Ugly

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"Bobby, I haven't figured out what happened between Mommy and Daddy. Why are you pulling me? Ouch! My hand hurts!"

"Stupid, can't you see that Daddy and Mommy are keeping secrets from us? Even if you ask them, what answers can you get? Didn't we agree on following Daddy tomorrow?" Bobby said in a low voice.

"Okay, but I'm not stupid. I'm just worried about Daddy and Mommy." Every time Bobby called her "stupid," Nadia would get angry.

Bobby and Nadia were fraternal twins, and her personality was the polar opposite of Bobby.

She wasn't stupid: she was just timid.

"You are stupid. Humph, you are so stupid that you can't even realize it!" Bobby shouted, trying to tease Nadia.

"Bobby, you are a fool!" Nadia shouted too.

"Nadia, let me tell you. Not only are you stupid, but you're also ugly! I've never seen a girl as ugly as you. I predict that when you grow up, no boy will marry you!" Bobby shouted as he looked up the stairs.

Nancy was in a hurry to make dinner for the children. Also, the sound of cooking was loud. Therefore, she could only hear the children quarreling, but she couldn't hear what they were quarreling about.

"Stop quarreling. Dinner will be ready soon!" said Nancy without much thought.

But the kids just ignored her.

If Bobby got Charles' genes, then Nadia got Nancy's genes. She might start on a lower standing, but that would seldom mean she was going to compromise. She prepared by bending down, stretching out her neck, and opening her mouth wide. And then she... shouted.

Bobby was Charles' son, so he shouted too.

The two kids stood in the living room like two gamecocks, and neither of them compromised.

Charles was sulking in his room.

He was already quite irritated, and the quarreling in the living room wasn't helping it.

He put down the book and walked out of the study.

He hurried downstairs. The two children stopped when they heard his footsteps. They looked up at Charles at the same time.

"Why are you

Daddy," Nadia said as she gave a kiss on Charles' cheek.

"Well, Bobby, despite your reasoning, it was still improper to call your sister that. Apologize to her." Charles looked at Bobby.

"Actually, I'm not angry anymore, Daddy." Before Bobby said anything, Nadia mediated for him.

"Although you are not angry, it doesn't mean that Bobby can say that to you. He must apologize," Charles said without using a harsh tone, but his face was serious.

"Daddy, I have said sorry to Nadia. If you don't believe me, you can ask her." Bobby didn't expect that his casual words would bother Nadia. Moreover, in his opinion, it was not a big deal.

He had a good relationship with Nadia. There wouldn't be any walls between them because of this sentence. Why was Daddy being so serious?

"Just now, you indeed apologized. I heard it too, but..." After a pause, Charles continued, "Bobby, you were not sincere enough. Besides, you must tell Nadia that you will never hurt her in the future. You must give her a sense of security. You are her brother, and you have an obligation to protect her. If her own brother bullies her, then what gives him the right to lecture others when they do the same?"

"Is... Is it so serious, Daddy?" Bobby scratched his head in confusion.

Charles nodded as if it was a life-changing moment.

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