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   Chapter 399 That's It

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Although she only said three simple words, Jay’s heart was moved by her words of concern. His eyes widened slowly as he said, "A little."

"I’ll be gentle. If you can’t handle it, just let me know," Doris didn’t feel like she was acting differently towards Jay. She was treating him like she would any other injured person!

Jay stayed silent, and his eyes smiled as he looked at Doris.

Doris disinfected, treated, and bound up Jay’s wound. She moved carefully for fear of hurting him.

When Doris finished, she breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s going to be okay. The wound isn’t deep, but you should be careful not to touch water, or it will get infected!" she instructed.

Although she sounded soft and tender, her voice was full of warning.

"Okay," Jay answered with a serious look on his face.

He suddenly pulled Doris into his arms and kissed her passionately.

"Hmm..." Doris was pissed off. She had asked for leave yesterday morning, so she wouldn’t be able to ask for another leave this morning. ‘And I have an interview at half-past ten today,’ she resigned.

She bit Jay’s tongue hard in protest.

Jay jerked away in pain. "Doris…"

"Who said you could take advantage of me?" Doris shouted, her eyes widening in shock.

Jay smacked his lips and said with a smile, "Well, go and cook for me. I’m hungry."

"Where are the servants?"

"I want to eat what you cook for me!"

Doris relented to Jay's request in order to get off him as soon as possible. She walked into the kitchen gloomily. Opening the fridge, she was annoyed to find it empty except for two eggs.


That's it.

All of a sudden, a strange thought entered her mind. She had just bitten Jay, but he wasn’t angry about it at all!

She quickly prepared the noodles and several poached eggs.

"Breakfast is ready, Jay." she called as she put the bowl on the table.

Jay strolled into the bathroom to wash his hands before entering the dining room.

"That’s it?" Jay frowned in disappointment.

"The only thing I can make is the noodles. If you want to

a reckless man. He would have his reasons for not letting Nancy go.

Nancy had no choice but to nod in agreement.

The thought that she couldn’t go there made Nancy furious.

In the Fu family's old mansion.

Derrick didn't come, but Joseph was there instead.

Joseph did not intend to leave after dinner.

Ever since he received his shares of the TS Group, he had grown more complacent.

It seemed to him that he would become the head of the TS Group any second now.

He knew that he could replace Charles any time he wanted, and only needed his grandfather’s agreement.

Aware of that fact, Joseph tried his best to please Frederic.

"Grandpa, Nancy shouldn’t be trusted. If my brother marries her, the TS Group will be destroyed by him sooner or later. I’ve already asked for someone to do a background check on Edward. He has a strong background, but not as strong as ours. If Nancy and Edward join forces, the TS Group will be purchased by the Wu family one day. If we don’t do anything about it now, we’ll regret it in the future. The possibility of it upsets me! Grandpa, we have to do something!"

Joseph whispered these words in Frederic’s ears whenever he had the chance.

In Frederic’s eyes, Joseph’s worries were valid.

After all, the TS Group had been the fruit of the Fu family’s labor. He wouldn’t allow for it to be destroyed by just anybody.

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