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   Chapter 432 I'll Ask Mommy Tomorrow

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"I want to ask Mommy. I want to know who came to this world first when she gave birth to us." Like a stubborn kid, Nadia stood up again but Bobby stopped her.

"You are such a troublemaker. They are talking about their marriage. What are you going to do?" Although Bobby had been in the toy room, he had been listening to the noise next door.

Their mommy suddenly changed her mind about their marriage, so their daddy was certainly angry.

So at this moment, their daddy must be asking what happened. If Nadia went there, their conversation would be interrupted again.

Would the wedding be postponed indefinitely?

Bobby didn't want to wait like this!

They were about to go to primary school, and he didn't want to be called illegitimate child by their classmates again.

"Okay, I'll ask Mommy tomorrow." Nadia sat down melancholy. "Alas, I think it's not easy for Mommy."

"It's not easy for Daddy either," said Bobby.

"You know what, Bobby? I envy you a lot. You have Daddy around you since you were little, but I have always been with Flora. She was so mean and she treated me badly. I don't even dare to recall the time when I was with her." Sadness filled her big dough eyes.

When he heard this, Bobby finally stopped building blocks and looked at Nadia intently. "Nadia, are you sad?"

Nodding, Nadia replied, "A little."

In a serious tone, Bobby said, "You should learn to forget the unpleasant things in the past. Think more about the present. You have me, Daddy and Mommy now. We are a happy family. We will protect you forever!"

"I know. But you haven't experienced it, so you won't understand," Nadia said with a sigh.

Looking back, he was indeed spoiled by his daddy and his family when he was younger.

His heart ached for Nadia, because she spent her childhood in terror.

"Nadia, let me tell you a story, okay?"

Usually, i

is the CEO. So he is free whenever he wants," Nadia said proudly.

"Stupid. The CEO has the least time, because he has to attend all kinds of meetings and visit different clients."

"But I think Mommy is busier than Daddy. Daddy used to pick us up most of the time."

Bobby rolled his eyes at her. "Well, you are right. Anyway, I think Daddy is not like his usual self."

After thinking for a while, Nadia said, "How about we follow Daddy?"

"Nadia, it turns out that you can be smart sometimes." However, when he thought about something, he frowned. "But how can we follow Daddy?"

"Let's split up tomorrow. How about..." Nadia whispered in Bobby's ear.

Meanwhile, in the master's bedroom, Charles kept asking Nancy.

His furious eyes were fixated on her.

Biting her lips, Nancy didn't say anything.

"You promised me last night, but you changed your mind today. And you don't even want to tell me the reason? Is that possible?"

Finally, Nancy replied sadly, "Your grandfather wants us to find out the reason why Derrick had a car accident..."

"I've sent someone to look into it. Don't worry. Go on."

"Besides, your grandfather doesn't want us to get married until the truth about Derrick's car accident is revealed."

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