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   Chapter 367 Will

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Without precaution, the test report in Angelina's hand fell to the ground lightly.

"I'm sorry." Nurse Li said subconsciously.

Afraid of being recognized, Angelina bent down to pick up the test report in a hurry.

The nurse looked over and happened to see the names of Charles and Bobby.

Her pupils shrank.

"Paternity test?" She seemed to talk to herself, or to ask Angelina.

Angelina looked at her vigilantly, picked up the paternity test report and left in a hurry.

'Why isn't the paternity test report taken by Charles or Nancy, but a woman?' she wondered.

Then Nurse Li took out her phone and took a picture of Angelina's back.

In fact, what Angelina wanted was the result. As for being recognized, it didn't seem to be so serious.

She volunteered to come to the hospital today, and Frederic was waiting for the result at home.

Nancy never expected that Angelina would hate her so much that she wouldn't even admit her children.

Angelina handed the paternity test report to Frederic, "Dad, you'd better be mentally prepared. These two children are really not... Charles's!"

Frederic was stunned.

He couldn't accept such a result at all!

Hardy took it and looked at it, "Angelina, are you sure it's true?"

"Of course!" Angelina said confidently.

"So, you mean that Charles is lying to me?" Frederic asked weakly.

"Ah, dad, he is just fascinated by Nancy, not only you, but also we are cheated by him. Don't be angry with him!" Angelina knew that it was hard for Frederic to accept such a result.

But what she didn't expect was that it was a big blow to him.

How could Frederic not be angry? His beloved grandson was not the descendant of the Fu family.

It was hard for anyone to accept it.

"Charles, you're really something!" Frederic sneered, "Hardy, find the lawyer for me. Hurry up!"

"Dad, why are you looking for the lawyer?" Angelina and Hardy looked at each other.

"Find the

really troublesome!" Edward smiled bitterly and shrugged.

"Let's go, Mr. Edward. I'll drive you back!" Said Hiram.

At this time, Angelina was like an ant on a hot pot. She already knew that she had made a mistake.

She paced back and forth under the porch, waiting for the arrival of Charles.

"Charles..." Angelina was arrogant and didn't want to admit that she had done something wrong.

"Did you do something to the paternity test?" Charles asked coldly.

"I'm doing this for your own good. I hate Nancy. I..." Looking at the Furious Charles, Angelina felt a little scared.

"You even hate your own grandchildren?" Charles didn't expect that Angelina even wouldn't let go of her children.

At this moment, he was as furious as a beast!

"I don't hate children. But Nadia is Nancy's. I... " Angelina was too shocked to speak incoherently.

Charles snorted and went upstairs.

He had to explain to his grandfather.

He couldn't let him misunderstand.

Because he knew that his grandfather must think that he lied to stabilize his position and power in the TS Group.

His grandfather must have changed his will because of anger and disappointment.

Her mother not only cheated her grandson, but also her son!

Smart as she was, how could she be so stupid this time?

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