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   Chapter 422 Entanglement

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Charles was also angry. He knew that his grandpa had been stereotyping Nancy, but he didn't expect that his grandpa thought so badly of her.

Nancy was just an innocent bystander in the Fu family politics. If she never met him and never gave birth to children for him, would she be facing such criticism?

Charles felt sorry for Nancy. He believed that she had suffered a lot of grievances because of him.

So he took out his phone and called Nancy.

Nancy didn't go to work today. This afternoon, she went to the kindergarten to pick up the children.

She then went to the supermarket to buy the crayfish that Charles liked. She also bought the children's favorite: chicken feet and chicken wings. Along with them, she bought some spareribs, codfish, vegetables, and so on. She wanted to make a rich dinner.

When Charles called her, Nancy had just returned home. Nadia and Bobby got out of the car and shouted out of habit, "Uncle Edward, we're back."

In the past, it was Edward who picked up the children. Nancy forgot to tell the children that Edward wasn't here. So she would be the one picking them up.

Hearing the children's shout, Nancy remembered this little detail. She answered while carrying bags, "Children, Uncle Edward is not here."

Nadia and Bobby stopped dead in their tracks. The two kids turned around and asked in unison, "Where is Uncle Edward?"

"Well..." Nancy touched her nose and said, "Uncle Edward has gone abroad."

"Why? Doesn't Uncle Edward like us anymore?" Nadia asked with a frown.

"No, he has something to do—"

"This is also his home. Mommy, why did Uncle Edward leave?" Bobby, still a kid, but a little more mature, asked in confusion.

"Maybe... There's something that he needs to resolve, or maybe he has a girlfriend; she asked him to come back. Well, I don't know what exactly happened. Can you two stop asking?" Keeping the children in the dark about her marriage with Edward seemed like a good idea... at that time.

"Oh?" Bobby tilted his head and looked at Nancy.

Suspicion was overflowing from Bobby's eyes. A tell-tell sign that he didn't believe Nancy.


kids like you." Nancy had never been cautious with her words. But today, she spoke each word as if it was the last piece balancing a Jenga.

"Yes, Mommy loves Daddy the most. And Mommy loves me and Bobby, too." Nadia stood on tiptoe, kissed Nancy, and smiled.

Fearing that Nadia might trip, Nancy quickly lowered her face for the kiss.

Nancy found the gesture to be a heart-melting one.

Right about now, nothing felt more important to Nancy than being with the children.

"Let's go, Bobby. Let's make dinner. Daddy will be back soon." Nancy wanted to end this sensitive topic as soon as possible.

"Let's go, Bobby." Nadia walked over and held Bobby's hand.

Nadia was in a good mood, perhaps it was because of the comfort that being with her mother brought.

Bobby shook off Nadia's hand and walked into the villa with a murky face.

"What's wrong with Bobby?" Nadia asked with twisted lips.

"He... He is just like that. Leave him alone. Let's go." Nancy was clear about the reason behind Bobby's unhappiness. He just felt that the explanation given to him wasn't good enough.

Indeed. Her explanation could fool the simple-minded Nadia, but Bobby wasn't one to get fooled so easily.

"Nadia, go play with your brother for a while. Mommy will cook dinner, okay?" Nancy said to Nadia as she carried the dishes to the kitchen.

"Okay, Mommy." After saying that, Nadia hopped her way back to Bobby.

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