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   Chapter 396 Trouble

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Jay had expected that once at home Doris would not dare be disobedient anymore.

But to his surprise the next morning Jay woke up to find that Doris was missing.

How could Doris disappear from right under his nose?

Last night they fell asleep together. Everything seemed normal. Then why did Doris decide to go away?

She indeed was a shameless woman!

"Hey, where is Doris?" Jay shouted at the servant nearby.

" Sorry sir, but I did not see her today!" The servant was scared out of her wits. So in a state of nervousness she said whatever came to her mind.

"What do you mean by you did not see her? How is that possible?" Jay almost growled in anger. His veins popped out from the forehead.

Doris definitely did it to enrage Jay. How come she kept on escaping again and again?

"Mr. Fang please believe us, we have no idea at all!" The servants were almost on the verge of tears out of fear.

Jay immediately took his phone out and dialed Doris's number. It rang to his relief.

But she did not answer it. This made Jay all the more restless.

"You defiant woman what the hell do you think you are doing? Why are you doing this to me?" Jay could hardly speak anymore, but he still called Doris once more only to find that her phone was switched off.

Suddenly Jay could no longer control his rage. He tightened his fist and the knuckles turned pale. "Doris how dare you insult me like this? How could you?"

"Should we tell Mr. Fang the truth?" A servant threw the question at his compatriots in secret.

Early in the morning they heard noise in the yard.

When they ran over to check they caught a glimpse of Doris getting in a car.

But they could not manage to identify the man driving it as he was not seen through the glass.

"No we can't do that. Mrs. Fang is a good person. Also, have you thought what Mr. Fang will do to us when he hears that we saw her leaving but did nothing to stop her? He will punish us severely. It is better to suck up the truth!"

So the servants just kept silent.

It was Felix who had picked her up because his mother wanted to see Doris.

Doris could think of no one other than Felix and his mother as the people closest to her. Thus when she was summoned by her Doris did not think twice b

ngly removed all the hair strands from her face and tucked them carefully behind her ears. He then said, "You silly woman, I just told you, what you mean to me. If anything I want you in my life forever. I don't care what happened to you in the past, and that includes the pregnancy. You get it?"

This made Doris giddy from happiness because Felix's gentleness was completely unexpected to her. Doris was the happiest person on earth at the moment.

She found it hard to believe that all this was real.

Felix placed a small peck one her cheek. As he moved forward, Doris stopped him and said, "I really need to go to the washroom."

If Doris had the slightest idea that she would be faced with Jay in the corridor she would not have walked out of the room even if she peed in her pants and embarrassed herself.

However, the moment she noticed how Jay was fuming, she knew she was in for a lot of trouble.

Doris tried to escape from there by lowering her head.

But it was too late as Jay had already grabbed her arm and sneered, "Doris so you have been enjoying yourself it seems? Who is with you?"

"Well well Mr. Fang look at that beauty wrapped in your arms. Ooo look at those white long legs. I feel like touching them. I too am attracted. It is evident that you are very good at playing!" Doris mocked. It was exactly what Doris was capable of. She could quickly arm herself to fight Jay.

What she really meant was: "Jay, I am happy you are having your share of fun! Just don't bother me please!"

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