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   Chapter 407 No Evidence

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Something was fishy about it, but Charles was not sure if Derrick was already dead or not so it was hard to make a conclusion.

But right now, saving Derrick was their priority.

A policeman came over and said, "Mr. Fu, let's go to the hospital together."


"Please cooperate with our investigation." Since Hiram was working for Charles, the traffic police had to come with them.

Charles had no choice but to agree, "Okay."

At this moment, Nancy was in the hospital. She went to see Frederic in the ward first, but when he saw her, his face became gloomier.

So after asking about the situation, she immediately left.

As soon as she walked out of the ward, she received a call from President Hobart.

Then she rushed to the orthopedics department.

When Nancy arrived, Ethan was already there.

Nancy smiled at him politely.

The moment she heard that Ethan had been doing well in both work and love recently, Nancy felt relieved.

It turned out that no matter how persistent your feelings were, there would come a day when they would fade.

It was like a raging tide that could swallow the ground.

But once it was gone, the earth would be peaceful again, as if the tide had never come at all.

And love was just the same.

After drifting apart, they could only wish for each other's happiness.

The result of Derrick's medical test was devastating. He had multiple fractures in his body and congestion in his head, so he had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Once the operation failed and caused massive bleeding, Derrick would die.

Therefore, Nancy was very cautious.

She knew that if Derrick died, Charles would be blamed.

As a doctor, Nancy would not allow herself to give up on Derrick's life. Not just for the sake of Charles.

This time, Derrick was her patient, so she had to go all out.

After the craniotomy operation, Nancy, together with Jessie and Ethan cooperated to perform Derrick's operation, and it was successful.

However, the biggest threat in Derrick's life now was the cranial nerves. Although the best doctors in the Neurosurgery Department were all present, n

d people to come with him. He pulled a white curtain and wrapped it around his head before coming to the hospital.

All he wanted to do right at that moment was to kill Charles.

Upon seeing him, Charles immediately felt angry. With gritted teeth, he said, "Joseph, Uncle is still alive. What are you doing?"

"Do you think he is still alive? He hasn't opened his eyes yet. He can't say a word either. Look, is he still alive?" Joseph cried.

"Charles, Hiram, both of you are murderers!" The bodyguards behind him didn't dare to go forward; instead, they stood behind Joseph and cheered for him.

At this moment, another group of people rushed over, each holding a microphone and carrying a camera.

They must be reporters.

This matter had already been known to the whole world, not to mention the most aggressive reporters.

In the past, no matter how trivial it was, the reporters would make a fuss. Now that such a big thing happened, how could the reporters not exaggerate?

All the major media had sent out first-line reporters to compete for exclusive news.

Everyone could guess what would be on the front page tomorrow.

What Joseph did today made Hiram guiltier. He felt ashamed that he couldn’t even look at Charles.

So he immediately ordered his men to come over and surround the people brought by Joseph.

Especially the reporters who were all busy taking photos and asking endless questions.

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