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   Chapter 418 Having Experienced Too Much

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Jay started begging for mercy. He said hastily, "Oh, honey. It's all up to you! It doesn't matter to me."

"There you go." Doris complacently released her grip on his ear.

Everyone had their specific personalities and temperament. When it came to Doris and Jay, they were like two naughty children in their relationship. That didn't mean that they were immature people. In fact, it actually implied optimism and open-mindedness.

These traits of Jay came from living a life full of advantages and was often untroubled. Naturally, he couldn't grasp or understand the idea that the world was surrounded by a myriad of sadness and sorrow.

The reason why Doris had those traits was because of all the hardships that she had experienced in her past. As she always had prodigious courage pushing inside her to take the next step, naturally, she had to wear an armor of bravery.

By now, Nancy could still feel a dull pain throbbing at her wound.

When Nancy found out that Edward was going abroad, she was undoubtedly shocked.

Of course, she didn't want Edward to leave.

"Edward, why are you deciding to leave all of a sudden? The children adore you. They'll surely be unhappy if you leave." Since Edward came back in their lives, the two children seemed to have found an amazing playmate. Every day, whenever the kids came back from school, they would circle around Edward like two cute little birds, twittering relentlessly.

If the kids were doing the same to Nancy, she would surely lose her patience.

If Edward suddenly left, she didn't know how the kids would handle losing such a fun uncle.

Edward looked at Nancy meekly and said, "I have to go back to take care of some things. Nancy, I want to apologize. I registered for marriage without your knowledge and now it's causing you all sorts of trouble. I'm really sorry."

Nancy shrugged and said, "I don't blame you for that."

"I know..." Edward released a deep sigh and said, "Would you like to help me pack my belongings? I will make sure to come back as soon as I can. I don't want to leave the children behind. Neither do I want to leave... you."

Nancy awkwardly scratched her head and said, "Edward, you should find a woman to bring back here as soon as possible. There are so many better woman out there in the world."

"Really? I haven't met her yet. How about you find one for me?" Actually, Edward had attempted several times before. He had even tried dating online. However, every time he met with any one of them, he would always be disappointed.

Once, he even found a gir

imself out of bed.

"Father, where are you going? Charles said that Derrick is his uncle and would never do anything to hurt him. Please, I hope you do your part to trust Charles. Okay?" Angelina pleaded helplessly.

Of course, Frederic was unwilling to listen to her at this point. He shouted at her, "Leave me alone. I'm going to Charles myself."

"Of course, you can go visit him. I'll call him now and ask him to see you right away." Angelina took out her phone swiftly and turned on her phone to dial Charles' number.

The reason why she was so flustered was because she was worried about getting into trouble. As the daughter-in-law of the Fu family, she had a responsibility to take care of Frederic. Hardy was in a different ward taking care of Derrick, so she was left to take care of Frederic alone. If anything happened to him, she didn't know how she would be able to explain it to Hardy.

Besides, Derrick hadn't even woken up yet. If he woke up and found out that something happened Frederic, Derrick might accuse Angelina for murdering him.

Now, Angelina was forced to always be on guard as to avoid getting involved in Derrick's insidious and cunning behaviors.

"Don't you dare call that bastard. The press conference was held in the TS Group, so it means that Charles is there. This loser even has the guts to sit next to Edward. What the hell is he doing? He is Nancy's husband. Hasn't Derrick already said it? It has already been proven that the man is legally married to Nancy. Damn it, Charles! Why had I never known that he was such a cowardly man before? I'm so pissed!" The more Frederic spoke, the more enraged he became. He knocked fiercely on the ground with his crutch.

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