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   Chapter 428 Take The Initiative To Show Affection

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Nancy and Angelina had known each other for a long time. Nancy was well aware of her true face—a hypocrite.

At this moment, Angelina was quite ill at ease. After all, the TS Group was the fruit of Charles' painstaking efforts. As his mother, it was normal for her to feel sorry for her son.

Hypocrite? Maybe. Angelina would just beat around the bush and act all pitiful. When in truth, she just wanted Nancy's help.

Was she gonna ask her to leave Charles?

Nancy's heart sank at the mere thought.

"What do you want me to do?" Of course, Nancy wouldn't take the initiative. She wanted to hear it from Angelina's mouth.

Nancy knew the true reason behind Angelina's visit. She wanted her to go and see Frederic.

But why was Frederic being so cruel to Charles?

Derrick was still in a coma. Hardy was not fit for the business. As for Joseph, he was just a playboy. Giving him the TS Group would be the same as making friends with financial ruins.

Why would Frederic do something so stupid?

Angelina couldn't help but roll her eyes at Nancy. Her hints were clear enough, so why was she still pretending to be ignorant?

Was she supposed to declare that as an imperial edict?

Angelina raised her hand and wiped her eyes with a handkerchief. After thinking for a while, she said, "Nancy, I just want you to persuade Frederic into letting Charles go back to the TS Group. If not... The group will collapse! You don't want to see all the hard work that Charles did, just get lost in oblivion, right?"

That was exactly what Nancy wanted Angelina to say.

Nancy said with self-mockery, "Why would Frederic listen to me?"

"You haven't even tried! How do you know that it won't work?" Angelina looked at Nancy with contempt.

Angelina's attitude made it look like Nancy was the one asking for help and not the other way around. Nancy was baffled by the sheer arrogance shown by Angelina.

If not for her being Charles' mother, Nancy wouldn't even talk to her.

"Well, I'll call Frederic when I'm free," Nancy answered while twisting her lithe body.

"Don't call him. He is in hospital now. Why don't you just go there to meet him? It's convenient for both of you." Angelina didn't want to delay even for a second, so she urged.

Nancy smiled, "Auntie


Frederic couldn't stand it anymore and snorted, "Nancy, are you here to show me just how dumb you are?"

Besides a little anger and jealousy, Frederic didn't hate Nancy all that much.

It was rare to see a girl who didn't worship money.

But Frederic couldn't figure out one thing. Why was she still with Charles even after getting a marriage certificate with Edward?

"Mr. Fu, what do you want me to say?" said Nancy in neither a humble nor a pushy tone.

"Well, tell me what's going on between you and Edward? Did you have sex with him years ago? And then you gave your children to Charles so that he could raise them instead, right? What do you take the Fu family for?" said Frederic while slamming his hand.

"Edward has already clarified everything. You just don't want to accept it because you think I'm some sort of witch out for Fu family blood. You even believe that I was behind Derrick's accident! But you are thinking too much. I don't even have a strong motive to cause such an accident. You can think whatever you want, but the truth will always prevail," Nancy explained, without getting annoyed or irritated.

Frederic was as surprised as he was shocked. He didn't expect Nancy to see through him.

"You really didn't do anything?" Frederic asked in disbelief.

"I admit that I called the police and asked them to take Joseph away. I did it; I accept it. But if you try to put something on me that I didn't do, I will fight you till my last breath!" said Nancy in a strong tone.

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