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   Chapter 400 It Doesn't Hurt At All

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Of course, Charles was aware of the plan Derrick and Joseph were concocting behind his back.

He would never allow anyone to take over TS Group forcefully from him.

With this, he went to the Fu mansion with the intention of destroying Frederic's trust in Joseph and Derrick.

He knew that his grandfather's decision was now uncertain and wavering.

He would side with whoever he deemed was stronger.

Fortunately, he had the children, Bobby and Nadia, as his aces.

Although these two little kids were still young, they were his powerful allies.

After dinner, Joseph stayed behind and didn't leave.

He fell into Charles' trap because that was exactly what Charles wanted.

After a while, Charles went to the study,

while the two kids were delightedly running back and forth in the villa.

Angelina didn't dare to show any disgust to the two children. No, no, on the contrary, it could be said that she felt unprecedented joy in seeing them now.

Frederic liked the children very much. Whenever he heard the children's laughter, his spirit was lifted and he seemed to be much younger than his years.

Nobody was on guard against Joseph, because the two children were very familiar with him and had interacted with him before.

Until suddenly, a loud cry was unexpectedly heard from Nadia, "Uncle, why did you hit me? Waah... Waah..."


Everyone was shocked by what they heard.

Joseph was simply playing cat and mouse with the children just now. How could he suddenly hit the children for no reason at all?

"Little kid, don't talk nonsense!" Joseph was also stunned. No matter how hard he was to Charles and didn't bother to hold his punches when dealing with him, he had no ill-intention towards the children. Among the two of them, the vicious one was Derrick, not him.

So when Joseph saw Nadia holding on to him while crying at the same time, he was a little confused. He forcefully shook his arm, and Nadia took a few steps back. In doing so, she lost her balance and landed on the ground, albeit gracefully.

This time, Nadia found even more excuse to cry louder.

"Great Grandpa, come here. It hurts so much..." Nadia burst into tears as she sat on the ground pitifully.

Anyone who heard her soft cry couldn't help but tremble and feel sorry for her.

Frederic's face suddenly turned gloomy and he stood up. "Hardy, help me go over to see what's going on with the kids."

"Yes, father." Hardy didn't dare to say anything more. He held Frederic's arm and they walked towards Nadia, who w

rd Charles speaking behind him.

He grinned nonchalantly. "Brother, I didn't say anything. You must have misheard me."

"I suggest you get rid of the idea of hurting the two kids to fight against me," Charles warned Joseph loudly on purpose.

Frederic had already walked a few steps away, but he abruptly stopped walking when he heard what Charles said.

"Joseph, what are you trying to do?"

cautioned Frederic in a cold voice.

Cold sweat began to break out on Joseph's forehead when he saw Frederic's threatening gaze directed at him.

"Nothing, nothing at all. I do not plan to do anything."

"You can do anything you want, but remember, don't ever hurt the kids. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Grandpa," Joseph agreed promptly without haste.

"Angelina, arrange the rooms on both sides of my room and let the children stay there. Let's see who dares to hurt them then," Frederic ordered callously, defying anyone to go against him.

"Father, I'll go ask the servants to clean up the rooms for the two kids," Angelina answered, evidently satisfied with how things turned out.

Charles, on the other hand, looked at Joseph complacently.

""Brother, if you want to fight against my father, bring your fight to him. Don't implicate me. I know I'm no match against you and I can't defeat you, but remember that I'm also a descendant of the Fu family. It's only natural for me to own some shares of the TS Group..." The more Joseph babbled on, the less confident he became.

"Do you really think you are innocent in all this? You cannot fool me. I don't think you have given up on the idea of grabbing the TS Group from me!" Charles remarked stoically, his disgust clearly showing.

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