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   Chapter 426 Talking To Himself

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But Charles was also strange tonight. He sat on the bed with his phone in his hand for a long time.

This man was... too weird today.

Nancy wondered what he was plotting.

Charles had a good sleep.

When he woke up at dawn, Nancy was no longer by his side.

"Why does she get up so early?" Groaning, he got out of bed and stretched a little.


Bobby and Nadia ran in.

A smile automatically spread across his face when he saw them. "Good morning, kids."

"Daddy, did Mommy agree?" the kids asked at the same time.

"You guess." With a smile, Charles bent down and pinched Nadia's face.

"Guess..." Nadia began to bite her fingers.

"Stupid! You are so stupid." Bobby sneered. "How old are you? Why can't you still learn to read others' faces?"

"Bobby, what does that mean?" Their teacher didn't teach them that. How did Bobby know that?

Why didn't she know?

"Look at Daddy. Is he happy?"

Nodding, she replied, "Yes, Daddy is very happy."

"Yes, why do you think Daddy is so happy?" Bobby reminded her.

"Daddy..." As if she realized something, Nadia smiled. "Daddy, did Mommy agree to marry you?"

"Not bad, Nadia. You're not very stupid." And then Bobby grinned at her.

Delighted, Charles kissed them both on their cheeks. "You are right. Mommy agreed."

To his surprise, Bobby began shouting in excitement, "Wow! Mommy and Daddy are finally getting married!"

Soon, Nadia joined Bobby. They were still shouting as they ran downstairs.

Looking at Bobby's back, Charles smiled mischievously. This little boy, at such a young age, had learned how to guess other people's thoughts.

Sure enough, like father, like son?

However, his father, Hardy, was totally different from him.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Charles went downstairs, thinking that he should start preparing for his their wedding while he was free now.

"Mommy, did you promise to marry Daddy?"

Nadia and Bob

ime to go to school. Go to school with Daddy," urged Nancy.

Feeling helpless, Nadia sighed. "Okay. Bobby, let's go."

It was Bobby who walked out first.

He pursed his lips and imagined the scene when his Daddy and Mommy got married.

His smile didn't seem to disappear.

Charles held Nadia's hand and followed Bobby out.

Suddenly, something occurred to him, so he turned around and said, "Nancy, I'll pick up the children this afternoon."

"Okay." Without thinking too much, Nancy agreed.

Soon, the car had left and Nancy came inside the house.

With a smile, Nancy went to the dressing room to check the wound on her forehead.

Yesterday, she received a call from Erin at home, saying that a patient had chosen her to perform the operation.

How could Nancy fail this persistent trust?

According to Erin, the patient had an osteomyelitis and needed to undergo an operation as soon as possible.

Layer by layer, she removed the gauze around her forehead, and saw some blood scabs on the wound.

She cleaned the wound with clear water and disinfected it with medical disinfectant.

Fortunately, the wound was not severe, and now only a small red piece could be seen. It was not too obvious.

After putting on a little make-up, Nancy changed her clothes and walked out.

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