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   Chapter 408 Curse

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Joseph was still shouting, "You see, Charles feared that my father will take away his position as CEO, so he deliberately ordered Hiram to orchestrate a car accident that will crush my father to death. Woooh!"

Joseph dreaded the possibility of Derick's untimely demise because that meant no one would be left to take charge of the company.

If he took over the business, he would be swamped with work and would always be exhausted.

If he was always busy with work, how would he have time for flings?

Thinking about it made him dizzy. Of course, his concern for his father could not be denied. In fact, what Derrick told him that morning still lingered in his mind.

Charles was furious. "Joseph, if you keep talking nonsense, you will curse your father to death. It won't be the car accident that will take his life."

Joseph squatted down, covered his face with his hands and cried, "I am not cursing my father to death. You killed him! Charles, you are a murderer!"

"Mr. Fu, is this really the case?"

"Mr. Fu, why did Hiram meet with Derrick this morning? As far as I know, they take different routes to work."

"Yes, we heard that Derrick knew about the affair of Edward and Nancy. Did you plan to silence him to keep their secret?"

The journalists' questions made Charles' expression grim.

Nancy, on the other hand, froze in shock.

There were too many rumors going around. If those stories persisted, they would be perceived later on as the truth.

Public opinion tended to be ruthless.

Nancy was left with no choice but to call the police.

Nudged by the reporters, Joseph stood and took a lunge at Charles.

Instinctively, Hiram blocked Joseph's attack. He couldn't let him do anything reckless.

Knowing that Hiram was injured, Charles shoved him aside. As he did, the stick in Joseph's hand hit Charles on the neck.

Joseph was burning with fury. It was evident in the intensity of his movements. Charles took two steps back, trembling.

"Mr. Fu, are you alright?" Hiram hurried toward him.

"I feel a little dizzy." Charles' face

on getting better first."

"How can I recover when you are all making such a mess? Hardy, go and check on Derrick. After all, he is your brother. Hurry up!" commanded Frederic, coughing again.

"Yes, father." Hardy was also anxious. He had never considered an untimely demise for Derrick. Money had never been a big deal for him and nor was the TS Group.

He was like Joseph in many ways. They had the same temperament.

Hardy left in a hurry.

"Angelina, I have something to tell you." Frederic squinted his eyes and spoke in a low voice, but his anger and disappointment were still apparently intense.

Even in sickness, he remained as dignified as he always had been.

Angelina's heart sank. It felt like Frederic was settling his affairs in preparation for his death.

So she responded carefully, "Father, say what you must. I'm listening."

Angelina had always aspired to be a good daughter-in-law to Frederic. No matter how reluctant she was, she didn't show it.

"I can see how well you treat Joseph since he came back. He has always been frivolous. Whether you pamper or love him, you are the closest thing he will ever have to a mother. As a matter of fact, a nephew is just like a son. Just let me tell you, when I pass away, please don't let Charles and Joseph always get into a fight." When he finished his words, a tear fell from the corner of Frederic's eye.

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