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   Chapter 419 Not Suitable

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"Father..." Angelina had never seen Frederic lose his temper like this.

She was so frightened that she didn't dare to say anything. She just followed him out the ward silently.

A doctor rushed over and asked, "Mr. Fu, where are you going?"

Angelina gestured at the doctor, hinting for him to stop Frederic.

Frederic was hard-headed all his life though. When he made up his mind, nobody could stop him.

Nobody, not even a doctor!

"I'm going to Charles. Are you going to stop me?" said Frederic aggressively.

"Why? You're still recovering. It wouldn't be wise to walk around so much..."

Before the doctor could finish his words, Frederic interrupted him coldly, "Who said I had to walk? I will take a car. Driver! Driver!"

The driver was drinking tea in the other room, awaiting Frederic's orders. He ran out in a hurry when he heard Frederic's call.

"Sir, are you calling me?"

"Take me to the TS Group to find Charles."

"Yes, sir."

Angelina sighed and held his hand as she helped him to the elevator.

She thought about possibly warning Charles that grandpa was coming. She wanted to text him secretly so he could prepare himself.

As soon as she reached for her bag, Frederic barked, "Angelina, don't call Charles!"

"No, I wasn't going to call him." Angelina smiled awkwardly and took out her hand.

Frederic arrived at the company while Charles was in a board meeting.

The shareholders were all fence-sitters. They began to suck up to Charles after they saw that Derrick was over.

"Mr. Fu, it was all your uncle's fault. He was just way too careless and that caused the accident. He must have caused an insurmountable trouble for you, even outside of work!"

"Mr. Fu, how is your uncle now? Is he awake?"

The shareholders didn't even address Derrick the same anymore.

They almost alienated him.

"He is fine.

roup into trouble. If Derrick or Joseph really took over the group, it would be a disaster.

Then all that Charles did would be in vain.

That was what Angelina was most afraid of!

Charles was still sitting on his seat, glancing at the time on his watch.

"Charles!" Frederic was so angry that his breathing sounded more like heaving. He expected Charles to at least stand up when he entered the room.

Did he still treat Frederic as his grandfather?

"I'm here. What's up?" Finally, Charles turned to look at Frederic calmly.

"This is my company. Can't I come here if I want to?" Frederic slumped in the chair angrily.

"Father, please don't be angry with Charles. Your heart is hardly at its best. What if you have a heart attack again?" Angelina said anxiously.

"Don't you all want me to die anyway?"

"Father, please don't say that. Secretary, make tea quickly." Angelina turned around and shouted at the door.

The secretary had already made tea, but she dared not enter until Frederic calmed down. When she heard Angelina, she rushed in with it.

"Sir, have some tea!" the secretary said, setting the cup on the table in front of him.

Frederic swung his arm and knocked the cup over, splashing tea everywhere.

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