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   Chapter 398 Be Purer

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6766

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Jay pinned Doris with her face pressed on the sofa's armrest. Her voice trembled with anger. "I'm pregnant, Jay! If you let me go, I'll do whatever you say. I'm begging you!"

She was begging him? Was she doing this for Felix again?

Jay thought, 'Doris, I didn't think you would go this low for your so-called love.'

"Why do you want me to hate you, Jay?" Doris was so exhausted she could collapse.

"Because hatred is more unforgettable!" answered Jay.

Doris turned her face away and refused to look at him. How did they end up having such a shameful relationship?

It was dark, and Jay held her tightly like he feared that she would escape.

There was a faint smell of alcohol in his breath. He would occasionally sigh. Perhaps the wound on his hand was throbbing with pain.

Jay was a man standing at the top of the food chain, and there was no shortage of women who would be willing to be at his beck and call. But why wouldn't he just let her go?

Looking at his handsome yet cold face under the moonlight, Doris felt as if her life was going to fall apart.

The following morning, Doris got up early and found that the place was a mess.

She cleaned up the broken things one by one. The place looked terrible. Jay must have gone crazy!

She stared at the ruined antiques. Although she didn't know exactly how much each cost, she guessed that those were all authentic.

As Doris cleaned the room, she felt bad about all the damage from the previous night.

She didn't notice that Jay was standing at the end of the stairs, watching her, holding his injured hand.

The cruelty on his handsome face had vanished. The morning light fell on him, making his features appear pleasant and tender. One wouldn't even suspect that last night's mayhem was his doing.

Doris kept herself busy. Her nose was damp with sweat and her hair hung casually on both sides of her face. She bent down and concentrated on cleaning.

Every now and then she would raise her hand to wipe the tip of her nose. Her l

crazy thing. And with Doris... At that time, all his thoughts were focused on Doris, so he didn't feel any pain. After a night's rest, the wound became more painful. Now the area surrounding the wound was turning red with signs of infection.

Doris' eyes fell on Jay's wound. She hesitated for a while and finally came over helplessly. "Jay, I can help you clean the wound this time but I won't do it again!"

Raising his eyebrows, Jay snorted.

"The medicine box is in the study on the second floor, in the second drawer on the left. Go and get it."

"Okay." Doris turned around and went upstairs.

From the corner of his eye, he watched her petite figure climb up the stairs. He felt content and happy. He wanted them to stay together that way for the rest of his life.

When Doris came back down with the medicine box, she found Jay squinting leisurely with his head raised and his hands on his abdomen.

"Hurry up!" Jay heard the slow and heavy sound of her footsteps as she walked down the stairs. It hinted that Doris was still in a bad mood.

Doris walked over lazily and squatted down beside Jay.

The wound was a little deep and beginning to scab. So Doris took out tweezers to remove the scab and prevent infection. After the wound was sterilized, she felt Jay's body stiffen. Her heart tightened in response. "Does it hurt?"

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