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   Chapter 429 Cherish His Life

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Frederic nodded and said, "Good. You have guts. But since Derrick's car accident has nothing to do with you or Charles, then who is the culprit? Hiram? He works for Charles. If Charles didn't give him the orders, would he still do it?"

"I don't think Hiram would do such a stupid thing," said Nancy.

"Oh, does it have nothing to do with anyone then? Did Derrick want to kill himself?" Frederic shouted angrily.

Angelina and Nancy fell silent.

It was a sign that they acquiesced in Frederic's words.

"What do you mean? Do you think Derrick committed suicide? I'm telling you, I know Derrick very well. Anyone can commit suicide but he wasn't the type. He cherished his life way too much. Humph!" Frederic said confidently.

A long time ago, Derrick drank expired milk and got food poisoning. When he spent that time in the hospital, he cried for three days and nights. He was just so terrified that he couldn't help getting emotional, much to the amusement of the hospital staff.

How could a man who was so afraid of death commit suicide?

"What do you think, Mr. Fu?" asked Nancy. Frederic wasn't going to believe her no matter what she said. He already made up his mind that the murderer was either her or Charles.

Frederic looked at Nancy. No matter how much he hated her, he couldn't help but think that if she did really try to kill Derrick, she wouldn't be this calm.

"In my opinion, if you want to prove your innocence you have to show me evidence. Release Joseph as soon as possible." Frederic's voice softened. It was clear what he was becoming. He was sick and old. He couldn't even read the short document without getting dizzy and what was worse was that Joseph would be of even less help. He couldn't watch the TS Group decline like this. It wouldn't be long before the TS group fell back into Charles' hands.

He had already spoken his mind th

ally wanted to blurt out, "No, the children are not Charles'. They have nothing to do with him."

What would happen? Perhaps Frederic would just pass out then and there.

Recently, even though Frederic questioned where the children came from, it was obvious that he knew they were Charles'.

It did mean that Frederic was capable of making clear judgments.

If it weren't for Derrick, Nancy would probably have a much better relationship with Frederic.

Right now though, she just had to deal with the cards she was dealt.

Nancy took a deep breath. "Yes."

Angelina smiled, "Father, I made the mistake last time. Look at Bobby and Nadia. They look so much alike. They're definitely Fu family's children. Now you have a great grandson and a great granddaughter. You just need to take good care of yourself and enjoy the happiness of the ever expanding family."

"Well, it's hard to believe," Frederic said.

Nancy said all that she needed to so she pursed her lips and stayed silent.

"Well, you can leave now. When you go back home, you can tell Charles the arrangement. Remember to gather some evidence as soon as possible. If it really has nothing to do with you and Charles, he can come back to work soon," Frederic said lazily.

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